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Membership Management Software Overview

What is Membership Management Software?

Membership Management Software automates tasks associated with running gyms, clubs, yoga studios, salons, spas, or instructional studios. It combines these tasks into a single business management platform that encompasses marketing, payment processing, and scheduling. The products also include customer relationship management (CRM), email marketing, and content management features designed to improve brand awareness and community engagement.

Membership Management Software Features

The most common membership membership features are:

  • Recurring payments management

  • Appointment scheduling with calendar and reminders (very often with online booking and payment capabilities)

  • Marketing automation to keep enrollees engaged with training sessions and events at the gym

  • Web content management

Systems can store and manage electronic documents, shift schedules, and appointments. Some platforms contain point of sales capabilities and integrate with commonly used small business accounting software.

Membership Management Software Comparison

When comparing membership management software products, consider the following factors:

  1. Membership size: Vendors often use tiered pricing models that are influenced by membership size.

  2. Content management: Membership management software can help businesses deliver quality content to their members.

  3. Event planning: The software allows members to stay informed on new events and promotions.

  4. Subscription renewal: Members can easily update their subscription preferences and sign up for automatic payments.

Membership Management Software Price

Membership management software vendors charge a one-time fee or a monthly/annual rate per user. The cost of membership management software can range from $40/month to over $100/month, depending on the included features and membership size. Most products offer tiered pricing that starts with a free or basic version of the software.

Membership Management Products

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MINDBODY is business management software for gyms and spas, as well as fitness and yoga studios built around appointment scheduling and online bookings and calendaring, from the company of the same name in San Luis Obispo, California. Notably, the platform also contains marketing…


Omnify is a complete platform for selling and scheduling services and engaging with clients. The platform aims to help businesses grow faster through better conversion by providing a ‘Service Store’ instead of just a booking page. The vendor states they have seen customers increase…


TeamSnap in Boulder offers their club, tournament, and league management software platform with a focus on clear communication applications between different levels of the organization (e.g. coach to teammember, etc.), as well as online registration and enrollment, scheduling and…

Zen Planner

Zen Planner is a comprehensive member management software for gyms, affiliate gyms, martial arts schools, MMA schools and fitness studios. The vendor says this solution provides everything necessary to turn the user’s passion into a successful business. With integrated payment processing…


The vendor presents SportsPlus as an all-in-one sports management platform for sports clubs, leagues, associations, teams, coaches, players, and parents, that is mobile-friendly and secure, and used to manage player registrations, online payments, schedules, teams, leagues, tournaments,…


TeamUp promises to take away the complexity of starting a fitness gym, box, or studio. It includes features for managing class schedules, taking payments, and connecting with students. With the right reports, you can build the best student experience and grow your business with…


Pike13 (formerly Front Desk) delivers mobile scheduling, client management, and payment processing to gyms, spas, and instructional facilities (e.g. martial arts, music studio) and franchises. Pike13 was acquired by Jonas Software in January 2018.

Timely Salon Software

Timely is appointment scheduling and business management software for spas and salons from the New Zealand company of the same name.


WellnessLiving in Ontario offers an integrated club management software for smaller gyms, spas, health, yoga, dance studios, and others, with online calendaring and registration, easy online payment management, marketing automation and enrollee engagement, and also some workforce…

Glofox Yoga Studio Software

Glofox Yoga Studio Software is a gym management solution tailored for the yoga studio. A mobile app is also available. Students can book and pay for services and products.  They can also track their usage, progress and even connect with teachers. According to the vendor, their clients…

Glofox Gym Software

Glofox Gym Software is a gym management software for moderately large to smaller gyms, fitness clubs, and yoga studios. A mobile app is also available. Clients can book and pay for services and products. They can also track their usage, progress and even connect with other athletes.…

Glofox Fitness Studio Software

Glofox Fitness Studio Software is a gym management solution for the smaller studio. A mobile app is also available. Clients can book and pay for services and products. They can also track their usage, progress and even connect with other athletes. According to the vendor, their clients…

Glofox Affiliate Gym Software

Glofox offers their Affiliate Gym Management Software. A mobile app is also available. Athletes can book and pay for services and products. They can also track their usage, progress and even connect with other athletes. According to the vendor, their clients see an average savings…

Member Solutions

Member Solutions in Hatboro provides a software solution for martial arts and fitness businesses. Their suite of products includes member management software, online event registration software, and managed billing services. The vendor states they help business owners attract loyal…

Eversports Manager

Eversports Manager is all-in-one software for Yoga, Pilates, CrossFit, Fitness, Dance and EMS studios. The company aims to give studios more time for their customers and provide them with a user friendly system that has all the functions needed, no more no less.


Zenoti is an all-in-one, cloud software used by spas, salons, med spas, yoga and fitness studios to grow and manage their business. Zenoti is unique in that we are a true enterprise system, going beyond the basics of a scheduling and POS system. Our centralized platform integrates…

InTouch Technology

Canadian company InTouch Technology offers their lifecycle member management software specifically for gyms and health clubs, and features communication and follow-up management tools, and revenue reporting and analytics.


nFocus Solutions in Phoenix offers a suite of application for non-profits to assist in constituent and member management. KidTrax is their application for boys and girls clubs, and can track progress through curriculum or other similar progress oriented programs.


Perfect Gym Solutions in Warsaw offers PerfectGym, a club and bookings management software and front desk application that provides a point-of-sale, loyalty programs and marketing automation, as well as CRM, revenue management, and facility access controls (e.g. facial recognition)…

Club Automation

Club Automation is a club management software platform offering CRM with front desk automation and customer data management, online bookings and payment processing, and workforce features (e.g. payroll, calendar), and revenue reporting.


Motionsoft in Rockville offers MoSo, their club management application featuring membership management features and front desk automation and management for multi-site gyms, spas, hospital wellness centers, and other health and fitness oriented enterprises.


Compete is a club management solution offered by Jonas Fitness, a Jonas Software company headquartered in Webster, Texas, as easy-to-use with a familiar calendar interface, as well as rich with marketing and engagement features and built in payment processor and integrated check-…

Envision Salon & Spa

Ennoview in Orlando offers Envision Salon & Spa to support small single location salons to multi-location businesses with scheduling and sales automation, member management, SMS appointment confirmation, and marketing offers.


Vagaro in Dublin, California built their flagship club management platform around the needs of spas and salons, and can help business owners manage their business with online bookings and integrations with channels of importance to small businesses (Facebook, Yelp, etc) as well as…

Salon Ultimate

Salon Ultimate, headquartered in Boston, offers their spa management software which focuses on cloud-based membership management (e.g. online booking) and reputation management (online reviews), as well as many self-service options.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is membership management software?

Membership management software allows membership-based organizations to automate tasks that involve scheduling and processing membership fees. It integrates with customer relationship management (CRM) and email marketing software to keep members updated on new promotions or events.

What are the benefits of using membership management software?

Membership management software enhances community engagement by providing members with access to quality web content and event schedules. These products can increase customer satisfaction and help recruit new members.

How much does membership management software cost?

Membership management software vendors frequently use tiered pricing to determine cost based on the software features and number of members. Some products offer a free subscription tier, but the price can range from $40/month to over $100/month.

What are the best membership management software products?

The top rated membership management software on TrustRadius is MINDBODY, which is primarily used by fitness studios and gyms. TeamSnap and Omnify also received favorable reviews from small to medium sized sports teams and recreational clubs.