Uptempo is highly recommendable as an Enterprise scale real-time resource and marketing management suite
September 07, 2022

Uptempo is highly recommendable as an Enterprise scale real-time resource and marketing management suite

Steffen Jäschke | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Software Version

Hive9, a BrandMaker company

Modules Used

  • Marketing & Campaign Planning
  • Finance & Budget Management
  • Work & Resource Management
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Brand Management

Overall Satisfaction with Uptempo

Tool suits for operating, managing, and measuring marketing activities, initiatives, cooperations and many more have a new competitor. We bought Uptempo. That is the successor of Brandmaker from Brandmaker Inc. We got convinced by the impressive performance in the 2022 Forrester MRM Wave. They name the new suit a merger of Brandmaker, Allocadia, and Hive9. The most important feature set included is still the scalability of all efforts. We realized our new experiences with the suit Uptempo are a big enhancement of the improved marketing returns of investments. We agree with all the new users that Uptempo is more and better than the merged components. They integrated again all the best practices along with impressively useful business standards. They enriched our experience in all stages of initiation, operating, and evaluating our marketing efforts online and offline. We serve all over the world with Uptempo in unprecedented intelligibility. Our marketing is at a new level. We are better performing than ever before. We are able to copy best practices developed in our company and introduce enhancements that let us be even more successful. Overview and transparency are additional very useful enhancements for use. We get what we want and control this in real-time with tough bindings.
  • We are able to check on the campaigns what is happening throughout and in depth in real time.
  • Uptempo improves all of our ROIs.
  • We deal better with our strategies and advance further in strategy development und reusage.
  • We are all over connected and team up much more successful and not just error free or flawless.
  • Integrate the marketing department closer to the other companies departments output.
  • Connect to more markets for customer acquisition and care as well as customer satisfaction and experience enhancements.
  • We think it can get even closer to SAP Marketing Cloud at less investments and more ROI.
  • The real-time connectivity is most critical.
  • The high match of our requirements in all of the process addressed with Uptempo.
  • We consider the ratio of investments to ROI as better for us than the competitors.
  • Our overall ROI is improved.
  • We experience all over the better pipeline-to-spend ratio raise.
  • With new hardware the velocities did enhance together with less flaws and no errors.
Integration of the fields BI tools, projects management, customer relationship, enterprise resource, enterprise projects management, and MAP together with procurement, contents marketings targeted to documentation and digital platforms including advertisement is the most favorable solution for our company. We did advance very much. That is too stems from the access of our control to the tools in a very lean manner. We can plan, act and harvest profits without changing the platform. The education effort decreased. The time to work effectively is shortened as are the investments in personal development. We are satisfied and convince to enhance further with more in-depth integration of the tools suite into our company, and the business accompanying us. This is broadening and sensitizing formerly unengaged employees and activates them more by insight to engage in more profitable work. We enjoy all the advantages in all parts addressed by Uptempo. That makes us so keen to foster the suite and make us a proponent of the practices that are established with Uptempo.
We had a glance at SAP Marketing Cloud. We are impressed by the powers of this suite. The comparison is for our needs really close. Others might not agree. Uptempo did match far more to our requirements overall and at our selected benchmarks. We prefer the comfort of use, administration, and hardware investment. Both tool sets are based on the same stacks. They differ in several perspectives. SAP Marketing Cloud profits largely from the brand efforts into several standards and norms along process chains in the different levels of the stack. We are not at the height of these developments and do not invest in such ways.

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We are very satisfied with defining our requirements and realizing them with Uptempo. That is an indicator set at which Uptempo is better than their competitors at most. We enjoy the comfort and easy-to-learn usage at the entry-level and intermediate competence ranges of our employees. Uptempo is great at the support of the full stack and the interoperability of the components of the suit. We enjoy the direction the product is developing very much. This is inspiring our development processes from many perspectives. There is the advantage that we already used Brandmaker before. We did make experiences with Hive9 that were very satisfying. That led to our decision together with the support of our employees. We are a big company so we profit most from the scale at which Uptempo is. As a marketing resource management software, we value the worth of the suit very highly. This is accompanied by great experience and values as a digital asset management suite integrated into resource management. Altogether the integration was a great leap ahead making us curious about the next development steps. So we profit from the powerful set of analytic tools. We feel geared up with the Uptempo toolage and encourage the use.