How Helpful is Oracle Advanced Analytics You Ask?
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October 24, 2017

How Helpful is Oracle Advanced Analytics You Ask?

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Overall Satisfaction with Oracle Advanced Analytics

This program is being used across the sales team. We use this program to gauge customer interest on email blasts, marketing materials, etc. When a new product line is being developed or we want to reach our customer base, we are able to access a cloud of information that then takes our customer data and can send out mass information instantly.

In the past, we have discussed adding in a code to understand how effectively we are managing the sample size of our customer base versus how many are opening the email, clicking on the email, and further ordering the product discussed within.
  • Can effectively tell us first hand when a customer has submitted an invoice, is late on an invoice, and to what specific product, PO#, etc.
  • Can be integrated within existing software used in Sales such as Gmail, Tenfold, Salesforce, etc. This can help us take a pool of customers and sift through who we want and do not want to receive our marketing materials.
  • The analytical information found can be used to better understand the customer, conversation from prospect to customer, and ROI.
  • The programs functionality tends to freeze when we have our full sales team in the system. The best thing to do when this happens is to restart the computer and program entirely. Sometimes this will take time out of the day.
  • It would be helpful to have an email shipped out after 30 days of an invoice not being paid to the customers automatically so we will not have to call them again.
  • Right now we're currently tracking the number of customers that are in our entire database to mass send emails about a new product line. We are trying to gauge what approach is best and whack click-rate % we need to have to convert X amount of business.
  • The goal in mind is to reach a certain % and decrease our sales cycle 50%.
It is the only software I have used in my duration at Typenex. We are a smaller company and really believe in the value of sticking to a brand we can trust and a program that is reliable. We have had very good customer service and are not looking to make a switch anytime soon. We are a happy customer.
We track our customers monthly so data is constantly coming in about whether or not our new marketing campaign was successful versus not OR when we attend a trade show. We tend to upload information on our consumers to track how quickly we can convert the customer from a prospect to a paying customer.