Ability to send and receive instant payments.
June 07, 2021

Ability to send and receive instant payments.

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Overall Satisfaction with PayPal Payments

In our company, we handle a high volume of payroll of employees who work for us. I am the owner and founder of a real estate company, and I am pleased to say that PayPal Payments has been one of the primary services for the consecutive operation of my company. Our list of employees exceeds 900 employees in the various areas of my company. I have implemented PayPal Payments in all sectors of my company, each of my employees has created a PayPal account to be able to receive their payroll payments on a weekly or monthly basis.

PayPal Payments is the main method we use to complete all payments, it is a fairly diverse service since with this we can make payments in various currencies and we can send payments instantly, our employees receive their payroll without having to wait for a long course of time as in other digital payment services. The company's main PayPal account is very easy to handle, I have been able to send payments on a scheduled basis to the employees and thus avoid making the individual payment process, in addition, I can keep an online control of all the transfers that have taken place in the last days. I am very happy with the use of PayPal Payments in my company, it is a service that is very worthwhile because it helps to complete payments instantly. Sometimes some of our employees have to travel outside the country for business reasons, and PayPal Payments has been our solution to send them their payroll in the currency of the country where they are.
  • PayPal offers me the option of converting my currency deposited in my account to another currency, so I can complete all kinds of payments and send money to employees who are in another country for business reasons.
  • The mobile phone application is too fast, I can make payments to my employees in a matter of seconds without having to wait for the web version to load.
  • Scheduled payments are great. PayPal allows me to add a list of contacts to my PayPal Business account, and after adding the contacts, I can schedule payments for a specific day and time. It's easier to make automated payroll payments with PayPal.
  • The main problems that occur in PayPal is when I make a payment towards a new employee. When PayPal detects that I am sending money to a new person, it places a freeze on the funds for 48 hours. It's a bit annoying, because I would like to make payments to my new employees instantly like I do to my old employees.
  • The process of adding my bank account and my credit card to my PayPal account was quite a complex process. PayPal did not allow me to add my bank account and credit card instantly, I had to call PayPal support to do the process for me, since the system did not allow me, it was a long and complex process.
  • The application is one of the most outstanding services. It helps you complete all types of payments from anywhere, it is only necessary to have a stable network connection and you can easily complete payments to anyone.
  • Scheduled delivery is one of the most important features. I can schedule payroll payments for a specific day and time.
  • PayPal offers me statistical options to be able to see the behavior of payments in the last days, weeks or months, so I can graphically see the amount of money I have sent.
  • My employees have been able to get their payroll payments instantly, they don't have to wait an amount of time after sending the money.
  • My employees have been more satisfied with the payments, since thanks to the payment scheduling, the money reaches their PayPal account on the exact day and time.
  • It is easier to have a record of all payments. Previously it was necessary to have a paperwork of all payments together with the receipts of all those payments, however, with PayPal Payments, the payment history is more accessible.
For us, TransferWise was a very good option to be able to send and receive payments, it is a very reliable system and allowed our employees to receive payroll money safely, however, the reason we prefer PayPal Payments is because offers us a more instantaneous receipt of money, TransferWise made us wait several days for payments to be completed, we had to wait a long time for our employees to receive the money we sent them. PayPal Payments is very different, payments are completed instantly, the only delay is the one that is placed with the freezing of funds when sending money to a new employee.

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The platform in general does not present any type of failure that affects the operation or development of the user, it is a service in which the user can complete all types of payments instantly. The most complex process is when a PayPal account has been created recently, when you complete a payment for the first time to a person, the payments will be frozen for 48 hours and that is somewhat annoying, however, after adding a contact list, and complete payments constantly, the funds will arrive instantly, they will not be frozen. It is a very powerful service, very easy to use and helps to complete payments in all types of currencies. I would undoubtedly recommend it to any company or labor sector, it adapts to any type of company, no matter if it is small, medium or large.