Real-time data and instant analysis with SAP HANA
July 05, 2021

Real-time data and instant analysis with SAP HANA

Edward McCallister | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with SAP HANA

For us, SAP Hana is a very important tool and without a doubt, it has brought very notable benefits in our organization and continuous management of analysis from various sources. When the people in charge of the company I work for bought SAP Hana, I was one of those who participated during the implementation of this great platform. Currently, SAP Hana is implemented in all sectors of our company, in order to collect accurate information and integrate it into a single set. SAP Hana is capable of collecting accurate and analytical information about our Marketing, Sales, Finance and also the sector Technical Assistance. For our entire company, having SAP Hana has turned out to be an exponential improvement, this has allowed us not to spend so much time carrying out a deep analysis on the areas of the company individually, SAP Hana collects all the information from all areas, It integrates them and thanks to its automated system, it provides us with detailed reports on the various data sources that have been integrated into the platform. It is important to note that SAP Hana has also provided us with predictive analysis to be able to know exactly the direction of each area, thanks to the data collected. We are very satisfied with the results of SAP Hana, it has been an excellent platform that enhances all the data collection that exists in our various sectors of the company, in addition, it helps the analyzes to be more precise, with information collected in real time .
  • Data collection is in real time. When the data source of the various sectors is integrated, SAP Hana is able to collect accurate and real-time information, be it from negotiations, advertising, customer service and much more. This data collection in real time allows us to obtain graphs that advance in real time, and thus we can know exactly the movement of each area of ​​the company at all times without having to wait a long time for a report to be generated.
  • The SAP Hana database is very secure, all our data remains safe at all times and we can choose the privacy of the information, so that each person in charge of managing the platform can see specific information. We can import and export data at any time, without fear that any of our essential data will be leaked or stolen.
  • It supports an amount of data greater than 40TB, this helps us too much to be able to collect information and store it, to be able to have a much broader graphical analysis that covers several days or several weeks, and even months.
  • SAP Hana has a large number of functions, its system is very complicated to use and this makes it even more difficult to obtain a good ROI after the user purchases a SAP Hana plan. This is one of the negative factors that SAP Hana has, it is an in-memory database that is very complicated to implement, it is necessary to have a constant practice of its functions and the configurations that must be made, to start obtaining results. notable in a company.
  • The SAP Technical Support team does not offer an immediate response during the implementation process. During our implementation process, the participation of many employees of the Software Engineering sector was necessary, in addition, we require a high participation of IT employees, to have a feasible implementation, since we do not receive any type of support from the Support team. from SAP, they took a long time to give us an answer to our implementation questions.
  • We have saved a lot of time in data analysis. Previously, it took us a long time to gather all the information collected from our various business sectors. However, after the arrival of SAP Hana, this whole process changed for the better, as we can analyze the information more precisely and more easily.
  • We have improved the productivity of our business sectors. Thanks to the continuous and real-time analysis of all the sectors of our company, we have been able to find out what are the gaps that exist in the sectors, and we can apply various techniques to optimize that area and make it more productive.
  • We have managed to store much more information in a totally secure database. This large amount of storage has helped us to obtain much more accurate analysis. Thanks to the fact that we have data collected from very old dates, all that data is combined with current data, and thus we can obtain detailed reports and trend graphs that help us understand the progress that each sector of the company has had.
As I mentioned earlier, SAP Hana support is one of the most negative things about the platform. Our implementation process was developed by a large number of employees trained in the software engineering sector and several employees in the IT sector. SAP Hana support was totally nil, they failed to resolve our doubts and they were not very consistent during our implementation process, as we received late responses to the large number of questions that arose during our implementation process. Thanks to our business team, we were able to implement the platform successfully, but the support was chaos.

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Without a doubt, I would recommend this platform for all those companies that want to apply a data collection model that is totally different from the usual one. Today, many companies collect data individually for each sector and must analyze it individually, however, having SAP Hana in the company would change that entire analysis process. SAP Hana optimizes data collection and achieves that data is obtained in real time, in addition, it offers an advanced system to generate instant reports with the information collected. SAP Hana collects all the information from various data sources, in one place, so it is easier to analyze the data without having to do it individually. It is a very complicated software to use, its implementation process is complex, but with a trained team, it will be possible to implement it in a few weeks.