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November 26, 2013

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Review from a Beginner

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  • The ability to fluently add leads via Excel CSV file makes the process seamless and easy to manage.
  • Marketing lists, campaigns and events make the organization process simpler when tying together marketing efforts.
  • Merging duplicate contacts creates easy-to-manage contact lists without dupes.
  • The ability to tie together marketing efforts with sales revenue is a rather difficult process to incur.
  • Activities and closed activities should be easier to customize.
  • Charts are tough to adjust and make appropriate for marketing efforts.
  • It has increased our lead converting to sales in the funnel.
  • Efficiency seems to have increased, but there's no way to measure it against another CRM system since it's the only one in place.
  • Our Microsoft CRM reps are great.
To go to another system would take too much time/money/effort. There's already enough time and effort invested in our current system, to shop for a new solution would not be cost-effective.
I have not experienced another CRM system, so I would ask the reps what they can provide and what other systems have that Microsoft Dynamics CRM is better than.