Microsoft Access Positive Aspects
Updated January 03, 2020

Microsoft Access Positive Aspects

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Overall Satisfaction with Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access is being used only by a department of the company, which is responsible for working with the information databases. It has not presented problems.
The grouping of data in an organized way adapts to the company designed a set of real strategies aimed at improving the profitability of the company. To date, the results have been positive because since they agreed it was implemented, the company's profit has improved.
Microsoft Access adapts well in departments where databases do not have much content, or where we do not have to have completed programs or require working with many variables.
It is a program that has all the work tools required by the organization to function properly and fulfill the planned tasks.
  • Ability to manage all information
  • Tables to store data
  • Consult to search and retrieve only the data you need
  • Forms to view, add and update or analyze the internet data
  • Volume of data or users
  • Among its biggest drawbacks are that it is not multiplatform
  • The access databases work very well with many of the programs for Windows-based software development. You can also use your tables in products such as Microsoft SQL Server and in others not based on Microsoft such as Oracle and Sybase.
  • Easy to install and use: To create access databases, just install Microsoft Access and this is something that any database administrator can do in just a few minutes, leaving a fully functional relational database management system. Like many other Microsoft applications, Access contains wizards that guide you through every step of the way. The user interface is intuitive, speeding up data recovery.
  • It can be placed online: Although it still has limitations on the number of users with simultaneous connection, when there is a need for remote users, it can give full control and functionality to an access database so that teleworking can become a viable option for database administrators.
You save money: Microsoft Access is hundreds of dollars cheaper than other larger systems; offering similar functionalities and usage.
It is a program that has all the work tools that the organization requires to function properly and fulfill the planned tasks.
In the company it is necessary to continuously import data to perform the respective data analysis for decision making, and access offers an easy-to-use and pleasant option that matters without difficulty.
It is an easy-to-use program compatible with the most popular databases in the world, so it does not require expenses in training activities or the hiring of very specialized personnel, being a saving.
Thanks to the implementation of Microsoft Access it has been possible to optimize a series of processes that have favored the production and profitability of the company.
It is a program compatible with the other Microsoft Office programs, being an excellent advantage considering that these are the most used programs in the world.
It is compatible with widely used programs that are not necessarily from Microsoft such as Oracle and Sybase.
You have the possibility of placing the processed information in the databases online.

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Access is graphical, so it takes full advantage of the graphical power of Windows, offering usual methods of access to data and provides simple and direct methods of working with information. It also facilitates the administration of data, since its possibilities of consultation and connection help you to quickly find the desired information, whatever its format or storage location. If you want a more robust database, for larger environments, although a little more complicated you can use MYSQL. It's free if it is for internal or personal systems, and with a small payment you can distribute it.

Using Microsoft Access

50 - 1. Access, fast and simple storing, managing and sharing data. The interface of Access, Microsoft Office Fluent, is designed so that any user without specialized knowledge of databases, can work professionally. Many times the information we handle has to transcend our local hard drive to be shared with other users, a task for which Access is specifically designed to solve very easily its connection with Microsoft Office SharePoint, being able to easily share files, perform audits and consultations , or backup copies.
2. Start quickly using predesigned solutions. Access comes with a complete library of predesigned solutions that will allow us to track the immediate information, without the need to design the forms and reports, valuable Access tools. Once we have gained access to Access, we can modify these templates and create our own. The learning process is natural and brings great benefits.
3. Different formats of the same report for different recipients. Access allows us to present information in very different and personalized ways, an advantage from which we will derive much benefit when we want to present a group of data in different ways for different recipients. The possibilities here are very broad, which guarantees that it will meet practically the total of our needs.
10 - Make your data more attractive, Having advanced knowledge of Excel can help you make more powerful spreadsheets and one of its most important features is the creation of graphics to visualize information in a simple but attractive way, with Power Graphics.
Solves complex problems. A data analyst has so much information available that they have an unprecedented ability to solve even the most demanding challenges. Mixing tools such as Power BI, Excel Power Add-ons, Macros and advanced functions in Excel can help you obtain the information and reports needed to make simpler decisions in a short time.
Learn advanced techniques. Even if you have basic knowledge of Microsoft data services, a tool like Access can teach you the best practices for data management and the basics of managing a database to be more efficient.
  • Use Access forms with Excel data.
  • Reason Filtering, sorting and queries in Access are similar to Excel. 3. Perform a mail merge or create labels
  • Perform a mail merge or create labels
  • Anticipate that many users will work in the database and want robust options that securely handle data updates, such as record locking and conflict resolution.
  • Anticipate the need to add more tables to a data set that originated as a flat or non-relational table.
  • Want to execute complex queries.
  • Want to create different reports or postal labels.
  • Create a database using a template
  • Create a database without using a template
  • Copy the data from another source into an Access table
I consider that Microsoft Access is a database management application used to enter, search, classify and report information. Microsoft Access is easy to use and fully integrated with Microsoft Office software applications. Access databases can be customized to complete applications using development tools such as Microsoft Visual Basic and can be extended to more advanced products.
The systematization of information in access databases has prevented duplication of information, therefore, we have had the possibility of planning with real results and not assumptions of results that gave us tools such as excel.
The consolidation of the information provides us with data for the analysis of the results, consequently identifying the problems that we subsequently want to correct and thus avoiding wasted time and personnel costs.

Evaluating Microsoft Access and Competitors

  • Product Usability
They work very well with many of the Windows-based software development programs
I would evaluate the application and the importance of it

Microsoft Access Implementation

there is no key idea, since it is easy to implement Microsoft Access
Change management was a small part of the implementation and was well-handled - That it is an easy-to-use and important tool for a company, since databases are managed
  • there were no problems during the implementation

Microsoft Access Support

Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
Kept well informed
No escalation required
Immediate help available
Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success
Quick Initial Response
The Online Technical Support Service can help you resolve, by remote and real-time control, any questions or problems related to the routine use of any electronic device without having to move from home or office.

Using Microsoft Access

Like to use
Relatively simple
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
Difficult to use
  • Capture, management, communication of data in a professional manner and for the administration of databases
  • It provides a series of easily accessible work tools that staff can quickly understand their tools
  • Organization of the information, homologation of the information for the analysis of data necessary for the decisions that facilitate the growth and development of the company.
  • Microsoft access does not adapt well in organizations that require the handling of large information content or where many variables have to be included, or large companies that require continuous results management.
  • I believe that they can extend the option of the amount of user allowed so that large organizations can use it.
  • Microsoft access is not the best database tool for immediate use but for long-term jobs.
It is an easy-to-use program compatible with the most popular databases in the world, so it does not require expenses in training activities or the hiring of very specialized personnel, being a saving.
Thanks to the implementation of Microsoft Access it has been possible to optimize a series of processes that have favored the production and profitability of the company.