Great functionality and ease of use at a reasonable price
Updated March 18, 2015

Great functionality and ease of use at a reasonable price

Ben Lawder | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Qualtrics

I brought in Qualtrics as one of a few in-house survey tools at our disposal for the market research team at ADP. I personally designed, programmed, launched, and deployed several surveys using Qualtrics. I have personal experience with the sales teams, training organization, and service teams at Qualtrics.
  • Very easy to learn and use
  • Handles complex question types and logic
  • Good user interface
  • Reporting was a little difficult to navigate at times, but they are working on a new tool here
  • Some fairly standard features in my opinion (like advanced quota management) required paid upgrades
  • Some needs required workarounds - they were able to get us everything we needed eventually, but a few things didn't seem out of the box
  • No in-house resources to outsource the work to if we need someone to program a survey for us or conduct analysis (although they did introduce a new partner firm to us this year who can provide that support)
  • Response-based pricing model vs. flat fee or survey based model
  • Fast survey deployment in-house when we were rushing to meet some critical deadlines

Vision Critical is known as a great panel management firm, but I was underwhelmed with their tool itself. Deployments were complicated, surveys required almost basic programming knowledge, and my team struggled with their reporting tool.

Confirmit could do everything we wanted in terms of features, but it too required specialized expertise, far more training, etc.

Simpler tools like SurveyMonkey, NetReflector, Survey Gizmo, etc. just didn't have the question types, advanced logic, quota management, email tools, etc. that Qualtrics and the above tools do.

In the end, Qualtrics was a nice middle ground. It was way easier to learn and use than the high end tools and provided all the functionality of the high end tools. It had a middle ground price as well that seemed very reasonable. They also seemed very willing to take my feedback and suggestions seriously.

I've evaluated all kinds of tools in this space from SurveyMonkey and SurveyGizmo to more robust tools like Confirmit and Vision Critical's Sparq platform. I describe Qualtrics to people as the best of both worlds. It is far more robust that the cheap tools like SurveyMonkey (even their highest end package), but It is WAY easier to learn and use than Confirmit or Sparq. It is a great fit for organizations looking for a reasonably priced in-house market research platform. They are also developing the tool quickly, and I've seen major progress in it this year alone.

Using Qualtrics

I was impressed a couple years ago when two heads of market research at Fortune 500 companies told me about them, and I've been even more impressed with the advancements I've seen in the last year. I like where the company is headed, and I look forward to using them again in a future role.

Using Qualtrics

Qualtrics is pretty easy to learn and use although I've seen some beginner users get overwhelmed at first. I like the pop-up pictures (a slider will look like this, a vertical multi-response question will look like this). It is also really easy to experiment and try out new features. Some of the more advanced features (reporting, data exports, survey distribution within the tool, etc.) could use some usability enhancements, but overall the tool is good. In summary, it isn't Apple where my kids can figure it out with no help but it also is far better than most business software packages. For the big bang for you buck, I'm a fan.