SAP HANA is the most powerful tool in the market for Database Management Systems [DBMS]
May 13, 2021

SAP HANA is the most powerful tool in the market for Database Management Systems [DBMS]

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SAP HANA, enterprise edition

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SAP HANA is the most used tool in our organization to store big data and most importantly SAP HANA gives us the day to day reports with visualization, which makes our work easier in analytics, SAP HANA comes with Cloud features so it help us to work with those team also which can't present physically at workplace. Its database management system also helps a lot to speed up our work as SAP HANA organize all data in the best possible way so our team can easily access them and use our saved data for further process. SAP HANA also helps us to create payment pathway with our clients.
  • SAP HANA provides best database managements tools in the market
  • SAP HANA helps to store large amount of data
  • SAP HANA gives day to day reports of our saved data
  • SAP HANA processing time is fast
  • SAP HANA comes with advance security to save our data
  • Real time scanning of our data
  • Support multiple Data type to store data
  • There are lots of features in SAP HANA, and with those features we have to pay more, which everyone can't afford.
  • I face some issues with its interface, it can be easier for a user to use.
  • Data recovery in SAP HANA is quite hectic process.
  • Best quality of SAP HANA is its security.
  • Help to reduce work load.
  • Its data execution is fast
  • With SAP HANA we get lots of powerful tools to organize our work efficiently
Main reason of our organization to purchasing SAP HANA is its data management with less user efforts, its helps our organization a lot by its real time scanning our data, and help to give day to day visual reports. SAP HANA helps to share our store data from one team to another team with its advance security to avoid data loss.
While working on real-time problems we don't know which type of data we will get from our clients. So, it is most important for our organization to use those tools that support all data types [to] make our work easier to handle. In this situation SAP HANA best suited for our organization to use as it supports all data types such as spatial, graph, JSON, text.
Its algorithm to break down complex business logic helps a lot to our organization and also helps a lot to make our data filtration easy according to our client requirements. The best part for which our organization loves to work on SAP HANA is its ability to avoid data loss while working on business logic and data filtering.
Our organization uses SAP HANA as it supports various types of data storage, which help to make our work easy. There will be no alternative tool for our organization to use.
SAP HANA deserves this rating because of its fast execution, security, database management, storage in the cloud which helps to save our system storage, ability to avoid data loss, fast sharing, visual reports, payment pathways, helps us to satisfy client requirements. Data recovery is hard in SAP HANA and for that I reduce one point, rather than this best tool in marking to make our work fast and easy.

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SAP HANA will be best suited in those scenarios where we have to store and process big data as fast as possible. Database management is the [primary use] of SAP HANA so when it comes to managing our data, SAP HANA is the best tool for that. But when your project cost is low then SAP HANA will fail there as we have to pay a huge amount to work with its features.