Quantum Workplace's TeamPulse Engagement Survey Does the Job
Jim Morrill | TrustRadius Reviewer
October 26, 2015

Quantum Workplace's TeamPulse Engagement Survey Does the Job

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We use the Quantum Workplace TeamPulse engagement survey for the entire organization. I brought the survey to Amida Care as its first ever employee engagement survey tool in 2014. We learned quite a bit about ourselves via TeamPulse and have been working on areas of concern that came to light or were confirmed by the survey results. We also were able to insert some custom questions to dig a bit deeper into one area of interest, which was very helpful.
  • This tool allows us to drill down into departments to get an in-depth feel for the culture in each work group. This is all done while maintaining true anonymity for participants, which is always a staff fear.
  • Although we did not make good use of it, TeamPulse includes an online action planning tool that allows department management to work with their teams on the results, drill into the real meaning of those results on a department level, and jointly build action plans that can be tracked in the tool.
  • The analysis of the global results by the pros at Quantum Workplace produced an excellent executive overview of the results on an overall and department, job level, tenure and age basis. That analysis and the presentation delivered by Quantum Workplace was exactly what we needed for our leadership team that was new to the engagement survey game.
  • Possibly the best feature of Quantum Workplace's engagement survey tool is the statistically significant comparative data from other organizations of similar size, location, type of business, etc. The info has far more value when we are able to see where we stand in relation to other organizations, including some of Quantum Workplace's high performing participants.
  • It might have this and we didn't realize or figure it out, but if the Action Plan tool pinged managers on a regular basis with reminders and also copied those to the executives or HR, it might generate more effort from the department level.
  • Some phrasing of the questions allowed too much variability in interpretation. This was particularly evident in the phrase: 'the leaders of Amida Care.' Reviewing the responses to those questions gave too many executives and department heads an easy out when low scores were present. They could 'believe' that their employees were referencing the CEO and top execs. On the other hand, top execs could look at those questions as referencing department heads. We will be pushing for more specificity while remaining capable of comparing to Quantum Workplace's vast results data.
  • In our first organizational experience with this type of survey, we did not effectuate the department by department action planning the way we should have, so that limited some of our ROI.
  • Survey results were instrumental in reinforcing impressions and employee complaints about some management staff. This enabled us to force changes in the management of people in at least one department. (Reassigning folks to non-management roles, not aggressively terminating low scoring managers.)
  • The use of the survey and subsequent universal reporting of the results opened a new phase of transparency with our staff that, I believe, paid dividends when we faced some financial challenges and were forced to execute a reduction in force. There was a greater willingness to listen to leadership despite strong feelings and anger than there would have been a year before, prior to the survey.
  • When we re-survey this year in December, it will be the second annual survey, not something new we're doing because of the recent staff reductions. This will further reinforce the enhanced communications efforts and transparency.

We selected Quantum Workplace for three primary reasons:

  • Greater database of survey responses from more organizations and employees (strong benchmark universe)
  • Automated tools to create department level executive summary presentations
  • Prior experience with Quantum via Best Places to Work survey

And, finally, the pricing was very competitive, although not necessarily the lowest.

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What kind of assistance will you provide for interpretation of results and building of action plans?

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