Very robust and customizable tool that is a little time intensive
August 06, 2019

Very robust and customizable tool that is a little time intensive

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Modules Used

  • Modern Advertising
  • Paid Media Advertising
  • Paid Media Reporting

Overall Satisfaction with Sprinklr Modern Marketing

Sprinklr is used by my client for the entire marketing department and helps them to work with their partner agencies (such as myself). We use Sprinklr for all social media paid efforts and primarily use the Ads Composer, Ads Manager, Creative Library, Audience Manager, and Ads Reporting. We are working to use other features such as Segment Manager, Pacing Groups, and Ads Benchmarks. We also use Sprinkr for social listening and organic social media efforts.
  • Sprinklr has so many capabilities and provides the tools you need to run a cohesive paid program.
  • It's convenient to manage ads on several different social platforms in one place instead of logging into five different paid media managers.
  • The tool is fairly similar to social platforms which helps to reduce some of the friction when transitioning from setting ads up natively to setting them up in Sprinklr.
  • The customization that can be applied is pretty amazing to make sure you're tracking everything you need for reporting.
  • We love how robust Sprinklr is but that has been overwhelming at times
  • There has been a steeper learning curve than anticipated which is difficult when we need to move quickly and need to get ads running but later go back to retroactively implement best practices
  • It'd be nice if the ad setup was in one window instead of going through several steps that bring up different windows. It's nice to be able to scroll back and forth on the information you've already entered. With several steps/windows being included in the ad setup, it makes some fields feel repetitive
  • During initial training everything seems straight forward but it's hard to know what we need the Sprinklr team to set up. Once you've been in the tool for a month or two and know how to use it, you find things that'd be much more helpful for the Sprinklr team to implement but that portion of the contract is over at that point and it takes a very long time to figure it out yourself.
  • Because Sprinklr is so robust and has a learning curve, it has delayed some ads being set up on time. Or if ad issues need troubleshooting, it can take a while to be resolved and by that time the campaign may be half over and therefore the expected results don't come in based on the lack of time
  • Quality assurance takes longer inside of Sprinklr than it does on native platforms for our team so it takes a lot more time than usual
  • In general, the amount of time it takes to learn how to use the platform has eaten up a lot of time that is typically used for other tasks and that prevents things from getting done which is hard for the team
  • The price of the tool is very high so I'm not sure that the ROI is 1 to 1
Our assign success manager is extremely helpful and it's clear that he's dedicated to the success of the team. He has gone out of his way to help our agency succeed and answer questions. As far as team members who have been a part of the training, out of 5 or 6 people, 1 was very helpful.
We selected the Advertising product because we were using the other products listed. I personally haven't used the Modern Care product but the customer service team loves it. I like using the Research and Engagement tools more as they feel less time-intensive to set up and use.
Sprinklr is well suited for several teams working together to all use one tool. It's helpful for brands running several paid initiatives on several different platforms for monitoring or turning ads on and off quickly if a PR issue arises. You can have ads set up for timely/seasonal scenarios to quickly take advantage of messaging that's relevant for geo-targeted locations. If you're looking for a very simplified quick step process, Sprinklr is too robust and costly for that.