Monitoring with Solarwinds SAM
Fernando Villamil | TrustRadius Reviewer
October 31, 2019

Monitoring with Solarwinds SAM

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Overall Satisfaction with SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor

Currently, we have different applications that need to be monitored using SNMP and windows WMI. We connect to the host/system to be monitored using the OS service(s), this keeps the monitoring footprint small. There are several groups that use this software and we continue to expand as others see the value. There are instances where the application is windows specific so integration is very simple to monitor. There are plenty of guides to help you implement the monitoring, so if you need to keep track of IIS or SQL, for example, someone has set it up and the tutorial/guide is very straight forward.
  • It integrates with MS Windows, so you can keep track of services, processes or nic utilization/bandwidth.
  • You can also view the history of a lot of the monitor you choose. It can be helpful to isolate an issue if it's happening at a regular interval.
  • Linux and non-Windows OSs are supported using SNMP and even an agent if want to take advantage of other Solarwinds features.
  • It plays nice with other software, so you won't have conflicts with monitoring. Always a plus if more than one team is looking at data on the host.
  • Not much to say here. If you think of something, check the community. Not really a con, just like anything, do some research.
For some time systems were monitored using another product. Very good for what it does, just not web-based, more client and clunky. Solarwinds Sam is totally web, so all you need to configure and monitor is a browser. There are API tools to script lots of things, like adding your hosts and defining what to monitor. Very easy to deploy and manage. This has improved the use of monitoring at an application level.
This is something we are looking at. It's cool to see the network and host data correlated. The new version is using a web-based mapping tool. Very nicely integrates the bandwidth to the application.
When looking for trouble spots, it's always good to have a broad scope view. This eliminates a lot of the guesswork, because we can see, often and very quickly, where the issue is. In some cases, the out of the box template or alert tells us the issue. Cutting down our troubleshooting to minutes rather than hours can be a good time saver. Try it.
  • The fact that you can now see something you knew nothing about is always a big plus.
  • Adding value by streamlining other software that is included in Solarwinds Sam makes it a corner store. Convenient software at a glance versus working with teams to figure out who's the problem is it. The resolution time is in minutes now.
  • One negative item I have is, I can't think of everything, so why did I not monitor it. Not an actual negative, the system is very flexible so if you can think of it you or someone else has probably already done it. Just need to look it up.
  • SolarWinds Netflow Traffic Analyzer
These things work together. I recommend using the network and Sam products from Solarwinds. It's like having a pleasant family dinner. Everyone gets along and has a great time. These two together give you the magnifying glass to dig deep into the network as well as looking into the application processes to quickly identify and then solve the issue.
I don't use other products at this time. One reason is that they don't integrate with the network. Solarwinds Sam looks at the application on MS products, Linux and network. This gives me the option to see the whole environment, not just one piece. That's why I recommend it. All using a web browser.
I really like the fact that it integrates with other Solarwinds products that monitor the network and what's going on with the host. So if you have high CPU usage and there is minimal bandwidth, it's a very simple solution (more processing or memory please). Trending helps you see where the issue starts and you can even get an alert based on set parameters. We have one monitoring our internet status, using the proxy.

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