A review from the Creator of the Insights & Strategy Department
Updated March 07, 2016

A review from the Creator of the Insights & Strategy Department

Becca James | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with NetBase

Internet Marketing Inc. has developed an entire department around NetBase called Insights & Strategy, which is now the center of our Discipline Ecosystem. With the support of a few other tools, we have managed to break down silos and connect disciplines across a corporate marketing agency. We have put the guessing game to rest by appropriately gathering and analyzing relevant information about brands, industries and competitors. The social listening tool has allowed our entire organization to be more data-driven by using audience insights to create personalized, actionable, targeted digital campaigns.
  • We are able to provide an all-inclusive brand analysis. The objective of this report is to understand how the brand is performing overall. Some of the questions that are answered within the report are: what are consumers discussing, how are they talking about the product/service, are conversations primarily positive, where are conversations occurring and what type of content is being shared?
  • We love starting a new business pitch by offering a competitor analysis. Our goal is to provide a nice overview of their top competitors. It seeks to answer how does the brand stack up to its competitors, the key attributes, what brand is winning/losing and identify where the gaps are and the potential opportunities.
  • We enjoy the education it provides both internal teams as well as the client, especially the landscape analyses. We like to understand how the industry is performing overall and where our clients stand. Aspects that we deem important are: when, where, who and what conversation is occurring in the industry over the course of 1 year, what helps drive people to convert, what main components of the product/service encourage or deter continued conversion as well as provide insights around what people enjoy (or hate) about the product/service.
  • I'd like to see a better creation of audiences; a greater taxonomy of classifiers to better create personas for our campaigns. Example of segmenting the audience: moms, millennials, sports enthusiasts, home buyers.
  • I'd like to understand instantly what causes a spike in engagement - it is tedious to sift through posts to understand what caused the spike and be able to accurately explain that to the client.
  • I'd like the system to tell me what the audience cares about i.e. which apps, music, so that we understand how to create content that will resonate with them.
  • More pre-made categories/themes and dashboards to help accurately cover topics.
  • Sentiment is often off and filtering doesn't work well when the term or client has a mainstream name such as Internet Marketing Inc. without losing data.
1 - I am the only one who works within the tool, then I disseminate the information to the appropriate team member/account or sales representative, who then presents it to the client. I like to keep the insights as strategy as consistent, controlled and centralized as possible. I represent a new department that I created around the data, which is called Insights and Strategy - it is integral to our organization.
  • Networked Insights

I selected NetBase because it fit our objectives and budget at the time. However, Networked Insights has taxonomy of 15k classifiers:

  • Who (male female, age, where, emotions)
  • General interests (sports, fashion)
And you can segment your audience: moms, millennials, sports enthusiasts, home buyers - which helps build personas better than NetBase. It also goes through the system, compares data to the general public and can tell you what the audience cares about? i.e. which apps, music, how to create content that will resonate with them. Another difference: show instantly what causes spike in engagement - so you don’t have to tediously sift through posts to understand what caused the spike like in NetBase.
  • Significantly better feedback during business pitches - we always qualify for the last round with insights. It has given us visibility to the biggest and best brands because everyone knows they need an agency that understands their audience.
  • We have had more employee satisfaction and success since we are now creating campaigns based off of data.
  • We are charging for the reports, so there has been a significant rise in ROI - and the business development side of the reports has opened many doors to future partnerships.
It is best used when you need audience insights such as content marketing, social - more creative campaigns. When it comes to paid media or SEO campaigns, I don't think you get the most out of the tool. NetBase is best used to understand what the audience likes/dislikes and what they are talking about.

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Using NetBase

I really love NetBase and plan to renew, however, if I find another tool that can offer me insights that would enhance our campaigns and save me time (like the items I previously discussed about Networked Insights), then I will switch platforms.

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