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Marketo Review: "Highly intuitive."
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Updated November 17, 2015

Marketo Review: "Highly intuitive."

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Software Version
Small and Medium Business
Modules Used
Marketo Lead Management, Marketo Sales Insight, Marketo Revenue Cycle Analytics

Overall Satisfaction with Marketo

  • Very user friendly. Easy to get up to speed and train others how to use it. Similar to SFDC in the fact that it is intuitive.
  • Increasing marketing efficiency. It's so simple to clone landing pages, emails, programs, and campaigns that it makes us very proficient.
  • It makes up for deficiencies in SFDC. Sometimes there are limitations with SFDC workflow rules that Marketo can handle. It also allows a deeper view into each lead that would not be available in SFDC without Marketo.
  • Provides valuable lead information, visibility, and tools for Sales.
  • Sometimes it can be very slow. Sometimes just finding a value on a pick list takes much longer than it should. Sometimes it can take a long time for a list to run. They have told us that database size and quantity of database activity can play a role on speed. Some of this was due to years of accumulated anonymous lead data that was clogging up system. These are now archived automatically after 3 months by Marketo. This helped, but we still have periods where it is slow.
  • Reporting on emails sent via Sales Insight could use improvement. Right now it is very limited and hard to report accurately.
  • RCA stage accuracy could be improved by making the model intuitive enough to correctly handle merges.
  • If a SFDC administrator makes a mass update, this can cause backlogs in the system. For example, campaign triggers or alerts can be delayed by a couple of hours.
  • Within 2 years of implementing Marketo, we realized a 135% increase in opportunities created, and a 148% increase in opportunities won. In order to support that increase in opportunities, we expanded our sales team in excess of 200%. Within the first 2 years of implementing Marketo, we doubled the size of our marketing department and increased the marketing budget by 73% to support new marketing demands.
  • The sheer quantity and efficiency of campaigns that we can put out, along with associated reporting for each, is dramatically higher than we could ever achieve before Marketo. We could not continue at our current pace without Marketo. This is the primary reason we renew.
  • Eloqua
The main decision was between Eloqua and Marketo . We did consider some other systems, but these were the main contenders.

We called references and the general consensus was that Marketo more user friendly. Their references were generally happier than Eloqua references. This feedback was probably the determining factor is choosing Marketo.
Would highly recommend Marketo.

Using Marketo

Users and Roles

46 - One person in the marketing department uses all the modules.
One person in the marketing department uses the lead management and RCA modules.
Four people in the marketing department use the lead management module and Sales Insight. 40 members of the sales team have access to use Sales Insight - some use it a lot, while others use it a little.

Support Headcount Required

1 - It's just me in house, but we also have an agency (Spear Marketing - our implementation partner) which does a lot for us. We use them for support too. When it comes to supporting Marketo, it really helps that I am a certified SFDC administrator. It helps me know how the the two work together and what is possible using the two together.

Business Processes Supported

  • The primary process is marketing campaign management: We use Marketo for all forms, landing pages, emails, and campaign responses. All lead information is captured on Marketo landing pages and forms, which is then pumped directly into SFDC.
  • Our sales department also depends on Marketo Sales Insight for lead data when prospecting.
  • We also use Marketo for reporting and alerts. We report and alert on certain web behaviors to improve sales and retention.

Innovative Uses

  • We use Marketo for workflow that SFDC cannot always handle, such as updating fields or sending alerts based on certain record inputs.
  • We use reporting of certain behaviors in Marketo to watch for possible client cancellations, increasing retention.

Future Planned Uses

  • There is a lot of reporting available in Marketo that we do not currently use. In the future, I see us gearing towards more of that reporting.

Likelihood to Renew

As stated, the volume of marketing campaigns that we can build and push out is dramatically higher than we could ever achieve without the tool.
It also seems like it would be a pain to switch.

Evaluating Marketo and Competitors

Products Replaced

We were using Vertical Response and other lightweight tools, but they were not really competitive tools.

Key Differentiators

  • Price
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
  • Analyst Reports
Product features and usability were the most important factors. We needed a product that had all the functionality, but was user friendly and easy to learn. We wanted to get up and running quickly.

Evaluation Lessons Learned

We would not change anything. We are happy with our decision.

Marketo Implementation


I was not with the company then, but am under the impression it went smoothly.

Implementation Details / Implementation Partner

  • Professional services company
We used a Marketo partner: Spear Marketing.

Implementation Phases

Change Management Lessons

Not sure - I was not at the company when Marketo was implemented, but am told it went well.

Implementation Issues

  • We would recommend hiring an experienced team over implementing in house.

Marketo Training

Training Types Used

  • Online training
  • Self-taught

Online Training

Marketo is a powerful product and is capable of so much, but training is really basic. It's not nearly advanced enough. If you don't have time to dig into the system and learn its capabilities on your own, you will never quite be able grasp all of its capabilities. The training needs to cover a lot more.

Ease of Marketo Training

I took the online training, but it was very basic. I learned most of Marketo through self-teaching just because there is not a lot of advanced online training. I would recommend using all the online resources they have available, but there is a lot you have to learn on your own.

Marketo Support


The support team is very responsive and they can usually solve any problem we encounter.

Marketo Customer Support Pros and Cons

Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
Kept well informed
No escalation required
Immediate help available
Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success
Quick Initial Response

Premium Support

No - We don't really need it. We do not have a very high volume of support issues and can handle most problems in house.

Bug Resolution

Yes - Some things we have reported were fixed by the engineering team on Marketo's end. Of the bugs we have reported, I would say none of them were of an extreme nature.

Exceptional Examples of Marketo Support

There was one time we were trying to figure out how to change the visibility around a web activity report. The support team informed us that what we were trying to do was not possible at this time. They said they liked the idea, though, and told us to put it up on the Marketo community. As soon as we did, the support team backed the idea. It hasn't been implemented yet, but it was nice to know that they do listen and support what their customers are trying to do.

Using Marketo


Usability is a real strength. It is very easy to learn and train others on the system. The UI is quite intuitive, especially for anyone who already uses SFDC.

Usability Pros and Cons

Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using

Easy Tasks

  • Setting up programs to sync with SFDC campaigns is very easy.
  • Cloning programs/assets is very easy and saves a lot of time.

Difficult Tasks

  • For us, since we have RCA, keeping RCA stages updated is difficult due to record merges.
  • Getting Marketo reports to match SFDC reports can sometimes be difficult - you have to find the discrepancies in order to make sure the reporting is working as intended.
  • Territory updates sometimes take a long time in Marketo.

Mobile Interface Availability and Impressions

Yes - They do not currently have a mobile interface, but it is coming soon.

Marketo Reliability


We look at scaleability in a few different ways. First, the speed while using Marketo has remained relatively the same as our database has grown. Though I would say Marketo is slow at times, it has not gotten slower over the last few years. If anything, it has improved, and they are working to improve it. Second, the amount of programs we have developed in Marketo has exponentially grown as well. Marketo has allowed us to drastically increase our output without having to drastically increase our headcount.

Reliability and Availability

There are performance issues that make it seem like it's down sometimes. The backlog of campaign triggers etc. can be a real issue. The issue is probably more around performance than uptime.


There is definitely some latency. As mentioned earlier, it sometimes takes much too long to perform simple tasks like selecting values from a pick list.

Integrating Marketo

Ease of Integration

Integrates easily with SFDC. The only reason I didn't give it a 10 is because sometimes there is a backlog between the two systems.

Systems Integrated With

  • SFDC
Standard. Out of the box integration.

Future Integration Plans

  • Not for now.

Types of Integration

  • File import/export
  • API (e.g. SOAP or REST)

Integration Lessons Learned

Mass updating in SFDC can backlog the sync between SFDC and Marketo. Any mass updating should be done at the end of the day or later.

Relationship with Marketo

Post-Sale Experience

Their customer support team is always available and responsive when we ask for help. They stay in touch and make sure we are using Marketo to it's fullest.

Key Negotiation Points

They are pretty tough when it comes to negotiating free Marketo University training at the Marketo User Summit. We have negotiated free passes to their User Summit, but no discounted training. We have also negotiated a discount for the Revenue Cycle Analytics module one year, but this was because our experience of using it during the first year was unacceptable. The product had a lot of flaws. We think they probably released it too early and then ultimately gave us a discount.

Dealing with Marketo

Do not hesitate to reach out when you have a question. They will do whatever it takes to keep you satisfied. Your relationship with the people at Marketo does not end after you purchase the product.

Upgrading Marketo

Upgrade Process

Yes - We have upgraded our Sales Insight product while with Marketo. It went easily with no down time.

Upgrade Benefits

  • New features and functionality were available with the latest Sales Insight Release.

Migrating Between Editions

Future Edition Upgrade Plans