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October 5, 2015
HTML Email Specialist / Web Producer |
Retail | 51-200 employees

8 of 0 - 10  |  10/5/2015
We are utilizing Monetate for a number of purposes. We use it for A/B testing on a variety of projects. We rely on this tool heavily to justify our decision making process. This has been a great tool to provide us with insight on our user interface. We also use Monetate for a variety of other functions, such as promotional banners, email sign up lightboxes, and much more.
A/B testing functionality.

Reporting analytics for A/B tests and experiences.

Ability to provide product recommendations based upon site data, and feeding through a variety of algorithms.

We have had some trouble getting some JavaScript elements to fire correctly. We ended up putting our static content in Monetate, and testing against the dynamic content on our site.
Monetate  is well suited for companies that want to have a scientific way to measure the effectiveness of various presentations of user interfaces in a head-to-head A/B style testing format. This has been critical for our company to determine what is the best option to move forward in our experiments.
September 23, 2015
Web Operations Manager |
Retail | 501-1000 employees

10 of 0 - 10  |  9/23/2015
The main drivers of Monetate usage for our company is the team that is responsible for on site performance and user experience. This team is responsible for the administration of the tool as well as definition and creation of campaigns. Focus is on driving AOV, conversion, email signup, and personalized site experiences.
Ease of use resulting in quick and easy implementation. Team members have been able to quickly learn the tool and understand how to implement both easy and complex campaigns.

Wonderful support with rapid response to any questions or concerns. Questions are responded to quickly and updates on progress are given regularly.

Capabilities are endless. If you can think of it, Monetate will help you find a way to do it.

Based on their road map, Monetate is listening to their customers and continually moving forward.

The Merchandiser tool could be more flexible in the information it displays as well as in the data filters that can be applied. It is a solid tool but has room to offer more.
Sites with lower traffic will have a hard time getting actionable data from the tool unless you are willing to make decisions on a low confidence level. This isn't a reflection of Monetate but rather having enough traffic to meet statistical significance.
September 15, 2015
Web Marketing Coordinator |
Retail | 201-500 employees

10 of 0 - 10  |  9/15/2015
We are currently using Monetate within the web team only. I am the primary user, but there are some additional users as well who use it as needed. We recently implemented their Merchandiser tool, so this responsibility will likely be shared between myself and another coordinator. With Monetate we are able to manipulate and test all areas of our site; from the most basic color changes to complex layout changes. With their guidance, we have built a very strong multi-variant testing program here. 
The tool they offer is exceptional - easy to use, easy to understand the analytics

Our support team is phenomenal. We are in touch with them regularly and they are an excellent resource for us.

Monetate offers a variety of on-site resources, with up to date eCommerce information of everything that is going on in the industry

Our team is very happy with the service and support provided by Monetate. The only thing I have had frustration with (very minor!) is the full page refreshes within the UI. This is particularly painful when trying to prioritize 50+ campaigns at any given time
September 15, 2015
No photo available
Manager in Other |
Apparel & Fashion | 10,001+ employees

10 of 0 - 10  |  9/15/2015
We use Monetate for testing and customization of our desktop and mobile websites. It addresses problems such as customer segmentation for site experience and messaging; providing more relevant products to specific buyers; helping to identify best actions based on multi variant testing; allows us to geo-target, etc. We also heavily rely on the tool to help workaround lengthy development times and costs. We are able to utilize the Monetate tool to do things such as mimic the experience of desktop site on our mobile site; add mobile optimized content/landing pages and product endcaps - which would take much longer to accomplish without Monetate. Just starting to use email tool - currently geo targeting to help drive to closest stores and will use to test promo language.
Tool is very intuitive - easy to use right out of the box. Users can create tests starting day 1 AND it is so easy to build upon existing campaigns..feels like a limitless amount of things you can accomplish right away.

Analytics - again straightforward design - easy to access and take away learnings. For example - when we tested abandoned cart messaging (adding links to customer service, etc) with no offer - saw 22% increase in add to cart and 9% decline in bounce rate. Can utilize the Monetate summary dashboard or look at data directly.

Support team - consistent knowledgeable members who make the effort to understand client end goals - then help develop action/strategy plan to accomplish AND help execute. Whether providing / assisting with training to helping to troubleshoot to building in-house. Always accessible - whenever i've had a question/issue!

Engage email program isn't managed the same way as Merchandiser. While our team helped get us up and running with the tool and provided support in initial programs to test, we have to go through Monetate Support for additional help. Wish it was all in one place/one team.

As a small brand that is part of a larger corporation where other brands also use Monetate...think it's a good decision recently implemented to re-organize so that there is a team/acct lead for the corporation. There are a lot of good learnings that we needed someone to facilitate sharing across the different brands. It took a while to implement - but a good improvement.

Things to consider:  Do you have someone in place who has the time to manage tests - creating test plans, building/or working with Monetate to build campaigns and react to results? It is easy to use Monetate to make changes to site quickly (skipping internal development) and to skip the testing - you have to be rigorous in taking advantage of that piece of the tool. Otherwise.. Do you have a clunky development process - that makes it hard to make site changes? Monetate works well for emergency quick fixes (such as updating incorrect messaging/adding a disclaimer) as well as more developmentally intensive changes such as adding Paypal to minicart. It's so easy to use that we often rely on Monetate to manage content pieces on site and mobile.
September 11, 2015
Director of E-Commerce, VF Sportswear |
Retail | 501-1000 employees

10 of 0 - 10  |  9/11/2015
Monetate is being used by the e-commerce teams for two sites which I manage. It enables us to improve conversion and average order value by testing creative and promotional messaging, target messaging to consumers based on behavior and demographic segment, and cross-sell merchandise. Monetate also enables the teams to make quick changes to the site and avoid the time consuming ordeal of submitting tickets to developers and waiting for response and resolution.
The UI is intuitive. With very little training team members start using the tools.

It is versatile - a testing, targeting, a second CMS, and recommendation engine which can be used virtually anywhere on the site.

It is light. Integration is fast and does not slow down site speed. We even use Monetate to test certain 3P functionality, integrating through Monetate and testing the application to validate impact on site KPI rather than just integrating the 3P directly into the platform.

Client Services team very proactive in helping our team identify opportunities and get quick results. Also very responsive when we need to use Monetate to quickly address issues affecting the business.

Continuous improvement in predictive analytics.
A tool such as Monetate can impact the businesses most if it is able to leverage multiple sources of first and third party data. I would discuss in the evaluation process the best ways for integrating and leveraging those data sources in a way that is scalable. If your team does not yet have a culture of testing, it is worth discussing what organization is required to leverage the tool. 
September 9, 2015
Sr. Manager - E-Commerce |
Publishing | 201-500 employees

10 of 0 - 10  |  9/9/2015
We have had such a great experience with Monetate.  The tool itself has opened up a ton of opportunity for us on our website, as well as different ways to market to our website visitors.  Their customer service team is exceptionally knowledgeable and always there to help.  We can't say enough good things about Monetate.
The technology is fantastic and can help take your website and on-site marketing efforts to the next level.

Customer service is always responsive and extremely helpful.

Real-time reporting would be a huge improvement.

The ability to target customers based on an on-site event is also functionality that would be great to have.

Most of our questions were around how the tool could help test across multiple sub-domains and code bases.  I would work with their sales staff to understand where your organization is in terms of testing vs. personalization.  The tool does well with both, but you'll want to make sure you know how to effectively leverage the tool before bringing it onboard.
September 4, 2015
Senior Online Merchandiser |
Retail | 1001-5000 employees

10 of 0 - 10  |  9/4/2015
Monetate is owned by the digital team, but all departments have access to submit a request to be tested or implemented on the website. We use it for a number of tasks from marketing, to small fixes, and tests. 
Provide customers with the power to change what was previously unchangeable. We can now alter our site thorough Monetate when such tasks would previously take months.

Great customer service. Any issue or question I have they answer it and look for ways to improve it going forward. They are constantly looking to improve their tool and listen to customers' pain points and feedback. Many concerns and suggestions I have had, have been implemented on the dashboard. It's nice to know my opinion and voice matter.

Testing. Before Monetate we would alter or roll out with things based on the loudest opinion. Now, we have results to show what works and what doesn't.

I don't love the dashboard or interface. I find it challenging to use however because of client suggestions, they are rolling out an improvement.
Monetate works very well for testing and marketing in ways that we are unable to, i.e. badging and banners. Having the option to time experiences also eliminates late night project pushes. 
September 2, 2015
No photo available
Employee in Marketing |
Retail | 51-200 employees

8 of 0 - 10  |  9/2/2015
We use Monetate for every promotional email campaign. We set up banners displaying the offer and also set up pop-ups so people can see the small print on the offer (ex: excludes clearance, promotional end date, etc.). It has increased conversion and has decreased customer complaints. 
Adding Badges ("best seller")

Adding a pop up for new email sign ups

Adding a banner a promotional banner (Free shipping use code..)

The reporting could be cleaner

I wish there was a mobile preview

More testing examples for product pages and site content

The help support is quick. I would recommend Monetate. I am unfamiliar with the cost, that would be my only drawback. 
September 2, 2015
Web / Digital project Specialist |
Apparel & Fashion | 201-500 employees

7 of 0 - 10  |  9/2/2015
We utilize the power of the Monetate platform to add/remove elements on our web site in a quick and easy fashion and leverage the testing capabilities to A/B test site changes globally before rolling them out "officially".
The ease of setting up actions to add new content or remove existing content from the web site is very streamlined and even non-coders on our team can do so with ease and little difficulty.

With the power of A/B testing on virtually anything we post to the site with Monetate we can gauge user response and acceptance and target the "better" CTR on specific designs. This expedites the creation of future designs as we know what works--and what doesn't.

Running concurrent campaigns throughout the site is simple as you can easily pause and edit anything running on the site with little interruption to the flow of the existing site.

The action builder interface has come a long way, but there are times when it feels intrusive. The top nav bar that is shown should be resizable to the user specifications... not on the standard sizes that Monetate dictates.

Sharing tests with others is quite easy, however, a test should be made available to "test" automatically rather than having to build a specific link. Users should be able to set a target location and allow others to see it as part ot the set up process and that "share link" should be automatically generated upon "completion" of building a campaign. Having to click elsewhere and build a link foolish as it is nearly always a "next step".

We use Monetate to host/display all of our internal site banners. The ease of implementation and targeting allows us to truly add a level of detail previously unavailable.
September 2, 2015
Targeted Promotional Specialist |
Retail | 1001-5000 employees

9 of 0 - 10  |  9/2/2015
Monetate is a great tool to deliver personalized content to the customers where customers are seeing real time personalization fitting to their behavior. It's also great to do AB testing with Monetate as the customers are easily segmented and presented with different testing content. It provides a quick solution for site owners to dynamically insert content without having advanced technical background.
Capture customers' behavior real time.

Easy to use UI.

There are endless combination of targeting variables to utilize.

Faster turnaround time for special targeting variable request.

Deliver new features for the UI at the time they promised.

I would recommend Monetate to those who are just stepping into the personalization world.

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Monetate Description

Monteate is a website optimization product and is a recent entrant into the space. The company offers a strong product that it tailored to the needs of e-commerce and retailers. Customers are mostly enterprise brands.

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Excerpt from TrustRadius Buyer's Guide to A/B Testing Software

Monetate Profile

Monetate was founded in 2008 and is based in Philadelphia, with offices in London and Palo Alto, California. The company started as an offer management system focused on presenting the right offer at the right time to customers. This gave rise to the personalization engine and testing solutions that Monetate offers today. The company generally caters to enterprise customers, but recently introduced products focused on the SMB. Most of their customer base is in the United States, but they are rapidly growing in Europe. They have raised $46 million in funding since inception.

*Interview with Bruce Ernst, VP of Product Management
Company status Private
2013 revenue N/A
Growth 2012-2013 N/A
Customers 300*
Employees 300*
Pricing From $1k to $2k per month, up to ~$1m per year for large enterprises using professional services*

Aggregate User Ratings of Monetate on TrustRadius

Source: (20) User reviews of Monetate on TrustRadius
Rating Attribute Monetate # of Reviewers Contributing to Rating Average A/B Testing Category Average
Likelihood to recommend 9 20 8.4
Likelihood to renew 8.9 20 8
Product usability 10 1 7.4
Product availability 10 1 9.5
Product performance 10 1 9.1
Support 10 1 9
In-person training 10 1 9.3
Implementation satisfaction 10 1 8.9

Summary of Monetate Reviews

Source: (20) User reviews of Monetate on TrustRadius
Monetate Strengths Monetate Areas for Improvement
Ease of use
Interface is easy to learn and use for non-technical people. In addition to testing and personalization, many users say they use the tool to make quick website changes without going through their IT department.
Users would like to see enhanced reporting and more detailed analytics.
Note: the company recently launched a more robust reporting module that may address this issue.
Customer support
Monetate's support team is knowledgeable, quick to respond, and very “solution-oriented,” as one user put it.
Speed of new feature releases
Two users mentioned that new product releases are often not launched on schedule. However, users like that the company is innovative in creating new features.
Personalization and targeting
Users like the ability to personalize content and target specific visitors for promotions based on a number of variables, and a few specifically mentioned the geo- and weather-targeting capabilities.
Flicker effect
Because Monetate uses an asynchronous method (meaning everything loads at the same time, to avoid a website delay), there can be a flicker effect if Monetate's code loads after the website's code.
Note: this can be resolved if the client uses Monetate's synchronous tag.

Interview with Bruce Ernst, Vice President of Product Management

Photo of Bruce Ernst, Vice President of Product ManagementPositioning
“Monetate was founded by people who took a scientific approach to marketing,” says Bruce Ernst, Vice President of Product Management at Monetate. “We were in the optimization and testing and personalization business before we knew what the name of that game was.” The tool started as an offer management system focused on presenting the right offer at the right time to customers, which then gave rise to powerful personalization capabilities.

The company incorporated testing in response to customer requests, since at the time testing tools were difficult to use, he says. “We invested very heavily in making it easy and simple for regular marketers to set up sophisticated A/B and multivariate tests.”

Competitive Differentiation
Ernst says the company is focused on removing obstacles to testing and personalization. “In the real world, in 25% of tests, the new treatment outperforms the original; in 25% the new treatment underperforms, and the rest of the time, the test is a wash,” he says. “Winning tests are like hitting a homerun: the more times you are at bat, the more homeruns you'll hit. We make it really easy to set up and run lots and lots of tests.”

That's why the company charges a flat fee for their tool, rather than volume-based charging, he says. “We do not charge by the number of tests or level of effort. You should run a lot of tests to get good results, and we don't want to build in a disincentive.”

Ernst also says personalization and testing are closely related. “Often the 50% of tests that don't produce a significant result—often it's because you didn't look deep enough,” he says. “Maybe new versus returning visitors reacted differently. When you test for everybody, the results tend to cancel each other out and the test is inconclusive.”

The tool integrates with third-party data systems, CRMs, and all of the major web analytics vendors, he says.

Target Customers
The company is focused heavily on enterprise customers, many with more than 1,000 employees, Ernst says. However, they have recently launched a new product that caters to the SMB. “Organizations of all sizes can benefit from testing and personalization,” he says.

Key verticals served include retail, travel and financial services. Most customers are located in the United States, but the customer base has grown 300% in Europe in the last year, he says.

Product Priorities
“We have a relentless drive to make things simpler and easier,” Ernst says. For example, the company just released a product that will identify a user's top five most important customer segments. They are also planning on introducing mobile app testing, he says.

Response to Feedback from Monetate Reviews
“Our roadmap is driven by customer feedback,” Ernst says. “In terms of the flicker issue, our first goal was to never, ever hold up your site, so we ran completely asynchronously.” This meant that it was possible for regular content to beat Monetate content to the site, thus producing a flicker. Based on customer feedback, the company introduced an option for a synchronous tag, thus removing the flicker issue, he says.

“We also just released a more robust analytics component,” he says, also based on client feedback. “It's much more detailed in terms of being able to segment inside an experiment and drill down and discover specific groups of visitors, after a test has run.”

See TrustRadius Buyer's Guide to A/B Testing Software or download in pdf to continue your research offline.