Great testing platform
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July 28, 2017

Great testing platform

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Modules Used

  • Test & Segment
  • Intelligent Personalization Engine

Overall Satisfaction with Monetate

We use Monetate mainly to customize user experiences, feature promotions and test different UX elements. Secondarily, it is extremely helpful as a quick deployment tool, circumventing the development process for quick fixes and adjustments. The tool is used by the Tech and Marketing teams, but we communicate possible visual changes to the website to other departments, such as Customer Services.
  • Great for testing - over the time we use the tool the constant improvements in reporting make easy to share results with the rest of the team and promote successful experiments, as well as learn from failures.
  • Easy and extensible interface - the tool is both easy to use and at the same time provides the possibility of extending a particular action for advanced users.
  • Setting up custom metrics is easy and very helpful if you have specific goals in mind.
  • Targeting URL variables not always works properly
  • Targeting javascript variables could be improved (localStore objects for example won't work)
  • In experiences, targeting construction could have more complex, nested, logic constructors - right now it only allows AND or OR - this makes it hard when you have multiple conditions for the target building process
  • Great UX/UI "discoveries" with the tests performed
  • Some experience results lifted conversion rate dramatically
  • Using it as a quick deployment tool saved the day for the Tech department a number of times
Monetate testing capabilities are great, very complete and the different types of testing (classic A/B, multi-variate, dynamic) and extensible action builder make it a very flexible product. The only issue our team has encountered is the fact that it misses more complex targeting logic, which can be solved with named segments, but it is not ideal.
As mentioned before, we really appreciate the product, but found the lack of more complex targeting logic to be an issue. Creating a target is intuitive and straight forward. We found that some types of targeting we needed didn't work, namely reading URL variables for some reason didn't work or were not as reliable as it should. And also trying to read variables out of a localStore object didn't work, but that was an advanced case and it's ok for the product not to have that capability.
Personally I think it's an amazing feature to have the algorithm picking up the best split and serving more traffic. That makes a difference and helps mitigating the possible losses of weak splits during the experience time. It's much better than just adjusting the experience to the winning scenario after the fact. Can't tell much about the individual fit experiences as we didn't use this feature (yet).
Reporting in Monetate is really helpful and makes it easy to share with the rest of the team results and make analysis on top of it. The graphical views of each metric are useful to build a quick presentation if you need to make your own internal reports.
While we haven't used much data sources, we did want to integrate with a few live data points and there was no easy way other than writing javascript to send the data through tracking. That could be improved.
Monetate is great if you have a good idea of testing cases and your team is able to implement it, which can be challenging. It is also very helpful for Tech teams as a quick deployment / testing / bug fix tool. Monetate is as useful as your team gets involved with the idea of testing different interface elements in order to provide the best experience possible to your users.