SQL Server Performance Monitoring Tools

Best SQL Server Performance Monitoring Tools include:

SQL Sentry and SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer.

SQL Server Performance Monitoring Tools TrustMap

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SQL Server Performance Monitoring Tools Overview

SQL Server Performance Monitoring Tools Overview

What are SQL Server Performance Monitoring Tools?

Although SQL has the ability to tune itself, SQL Server Performance Monitoring Tools are designed to monitor the database at all times, indicating current state or past state, monitor Top SQL operations (designed to limit data query to e.g. top 3 to ensure that performance is not compromised), event calendar and Disk Space. All relevant data is visible on a single management dashboard.

SQL Server Performance Monitoring Products

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SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer
188 ratings
99 reviews
Top Rated
SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer (DPA) enables deep visibility into database performance and expert advice for performance optimization and tuning. What can you monitor with DPA? OracleOracle ExadataOracle EBSMicrosoft SQL Server Azure SQL DatabaseAzure SQL Database Managed InstanceMySQL DB2…
SQL Sentry
146 ratings
92 reviews
Top Rated
SQL Sentry is designed to simplify performance tuning by visualizing where problems exist for faster resolution. This solution aims to help users streamline their defragmentation process and query tuning all in one place.The vendor says they have combined all SQL Sentry tools into a single unified s…
Redgate SQL Monitor
24 ratings
5 reviews
Redgate’s SQL Monitor helps teams looking after SQL servers be more proactive. SQL Monitor enables monitoring environments custom to the user’s SQL server to recognize issues before they impact users. It supports monitoring on-premises and cloud-based servers from a single interface.
8 ratings
3 reviews
Spotlight from Quest Software is a database performance monitoring option.
SQL Server Business Intelligence Manager
34 ratings
3 reviews
Houston-based Idera's SQL Server Business Intelligence Manager is an IT infrastructure monitoring option.
3 ratings
1 reviews
SysKit enables users to monitor and administer their entire server environment. It’s an agentless enterprise solution which helps users monitor server performance, track user activity, analyze application usage, document environment, and more. Additionally, it enables users to manage servers remotel…
SQL Diagnostic Manager
9 ratings
1 reviews
SQL Diagnostic Manager is a performance monitoring, alerting and diagnostics solution that proactively notifies administrators to health, performance or availability problems within their SQL Server environment via a central console or mobile device. SQL Diagnostic Manager promises to minimize costl…