Nothing but issues
May 03, 2016

Nothing but issues

Jessica Petro | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with NUVI

Wanted to use it to monitor social channels, engage with influencers, track social engagement, and schedule posts to various social media channels. It is being used by myself. So far, it has not addresses any issues. The IDEA of it is great, does it work as well as they sell you on? If you are a HUGE business, sure it might, but not without a lot of work to decipher all their graphs, skim through activity one grueling minute at a time, and click on hundreds to thousands of bubbles INDIVIDUALLY to engage with people. If you are a small company, forget it. This service will be a complete waste of money. Not to mention they will say whatever they need to to trick you into a contract and then bind you to it for an entire year.
  • Good idea in theory
  • If it worked as well as they say and didn't require so much work, it may be beneficial
  • Looks nice
  • I dislike that they don't send invoices at all before you are charged and if you try to access invoices in your account, don't worry you can't because they don't exist there.
  • I dislike that we were told we had a 30-day no-contract trial that wasn't even long enough to build up enough useful data to see if it was even worth the $300/mo they charge. Not only that, we are such a small company with so low of mentions it has been COMPLETELY useless. They don't care, they just want your money. And because we emailed them a few days after the 30 day trial (including weekends) they "talked to their lawyers" and "the lawyers" just couldn't let us out of the contract. How desperate are they that they need our $300/mo if they have such large companies on board that they brag about on their website?
  • I also dislike how there is no useful way to engage with Instagram. If you have 1,000 bubbles of engagement you have to click them all individually and change the color to know what you have even checked or not checked. It is tedious, time consuming, and a complete waste of time. I don't even know how large companies manage this because of how much work it is.
  • Monitors are hard to set up, you have to specify and narrow down SO much just to tailor it to what you need. You can't be too broad, but you can't be too specific. They will ask to set up calls all day to waste your time just telling you all the work you need to do to get it right.
  • ZERO benefits. We are too small of a company and it is completely useless. They didn't have any sympathy for our less than 100 mentions a day and have bound us to the contract anyway. Cell phone providers don't even lock you into contracts any more. I think they are extremely desperate for money.
  • Negative impact is that it has costed me more time then I ever wanted to spend on it.
  • NO impact on ROI because it isn't valuable for a small business with less than 100 mentions a week
Doesn't stack up at all. NUVI is way more cumbersome, difficult to use, and complicated. Hootsuite is clearly defined, easy to use, and focuses on specific improvements you want for your social media management. It is also not difficult to set up and get working for you early on in your use of the product.
1 - Social media management, marketing, PR, event management, community engagement,
NUVI may be well suited for large companies, but not without having to put in a ridiculous amount of effort to set up, customize, and manage it. It requires so much time just to gather data and build it up, that by the time you feel like it may be having some sort of an impact, you've already invested thousands of dollars into it.