Great contact management for sales and marketing.
Updated March 10, 2015

Great contact management for sales and marketing.

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  • Sales Cloud
  • Service Cloud
  • Chatter
  • Partner Portal
  • Content
  • Knowledge

Overall Satisfaction with

  • Salesforce is best at Contact management for sales, marketing and customer support. These functions are pretty much out-of-the-box. It can be easily adapted (customized) to implement many different business processes and controls such as employee onboarding, project management and implementation, customer surveys, defect tracking, and billing, to name a few.
  • Out of the box email communication functionality is a weakness. Salesforce is not a mass email tool so notifying more than 250 customers in one batch or more than 1000 in a day is not done natively. Salesforce has said that they are improving their basic email service in future releases.
  • Through customization we are able to lower our time to resolution in the customer support environment and increase our sales opportunities in the sales environment.
Salesforce is very willing to work directly with their customers and to suggest best of breed, qualified third party consulting companies to assist in initial implementation or enhancements. Try to keep the platform as native as possible and try to choose third party apps that use as much native functionality as possible. This will ensure better response times and fewer errors.


750 - Sales, Customer Support, Billing, Employee Onboarding, Knowledge Management, Contract Management, Customer Surveys, Campaign Marketing, and Project Management and Implementation.
7 - Database Administrators, Apex and Visualforce developers, Salesforce Admin and Systems analysts.
  • Sales, Customer Support, Billing, Employee Onboarding, Knowledge Management, Contract Management, Customer Surveys, Campaign Marketing, and Project Management and Implementation.
Salesforce continues to improve the capabilities of it's platform through Apex and Visualforce as well as broaden its standard offering.

Evaluating Salesforce and Competitors

Started with Salesforce

Salesforce Implementation

Check your Consultants out before they start an implementation project. Be sure they have actually done at least several successful implementations in the areas you are asking them to implement. Check references for their strengths and weaknesses. Clearly define the scope of the project and hold regular weekly meetings to make sure both sides are adhering to that scope.
  • Implemented in-house
  • Professional services company
We utilized an internal implementation team as well as external Consulting companies.

Salesforce Training

  • In-person training
We utilized a Train-the-Trainer model and then our Internal Training organization took over. Salesforce has excellent on-line training and many certified business partners who offer training and certification.

Configuring Salesforce

Salesforce Support

Premier Support at Salesforce starts at Tier 2. We find that they are more knowledgeable and more willing to research issues.
Yes - We get immediate response and access to faster resolution through Tier 2 and 3 escalations.

Using Salesforce

Very fast page responses and search capability. Open API allows integration of most applications keeping the users inside the app.

Salesforce Reliability

Over the past five years we have only experienced one actual downtime whereby the service was unavailable for several hours.
99.9% of the time the page turns are <1-2 seconds. Search is extremely fast even though we have over 50gb of data.

Integrating Salesforce

  • We integrate with many internal Sequel Server based applications and a data warehouse.
Our integration touches over a dozen external applications which were enhanced using a third party integration software by our DB team.

Relationship with Salesforce