Great for calculation tools!
Dave Reid | TrustRadius Reviewer
July 09, 2018

Great for calculation tools!

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I work for a Carsharing company and we use Outgrow to easily make calculation tools where people can quickly see if a shared car is beneficial for them. They are super easy to make and can be duplicated and modified within minutes. This allows us to scale our company more efficiently. Our company is relatively small, so every euro has to be spent wisely. The Freelance package offers enough for us to do exactly what we want to do with our calculations. I've done some research into alternatives, and I find that the competition is not on the same level. I recommend this software to anyone that wants make basic or advanced calculation tools for their website within a few hours.

The reason for the 10/10 is that the one time I got stuck within Outgrow, their helpdesk was able to fix it within a few hours. The calculator wasn't displaying properly and I don't have the technical know-how to resolve the issue myself, but with the support of Outgrow I got it up and running the same day.

I'm looking forward to any updates that this software will have in the future to get even more value for my money.
  • Calculation Tools: Within a few sliders and a drop-down menu, a visitor of our website is able to determine if our service is beneficial for them.
  • Conditioned Results: Due to the nature of our service we do not always want to show the same text for every result. If someone does not directly financially benefit from our service we would like to show all the non-financial reasons to choose our company.
  • Customer Service: All issues that you might have can directly be resolved by their Intercom chat. We use Intercom ourselves, and we envy their response time.
  • I would suggest splitting Quizzes and Calculators into two different products, as I can imagine some people are only using one of the two. But I see how the 2 features are largely intertwined, and splitting might be difficult.
  • Maybe allow people to 'shop' their own package. I'm eyeing on some features that are in the next plan, but I don't need all of the extra features. So if it is not too complicated it might be interesting to individually purchase some features.
  • We were able to sell our partnership solution at a premium because our sites are more professional and user-friendly.
  • The data we collect from these calculations are valuable for our overall product market fit validation, and we use this data to increase our focus.
  • We see an increase in our conversion because people essentially tell themselves (They provide the input) that our product is a good option for them.
Limited functionalities, and limited design options. I really only want to implement a solution if it truly fits with the rest of my website and the level of quality of the rest of my products. When looking at the features and usability of Convertcalculator I felt that it did not perform as well as Outgrow. Another reason was the number of resources in their Help Center. I did not start a chat with them, so I can't comment on their customer service.

I feel like there is no real competition out there, or I've been searching in the wrong places.
Well suited: When you want (potential) customers to quickly determine if your product or service is right for them. I noticed that we could make a very honest calculation tool that shows how quickly our car sharing service is beneficial to customers. These types of calculations are difficult to convey in text.

Less appropriate: The length of your calculation has to be in line with what the engagement people have with your product or service. We want to determine if a shared car is interesting, so we don't want 10+ questions. But if you're selling a house you can include more questions.

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