SentryOne Brief Review
Jun Tang | TrustRadius Reviewer
November 28, 2017

SentryOne Brief Review

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Overall Satisfaction with SQL Sentry

We have been using SQL Sentry exclusively in our database department. Occasionally our technical leads join our analysis and troubleshooting sessions. We run screen shares in those sessions to solve application performance related issues. We have used SQL Sentry analyzing and researching long running SQL queries and deadlock issues, which have become major bottlenecks in our application development processes. The software has helped us address missing index issues and optimize query performances. In the past, we were also able to make a few important design decisions based on the analysis and statistics that were provided by SQL Sentry monitoring service. Decisions that include when and where to use application or database caching mechanism, as well as the benefit of implementing ad-hoc queries versus stored procedures. It has also helped our QA department to identify most key issues in our load tests.
  • Top running SQL - gives statistical information about long running queries as well the ability to customize filters.
  • Deadlock - provides detailed graphical analysis on deadlock chains and involving parties. It is very intuitive and easy to pin point the cause of deadlocks.
  • Baseline tuning - provides both sampling and historical trending information on SQL servers as well as detailed statistical information about resources utilization.
  • Calendar of events - a centralized place for reviewing SQL agent jobs.
  • Condition list - set of conditions that can be customized for business requirements.
  • It would be nice if the reports can be interactive like drill down, clickable content, etc.
  • Navigation could improve and become more intuitive.
  • Calendar of events could also improve - wish the date and time range could be specified instead of just by day or interval.
  • It has resolved majority of the deadlock issues found in our QA testing processes.
  • It has addressed design issues in our multi-tier software development where application caching has deemed to be more efficient and appropriate.
  • It has helped us identify missing index issues and query optimization.
One time during the application launch, we have discovered a site not responding due to heavy load on the web server. In New Relic we saw the application process that took a long time to respond but couldn't figure out the root cause. By looking into SQL sentry Top SQL tab, we immediately identified that a stored procedure that was designed to lookup information across database that had been timing out. We were able to address it immediately and prevented the site from shutting down.
SQL Sentry offers more features and is customize-able to fit our business needs. It has more centralized management and support. The company's technical support is also top notch. It is also worth mentioning that SentryOne Team Blog is an excellent source. One can find lots of valuable troubleshooting skills on the blog site - very educational and informational.
SQL Sentry is well suited in a professional environment where experienced DBAs are available. It requires some learning curve to understand all the counters and measures before one can started troubleshooting SQL server issues. This product may not benefit companies that have only a few servers to manage. Larger companies should benefit more as the product is a huge time saver when DBAs have to manage a cluster of SQL servers.

SQL Sentry Feature Ratings

Performance dashboard
Intelligent alerting
Historical trend data
Virtualization support