MongoDB: Great fit for many use cases
March 23, 2016

MongoDB: Great fit for many use cases

Michael Grayson | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with MongoDB

MongoDB is being used here to support a use case where a relational DB fails miserably. The data for this use case varies by municipality, state, region, country, etc., so there's hundreds of variances between one piece of data and the next. In a relational DB this would need to be managed by either multiple tables, or a table with a very large amount of columns which quickly becomes unwieldy when indexes are added to the mix. With MongoDB we're able to store all this data together, index it appropriately and retrieve it more quickly.


  • MongoDB handles variable data extremely well and allows for extremely fast retrieval and processing.
  • Since MongoDB natively supports JSON it has made development extremely quick.
  • MongoDB Operations are very simple and allowed us to operationalize it very quickly.


  • MongoDB does not currently support ACID Transactions, they are looking to tackle this issue in their next release.
  • MongoDB's query language requires a learning curve for those in the relational world.
  • MongoDB does not natively support SQL.
  • Faster Development Time
  • Increased Developer Efficiency, leading to more leaner and agile releases
  • Increased Operations Efficiency, very easy to automate the DB provisioning process
We chose MongoDB because it fit our specific use cases better than the other two NoSQL products that I've identified. There are some use cases where those products would be better. Be sure to use the right tool for the job, for us, it was MongoDB, for you it might not be.
MongoDB has been great for us. Despite being a new technology, we've been able to operationalize it, use it, automate deployment of and get it integrated in to our processes very easily. As long as we continue to use it for the right use cases, I think our success with MongoDB will only continue to grow and grow.
There are many scenarios where you should use a relational database. MongoDB does not fit every use case, please keep that in mind. Don't try to fit a highly relational data model into MongoDB, it might work, but the performance issues will inevitably come shortly after. If the data is variable and not relational, MongoDB is a great fit.


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