A Solid ESP For The Small to Midsize Business...Great Deliverability!
April 26, 2014

A Solid ESP For The Small to Midsize Business...Great Deliverability!

Tyler Hanlon | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Mad Mimi

We used Mad Mimi as one of our email marketing mediums. It was primarily used by me, as the email marketing manager. Mad Mimi is a great and easy way for most anyone to create an email campaign for their subscribers, and is a great email service provider (ESP) by way of deliverability in comparison to some of it's competitors.

In terms of business problems that it addresses, I used several ESPs in my time as an email marketing manager, but Mad Mimi consistently reached more inboxes, and had better deliverability than other ESPs that I utilized. This is probably the most valuable thing an ESP can provide, so I can't give them any higher praise than that.
  • Mad Mimi is a leader in terms of Deliverability. Getting those emails in the consumer inboxes is what the game is all about.
  • Setting up email campaigns within Mad Mimi is extremely easy. It opens up a whole new opportunity for businesses of any size.
  • Customer Service and the policing of compliance is top notch. They watch everything in terms of deliverability, or lack there of, should there be bounces, or spam complaints. In the lower tiers of their payment options, having a sound set of rules in terms of compliance helps everyone, as you share an IP Address with several users. If one user is not towing the line, it affects everyone on that IP Address.
  • The ease on adding links, such as unsubscribe links, is not as easy as it is with other email service providers. Creating simple tags that take the place of a link could help a lot, especially for those not as familiar with HTML.
  • Perhaps a way of archiving old emails, or hiding them from the past emails area. It can look a bit cluttered, and can be confusing in some circumstances.
  • Providing some learning material, or at least a more thorough overview of email marketing, and the user interface would be of great use to beginners.
  • With deliverability comes more transactions and readership. I can say that Mad Mimi has helped with that.
  • The pricing is competitive, and I think the increased deliverability has more than made up for it.
  • General ease of use makes the whole process very efficient and profitable in terms of time saved and money.
  • MailChimp,Vertical Response,SendGrid,Ongage
Mad Mimi is superior to most ESPs that I've used, although it lacks in terms of a learning library, which includes best practices, strategy, expectations, and integration. MailChimp may be a better option for those who require more options, more integration, or more information in terms of reporting. However, that being said, I still think Mad Mimi surpassed the deliverability capabilities of MailChimp, which is of the utmost importance in email marketing.
I no longer have any use for email service providers in general. But, if I did, I would be very likely to continue using Mad Mimi. While it may lack in learning material, its deliverablity capabilities alone are reason enough to keep using them. Also, if you're well versed in email marketing, or the technical aspects of it at least, the learning material is not of much use. I still think very highly of them, and the people they have working there.
As I have mentioned, deliverability is the name of the game in email marketing. Mad Mimi exceeded the capabilities of other email service providers. However, it does seem to lack as much learning material for those that are new to email marketing, or for those not familiar with the user interface, compared to other ESPs. It may not be the best option for those that plan on having a large campaign, as the options and capabilities may not be as robust as you would need them to be. But for a small to medium sized operation, it would do just fine.

Using Mad Mimi

1 - I managed all email marketing efforts, as far as building the creative, the email HTML itself, as well as email campaigns and optimization.