Quotewerks Review from a user of over 10 years experience
Updated November 11, 2016

Quotewerks Review from a user of over 10 years experience

Gary Perkins | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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Software Version

Corporate Edition 4.7

Overall Satisfaction with QuoteWerks

Quotewerks was installed by myself back in about 2003 as we expanded the business and took on our first Account Managers.

The key issue was the quick and timely production of quotations on a consistent price list, together with a look and feel for these quotations (able to be dropped into pdf) and the integration with at the time our GoldMine system, thus ensuring Sales Opportunities were created. Because of this ease, we have also recommended and resold Quotewerks to many of our own Clients, some of whom are on ACT! or GoldMine. The beauty is it works with multiple CRM systems or on its own.
  • Fast Quotation from a standard xls imported price list, meaning easy and quick to update.
  • Easy template design with ability to add product spec, and extra terms and conditions etc.
  • Most importantly, its output documents are easy to read for clients and to send back to us.
  • Big saving in time, I can check anyone else quotes, amend these if need be (e.g if on holiday) and update Quotewerks quotes from within the CRM system
  • We also generate purchase orders out to our core suppliers on the back of an accepted quote, again being able to store the information easily
  • Now we've added the Quotevalet add-on this has helped improve our conversion and more importantly speed of conversion whilst saving us countless hours in not having to chase a quote until the client opens it...a game changer in sales!
  • Finally, its pretty cost effective as its works on number of licences don't need to match your CRM Licence count and you can trial it first.
  • Probably just interface could do with updating, and perhaps making it easier to customise to make it simpler to use; it's sometimes its a bit confusing when you start or untill you've had some training
  • Ideally, would like it to link to more CRM systems such as SAGE CRM.
  • Linking of the conversion link to also show the attached pdf, certainly in GoldMine this needs to be done manually, although its automatic that the quotation file is linked....a minor thing perhaps?
  • Without doubt, it has improved faster lead conversion as easy to send a professional looking quote, this means its dropped inot the Sales opportuntiy pipeloin, e, so doesnt get missed
  • Account Manager like it as it does look professional and they can then raise a purchase order direct to vendor after gone to order or invoice
  • In terms of customer service, I am sure this is improved as quotes are very quick to generate and link.
  • Another aspect is that the central XLS price list is easy to update and control, meaning ALL of us continue to quote the latest price
  • The Quotevalet add-on was resisted, but possibly the best add-on and well worth the subscription, it saves countless sales hours spent chasing quotes that have not even been opened, and when they are, you can be on the phone there and then.
Both MS Dynamics CRM and SAGE CRM have their own in-built own quotation systems as well as ACT! ,but in my view these don't have the flexibility easy customisation and the User ease of use in my view. They can take more configuring and to me at least can be a bit cumbersome unless designed and customised well.

In the past, I also looked at QuikQuotes if i recall, but QW was a lot simpler and quicker to use. Of course, it is not right for everyone, hence a clear brief and understanding of requirements is always needed. Having said that , that is the same with many CPQ systems, and Quotewerks has stood the test of time.
The client needs to be clear on what they want to use it for, for me, fast quotes from price lists are great.
The vendor has always been very helpful to us when we have come across or suggested an improvement, especially when they can see the commercial benefit and it makes sense, we found they actually dropped into the next build within 60 days.

Without blowing my own trumpet, we found needed some advice prior to installing it to ensure it's a good fit and client understands how to use it....we recommend a trial or webdemo or both just to help out users to understand and appreciate it. The key in my view, is a 'quick win' so for easy products or regular product quotes before getting carried away by say the bundles or configurable items or other more complex customisation requirements.
As they say, it does what it says it does "on the tin"; fast, easy and professional quotations.

QuoteWerks Feature Ratings

Quote sharing/sending
Product configuration
Configuration options
Pricing rules
Price adjustment
Purchase history and open contracts
CPQ reporting & analytics
CPQ-CRM integration
Attachments to quotes

Using QuoteWerks

2 - Sales and Marketing Departments
Support and Helpdesk use occasionally as well for providing quick quotes to clients, formated and more importantly trackable and reporting without being lost in email chain!
2 - IT skills and in our instance, CRM Consultants. However, if you can use a PC and are competent with Word or Excel, then it is really just a matter of training, like many software, you use just 20%, but do this on a regular basis
  • Initital customisation of templates and ensuring a professional image which is consistent
  • Set up of the product list source XLS and sub folders
  • Training of users to be confident
  • Integration with Quotevalet takes out quote chasing to a new level, we know when to call
  • One of the best ways is to roll over and clone annual support contracts now for renewals, so quick to include core information from previous year
  • Another aspect is version control
  • finally, price comparison can be useful to other previous quotes, so there is a lot in there..
  • Integrating QW with the new Quotevalet application was perhaps the most significant improvement and our process in the last year. We now know when a quote is opened and are able to follow up at the right time and not fall into chase mode wasting hours calling people who've not even looked at the quote.
  • We will look at web integration with Quotevalet for easier sign off. This addition transforms the quotation from a send function to seeing when a client actually opens the quote, ready for questions and follow up and more importantly they can then accept the proposal.
  • Configuration and Bundles for promotions could help to save time
We have used it for over 15 years now and it works, it keeps itself up to date and once in, I don't think we have had to change much apart form adding a few extra template for specific projects. Uploading new price list is also easy from our source Excel spreadsheet. With the addition of QuoteValet, this is now such a powerful tool for converting quotes at the time the client has them open!

Quotewerks has paid for itself many times over.

Evaluating QuoteWerks and Competitors

Yes - Looked at QuickQuotes but this wasn't chosen and may longer be going!
Before we had the standard MS Word document proposal but this takes a lot of time to add in and "cut and paste when Quotewerks once set up price list is very fast for those quick quotes needed yesterday!
  • Price
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
  • Positive Sales Experience with the Vendor
Had tried the product and its no 1 competitor plus we also had IT CRM consultants advice to help decision, 10 years on,we still using it! The other thing is that using Word or Excel means a lot of customisation work , which can then be overridden by an upgrade from MS. Adding in and retyping products into MS Word is VERY time consuming and easy to make a mistake!
The only thing here, which we may have done and would suggest, is be clear what you want and what type of quotes you need; Apply the 80/20 rule as you may still do quotes/proposal .e.g Tenders) in different formats. Then trial it and test it with some champion or enthusiastic user who want to be quicker at their job. Then ask them to help you build adoption, based on good experience and with them as advocates and power users....

QuoteWerks Implementation

Just to ensure that consultants are at least consulted here to ensure QuoteWerks software does meet your needs first, ensure you have a demo and a quick trial on your own as well
  • Professional services company
Marketing Answers and Solutions implemented this for us.
Change management was minimal - Training is key and getting users to understand why it is being implemented and the benefits to the overall business means it is in my view, better and quicker adoption
  • Price List construction and consideration. EG Breaking out into folders and/or seperate price lists
  • Quick customisatioin to gain quick benefits
  • Training of users on live system meant in my view, quicker adoption

QuoteWerks Support

Quotewerks Support and the UK Distributor here have always been responsive to our requests and in particular helped us out when we need some new functionality which then got added in the next build...this really impressed me and showed that where case was made, they readily embraced it and the new build was completed within 60 days.
Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
Kept well informed
Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success
Quick Initial Response
Yes - Yes, this was something many years ago, but cant recall now, eventually it got added into the next build as it wasn't so much a bug as a gap in functionality
This is when we had a client with a specific, seemingly obvious requirement which turned out not to be in the system. We had direct contact and they managed to turn this around and add to the next build within 60 days, keeping us updated. The client was impressed with the speed of development as well

Using QuoteWerks

In my view, it is good and easy to use, just needs setting up correctly with right price list, some template for quote and orders and a bit of training to help to guide users into key areas and how to produce quick quotes.
Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
  • Quick quotations
  • Easy top add in price list once set up correctly, just change and copy new file over old list
  • Document production and convert to pdf is easy
  • Complex product pricing, but this does depend on the client requirement and understanding of their price list
  • changing the supplier templates wasn't as easy, but then we tried to do it and not get the consultant in to do it!