Customer service? What's that? Paying for anything but.
June 13, 2021

Customer service? What's that? Paying for anything but.

Theresa Tucci | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with MINDBODY

I have been six years with Mindbody. [In my experience,] the agents are poorly trained. I know more than an average agent and have finally learned to ask the question are you 100% sure. If they say "I think so" it will be a disaster. You always then have to ask them to go to a senior agent to be 100% sure so that it doesn't cost me time and money, which it has on numerous occasions. If you don't' know something let the client know you need to speak with a senior agent to be sure. The wait times are ridiculous. Asking me to go online to find my answer is insulting. I pay over $200 U.S. a month and I should be able to talk to an agent when I need. Fastfwd six years and we are over a year into a pandemic (15 months to be exact). I've had to close my business three times in the last year here in Canada. Every part of Canada has had to shut down at some point. I needed to extend everyone's drop-in passes three different times and the first time caused me so much time and stress. So when I shut down a second time and had to re-open I made sure I spoke to an agent and had them be 100% sure how to do this efficiently. Over two hours of back and forth with different agents they helped me run the right report. Ffwd a third time I called in again for another closure/reopen as I was so confused the second time about the process I needed a refresher what to do. Again the agent has no idea. How on earth in the middle of a pandemic in north America where Mindbody is a huge client do the agents NOT know how to run this report by now? Come on speak to your agents. Every single fitness / dance type of business has to extend passes. At this point why is this so painful that management doesn't communicate important time saving information to their employees? The amount of back and forth in the last six years I've had to deal with MINDBODY, what I can say is, [in my opinion], expect major frustration. For such an expensive software that does all it does, you'd at least think their customer service reps would be trained in things like "never say I don't know or I think so"? Come on. Customer service 101 - I don't know the answer but I will find out for you.
  • Marketing reports
  • The app
  • Customer service on so many levels
  • Ease of use for end user
  • Easy scheduling of classes
  • Strong customer service to help you through the process
  • I've had agents help me set something up that ended up costing time and money because it was done wrong. [In my experience], less senior agents need to stop guessing or going with "I think so" and talk to a senior agent to make sure what they are telling the client is correct.
  • The app is good exposure.
I have wellness living for my other business. The customer service is so so much better! They actually take requests and do them. With MINDBODY I call it the MINDBODY abyss - you send in a service request or suggestion and you NEVER hear back. Not once in 6 years. That is why I'm writing this review. Maybe I'll actually get a callback.

The only thing MINDBODY has going for it over WellnessLiving is that scheduling classes is easier for drop-ins etc.

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Mindbody software is so robust that it's a very difficult learning process and the agents are learning with you which makes it even more frustrating. The system is great for clients booking classes as it works well for the end user. I wouldn't use this as a scheduling app.