I have no plans on changing
November 04, 2016

I have no plans on changing

Daniel Blake | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Unitrends Recovery Series Backup Appliance

The Unitrends Recovery Series Backup Appliance provides backup and disaster recovery for all our servers. Being able to backup all the operating systems we rely on using one interface is quite beneficial. The Unitrends Appliance has freed up a great deal of my time that used to be spent creating and verifying tape backups. I now receive emails detailing the work done and if anything needs to be addressed.

File level and system restores are easy to schedule and file level restores quite quick.
  • Bare metal backups give you the ability to restore physical systems so much faster than installing an OS, drivers & the backup software just to do a full restore. The bare-metal backup feature can also be used to P2V servers. That came in really handy while we switched to being mostly virtualized.
  • Manages it's available storage well. Once retention policies are setup they take care of themselves. Set it and forget it, is really the theme for the Unitrends Appliance.
  • Support is second to none. They are knowledgeable, polite and have never let me down.
  • "Incremental Forever" - No more doing full backups and incrementals in between. The full backups are automatically synthetized from the incrementals as needed, simplifying the backup/restore process while saving storage space and seriously reducing backup/restore windows.
  • "Instant Recovery" of down or failed VMs is simply fantastic. The appliance is capable of running the backup of a VM while you get the actual VM back up and running.
  • With the additional Archiving Unit Grandfather, Father, Son backup rotation is very easy. The DPU (Unit) to DPV (Vault) offsite backup is fully automated. The only manual process is swapping hard drives in the Archiving Unit.
  • Having the option to restore permissions when doing a file-level restore to a different location/server from where it was originally backed up would be useful.
  • I like the new interface except the advanced functions are buried too deep. You have the option of using the old interface to accomplish those tasks, but I would like to see the new interface improved so I don't have or want to use the old interface. There are something that are just easier to do in the old interface. Granted, that might just be this IT guy resisting learning the new interface and sticking to what I know.
  • The ability to acknowledge and delete error messages from the appliance would be helpful. Some are strictly informational and I would rather not have them on the dashboard.
  • The ability to replace the current HDs with larger HDs to increase storage capacity.
  • Recovered a server that was hit with a nasty bit of malware a few years back. Did a full system restore and we were up and running again.
I recommend Unitrends to others on a regular basis. They work well. Small shops may be better suited with a software solution strictly due to initial costs though.

Unitrends Feature Ratings

Universal recovery
Instant recovery
Recovery verification
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Business application protection
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Multiple backup destinations
Incremental backup identification
Backup to the cloud
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Deduplication and file compression
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