SAP HANA: An effective way to run your database
Prathamesh Muzumdar | TrustRadius Reviewer
March 03, 2020

SAP HANA: An effective way to run your database

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SAP HANA, enterprise edition

Overall Satisfaction with SAP HANA

SAP HANA is a premium ERP solution that is used across many verticals. It helps us to improve performance and save space to create efficiency in processing information. HANA databases are used across all verticals creating better effectiveness in storage and data transfer. It helps us to do real-time analysis of data to make quick and precise decisions over different facets of verticals. The recent version has improved performance and good speed of reporting with data fetching, calculation, and processing. Graphical UI has also improved with new calculation views, CDS views, and AMDP classes. It is highly scalable when it comes to managing big data while maintaining speed, accessibility, and efficiency. The new architecture saves and organizes data in columns and in-memory, which eliminates slow speed and use of excess memory. Overall, SAP HANA is a great solution across all verticals.
  • A huge amount of data can be processed in SAP HANA using parallel processing.
  • Workflows are used to deliver and structure process.
  • Excellent integration with SAP and Non SAP systems--data consolidation is very easy and very fast.
  • Object migration is a big challenge in SAP HANA.
  • The integration of media files is tenuous.
  • Smartphone-based applications and desktop-based applications are completely different.
  • It made the reporting process efficient through a single data source, which saved us money on using multiple resources.
  • Integration with other SAP ERP systems is very easy and doesn't require a specialist or consultant. This saves money as this integration can be performed by the in-house IT team.
  • Integration with Google APIs is a challenge, and it is not feasible to use Google applications with SAP HANA. This costs a lot to migrate to other systems.
SAP HANA has helped us with its in-memory database design, which facilitates excellent real-time analytics when it comes to processing live transactional data. We use this feature to track our product life cycle on a real-time basis, which helps us across many verticals to make decisions on improving product across many facets. It has helped us to develop better and quicker reports, so teams were able to access those reports and take quick action on turnouts. Also, the data reporting UI brings in new ways to interpret the data in different graphical ways.
Its integration with other SAP systems is a highly beneficial feature for processing different data types. This makes reporting easy to process and understand. When integrating with other APIs, JSON comes in very handy and as SAP HANA provides a feature to support JSON, HANA becomes the most suitable choice for integration.
The amount of time taken to fetch data from the database has significantly reduced due to HANA making the process more efficient. Data security options are good, which makes the data less vulnerable to attacks. It's easy to deploy new apps, which helps you to make changes in the way you report the data. These features make the complex business process simplified for the user.
SAP HANA has better agility and data processing capabilities compared to Oracle. It can process a large amount of data in a short amount of time. This saves a lot of time making the process efficient and effective. When it comes to space, the storage management provided by SAP HANA is way better than Oracle, it does a great job in organizing and structuring data. The UI provided by HANA is way better for a new user compared to that of Oracle.
Overall, support is good. The wait times are low, and you get a quick response. The available agents have good knowledge about the problems at hand. If the issue is more complex, they connect you with the appropriate source to build the solution around the issue. Support team is well organized, they take a step-by-step approach to understand the issue at hand and build a solution around it. Overall, my organization is highly satisfied with the support.

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SAP HANA is great when processing huge amounts of big data. It uses parallel processing to add speed to data analysis. This helps make the process more efficient. Workflows are great to manage storage and transfer of data. We use it regularly across many verticals. It also structures process very well. It integrates very well with other ERP systems, which include SAP SD, SAP MM, etc. For my organization, SAP HANA is a huge challenge when it comes to object migration. Media file integration is tenuous and sometimes may take too long to process. Integration with Google APIs is a huge challenge as it makes the process time-consuming.