Remote Desktop Services Makes The Connection
June 06, 2018

Remote Desktop Services Makes The Connection

Paul Li | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Remote Desktop Services

We as an entire company started using Remote Desktop Services about 6 years ago. We wanted to provide a way for multiple staff working outside the office to have access to data files on the network. The simplest method we came up with was to setup Remote Desktop Services with Microsoft Terminal Services. All the applications would be installed on a single server. This server also has all our network drives mapped providing access to all network data files. Our staff then can remote into this server using Remote Desktop Services. The server now acts like a terminal giving our staff full use of the applications like Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Suites to work on the data files located on the network drives.
  • Remote Desktop Services does an excellent job in providing a way for our staff to be working outside the office as if they're actually sitting inside the office. As long as the staff has an internet connection and a computer, he can use Remote Desktop Services to access files on our network.
  • Remote Desktop Services also eliminates a need to have a very fast internet connection to access files on the company network. Once a Remote Desktop Service session is established, the only bandwidth it takes up is the transfer of images you see on the display. It's like surfing on the web because you are using the company server as the resource to run the applications.
  • Remote Desktop Services provides a way for users to transfer files back & forth to/from staff's offsite laptop to/from the company network . There would be times when staff forget to copy a particular file onto the laptop for a presentation. So the way to retrieve the data from the network is to establish a Remote Desktop Session and then using Windows standar copy & paste feature to transfer the file from the network onto their laptop for use.
  • Remote Desktop Services currently does not support multiple monitors on the terminal server. Unlike other applications such as TeamViewer, there's no feature to toggle between multiple screens even if they were connected to the terminal server.
  • Remote Desktop Services should provide an option to scale up or down the screen size after a connection is established. Currently you can only adjust the screen size prior to a connection is established. So you'll have to take a best guess at what display screen resolution will fit best on your screen.
  • Remote Desktop Services should offer some kind of menu to send special key strokes like Ctrl+Alt+Del to the terminal server. Currently the substitute for that particular combination is Ctrl+Alt+End. But I have yet to discover a replacement for other combination keystrokes such as Alt+PrintScrn.
  • Remote Desktop Services has had a major positive ROI impact at our firm. There were a number of times when our staff was traveling abroad to business meetings with a laptop that had missing presentations. But once they had internet access, a Remote Desktop Services connection is established, and presentation data can now be shown directly from their laptops as if theyr'e sitting in our office.
  • Remote Desktop Services has made it possible for Mac staff users to use their computing devices to access our network system to run Windows applications and access all our network data.
  • Remote Desktop Services has made it possible for our staff to successfully work remotely from outside the office. There were many occasions when emergencies came up which prevented staff from coming into the office to work. But as long as they have a computer with an internet connection, they used Remote Desktop Services to connect to our terminal server and successfully ran the programs to modify data files on the network without losing a beat.
Since Remote Desktop Services comes with the Windows OS, there's no need to install any additional software or agent for it to function. Even on the Mac, there's a client that can be installed for this to run properly. Unfortunately, unlike TeamViewer or Ultra VNC, Remote Desktop Services does not provide any send keystroke features or screen resolution adjustments after a connection has been established.
Remote Desktop Services is well suited for companies where staff may have to quite often work from outside the office. With Remote Desktop Services established, now staff can have access to all their needed applications to modify all the data files on their network servers without having to step foot into the office. But I would not recommend attempting to copy very large data files back & forth between the offsite laptop and the network server. Even if you have access to very fast broadband internet speeds, the transfer rates are still not going to be as fast as you're sitting at your desk inside the office local area network environment.