QuoteWerks is simple to use and has more capabilities than we could ever use - You can quote me on that
Updated October 03, 2015

QuoteWerks is simple to use and has more capabilities than we could ever use - You can quote me on that

Douglas Borses | TrustRadius Reviewer
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4.9 Build 8

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  • Basic Quote Module - With SFDC Intergration

Overall Satisfaction with QuoteWerks

Quotewerks is a very sophisticated and highly capable program with more functionality and features than any one company would ever need. In addition the publisher is constantly adding new features and capabilities. Although you may not use it all, it’s nice to know it's all there. As our business has grown our quoting and proposal needs have become increasingly more sophisticated and we were able to utilize more of QW capabilities. We now use QuoteWerks features in ways that we could not have anticipated or envisioned even a few years ago. Our needs for a highly capable quoting software package were driven by the diverse nature of the products we sell which includes finished goods, bulk and raw components. Eight years ago when we started with QW we were delighted to have a piece of software that would be enable us to pull in contact and account information from our CRM thereby eliminating retyping of the contacts account shipping and billing address.

Today we use QW’s tight and seamless two way integration with Salesforce.com not only to virtual eliminates redundant data entry as every field in SFDC can easily linked to a QW field. In addition QW is an integral part of our sales business process whereby quote information including pricing pipeline and opportunity is automatically uploaded to Salesforce. This makes for very simply data mining and reporting from within salesforce to determine which products are most successful with which customer segments and enable us to more effectively establish pricing guidelines. The pricing approval process can then be used to monitor and enforce the pricing guidelines. We have recently started to adopt features that I never thought we would need such as the configurator to guide reps through complex quotes with multiple complex components and options.

It is simple enough that new users can start producing basic quotes quickly and accurately. While experienced reps are able to easily produce sophisticated quotes, proposals and order confirmations. We have been able to adapt QuoteWerks to create and track sample requests and technical samples. The major shortcoming of the program is its lack of a web version which is expected in 2016. It requires a server and synching remote data over our VPN. I am looking forward to dumping that arcane architecture and being able to use it as a SAS solution. However, the server based solution is a fraction of the costs of most SAS quoting solutions so I am not in too big a rush to change. For now it works well for us but there will come a day in the not too distant future where we will need to move to a SAS solution it would be great if the web version of QW is ready by then as I would like to stick with Aspire they have great tech service when needed.

  • Tight seemless intergration with Salesforce.com which eliminates the need for retyping accounts and enables quoted products to be added directly to the rep's pipline reports in Salesforce
  • Really easy to make build templates to fit almost any business situation. A recent improvement is the ability to build quote templates in MS Word is is much simpler to deal with than the clunky template maker in QW
  • Lengthy list of features and capabilities which the publisher is constantly expanding
  • Great Customer service and support - Even though it is not required you really should maintain your annual update maintenance.
  • QuoteWerks is a one-time purchase product, not subscription based.
  • There is much room for improvement in setting up new users and transferring QW from one computer to another. You have to call QW and get a seed number which can at times be a hassel for a California based business because QW support works 9 to 5 Eastern Standard - A little extra time in the afternoon would be much appreciated
  • The pricing for Quote valet combined with the cost for annual update maintenance puts it in the price range of web based subscription programs
  • The program needs to run on a users computer and therefore when there is a computer problem the rep can't quote - As noted above it is a hassle to set up new users or transfer the program. This shortcoming is a serious one and made us consider a web based quoting solution. However, as of this date none of them offer the functionality of QW. However, the technology is moving fast and I will continue to look for the day when I am not dependent on an individual machine.
  • Saves sales reps paperwork so they actually use it! My reps love the program because they enter data once and it documents the quote and sends the products over to Salesforce so they can build their pipeline.
  • When deciding what to quote in a competitive pricing situation they can view the price for won and lost quotes so they can base their quotes on hard data. So it helps make sure we do not leave money on the table while at the same time winning the business.
  • It has become an essential tool for our business process due to its flexibility and unmatched capabilities.
To be fair QuoteWerks is not for everyone. There are less expensive and very capable quoting solutions out there. If your needs are modest it could be overkill. If you need a simple solution look at other options. However, if you have a need for tight intergration with Salesforce.com and the need for a sophisticated state of the art quoting and proposal tool check out this program. You should also consider QW if you require flexibility and capabilities that can grow with your business. This program has an incredible number of features, integrations and capabilities. The pricing model is less expensive than many lesser subscription models and the service and support is top notch. The downside is the lack of a fully cloud based solution and clunky user setup and migration to new machines. Although the set up and migration is inconvenient it is manageable. It's this set up and migration issue that knocks a point off the rating scale. Other than that I am a delighted with this program.

Using QuoteWerks

We will renew because QuoteWerks has all the capabilities we require for our business processes and our reps like it. The support is top notch and the pricing model saves us considerable money over SaaS models. I also feel confident that Aspire Technologies will continue to improve and add features.

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