Use SalesForce to drive your business force!
April 12, 2014

Use SalesForce to drive your business force!

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I work for a cloud-based management solution where salesforce powers everything from our leads, pipeline, accounts and more. Everyone at our 200+ company has a salesforce account, as it not only tracks our daily activity, but provides a depository for emails, internal content and client/support cases. On the sales end, I love salesforce, having used it in previous roles and just a fan of the customization it provides to our day to day tracking needs. I'm able to easily search for dupes, add in new leads, mark accounts in the right place, and access it from anywhere with internet access. Salesforce is the driving tool behind our internal CRM success.
  • Customization - every company I've worked at has been able to customize the fields and metrics that are important to track within the solution. While there is a standard template the SalesForce provides, it is easily changeable to the specific business's needs
  • Being able to log activities under email / call / tasks helps to keep me organized. I like being able to log a call, track my emails (even bcc'ing emails sent in our native email app to SalesForce), attach proposals, screenshots, anything- all in one place!
  • Easy access to information. We're a multi-office business spanning both coasts and multiple countries and having something that's readily accessible from anywhere helps make us more efficient. I've worked with previous CRM software that's installed on our computers and accessed via a VPN/remote login. Not nearly as fluid as SF.
  • Maybe it's just my company's setup, but I would like Salesforce to integrate directly with a power dialer of some sort. This way, I can just click on the number and have it dial out directly
  • Searching for dupes could be easier. I need to be very specific about searching for repeating client records/information in Salesforce. If not done to the letter, it's easy to miss something.
  • With SalesForce, everything is tracked so there is better accountability within each employee and their day to day actions.
I've used multiple other systems but ultimately, choosing a CRM solution is not my choice. I can say that SF is my favorite of all the solutions. This includes SugarCRM, Act and some other proprietary systems
To the best of my knowledge, my company has been using SalesForce since it's inception and there hasn't been any talks of moving out of it. We have 2 full-time sales operations / salesforce administrators at the company that help to engage the software and make sure we're getting the most out of this solution
Salesforce is great, if you have the budget for it. I was involved with choosing SF vs another solution at a previous company and was a bit surprised at how much it cost, how much the price jumps as you move from 5 to 10 to 20+ users. I think it really comes down to the level of detail someone wants to track, and the budget they want to put towards it. Not recommended, but my previous company ended up getting separate licenses for each department as we weren't spending enough with SF to warrant a discount across the board. This made for lots of duplication and overlap between accounts, but we were able to stay within each department's budget