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What is Widen?

Widen DAM helps brands manage and distribute assets across teams, tools, and channels. A configurable metadata schema provides business-specific search and workflow capabilities. Plus, AI-powered auto tagging makes assets findable. Users can sync content across systems using the API or...

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9 out of 10
July 13, 2022
As one of the admins for the DAM, I am constantly updating missing metadata (after running around behind the uploaders), maintaining user …
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How Widen Differs From Its Competitors


Ability to easily share content internally and externally. Organization of assets in one easy to use place. Easily search for assets with pre-determined metadata.
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DAM System Solution

Widen has helped my business publish and repurpose brand-approved content across all of our sales and marketing channels by allowing for anyone to create collections and share assets easily, not just the Marketing team.
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DAM System Solution

API access has enabled us to coordinate our PIM, DAM, and CMS systems to enable seamless information flow to our e-commerce platform and coordination with social media campaigns.
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DAM System Solution

Our Widen collective is relatively new, so many integrations are still on our roadmap. Our e-mail team is now hosting assets in the DAM and using embed codes to place them in e-mails via SFMC (BlockSDK). This cuts out the step of using Perforce to generate URLs for the assets and keeps them in a …
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DAM System Solution

All approved content for our brand is all in one place. We can easily share documents. This was very helpful during the business changes due to the pandemic when we were changing processes and having to create sales and marketing materials quickly to support those changes. Widen is integrated with …
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Multiple users on our license Easy embed codes for each application API is open enough to do custom photo galleries and document pulls
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DAM System Solution

Using Widen as our DAM is the key to having the same assets in all branches of our business. The API is used to populate those without manual processes. The required metadata fields for uploads make it simple to manage data governance, and we use the various embed codes for putting assets on our …
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DAM System Solution

We still have a ton to learn and utilize although so far with the ease of access, it gives great service for our customers, which in turn builds our relationship. Definitely helps with marketing channels and helps the creative team in so many ways. I am sure the more we explore Widen with what we …
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Structure afforded by controlled vocabulary metadata Portals allowing curation, and effective 'spoon feeding' of assets Roles and Permissions allowing different user groups different access across all of our assets
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DAM System Solution

Portals have enabled us to take the first steps towards more complex solutions, by confidently curating and delivering specific assets via a simple and clear UX. I expect user confidence and adoption to continue growing now and am therefore confident we can deliver more wins based on what is now a …
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DAM System Solution

Don't know how to expound upon what I've already said. But the DAM, along with our portals, make our marketing materials easy to implement throughout our websites. In providing them to our field sales team and to our B2B customers, we continue to improve every day on making sure our messaging, our …
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DAM System Solution

I don’t really do this part but it has made it easier to update a document on the DAM which updates our sales asset app at the same time. It saves us from doing one extra step and seems to work smoothly for everyone. It has become a one-stop-shop for updating material.
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Highly customizable graphic display of assets and homepage. Automated templates for upload and batch processing of assets. Detailed control of visibility and system permissions for different accounts. Quick tech support response to questions. Extensive online library of how to use and set up …
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DAM System Solution

To some extent, our company still has some silos for its assets. Some are justified for different types of use; some are just the result of historical development. Overall, our Widen DAM is integrated with not only our staff email system, giving instant access to any employee, but it is also …
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DAM System Solution

We have an integration with a sales enablement tool (Highspot). Users are able to push that asset over to Highspot from our Widen DAM without having to do it twice in two different tools. This will also be helpful when we start using the Workfront connector. The marketing managers are able to use …
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What is Widen?

Widen DAM helps brands manage and distribute assets across teams, tools, and channels. A configurable metadata schema provides business-specific search and workflow capabilities. Plus, AI-powered auto tagging makes assets findable. Users can sync content across systems using the API or pre-built…

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Product Demos

Acquia DAM overview
Hootsuite utilizes Acquia digital asset management to launch new brand
Alliance Laundry Systems uses digital asset management to serve global distributors better
Simpson Strong-Tie improves speed and accuracy DAM plus PIM plus Adobe CC Connector
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Product Details

What is Widen?

Widen DAM helps brands manage and distribute assets across teams, tools, and channels. A configurable metadata schema provides business-specific search and workflow capabilities. Plus, AI-powered auto tagging makes assets findable. Users can sync content across systems using the API or pre-built integrations with over 50 tools, from creative suites to project management. Product-based companies can use Widen to build a 360-degree view of their product content. It displays product associations and cascades parent level values to variants. Quick start implementation help users get up and running in two weeks. Widen DAM is available standalone or as part of Acquia DXP.

Widen DAM customer results

3M+ total digital brand assets managed by Fanatics

12 hours saved weekly searching for, recreating, and resizing assets by Harvey Performance Company

$240,000 average yearly content creation savings by McCormick

9M+ embed views over the past year by Igus

Widen DAM Consists of Six Apps

Assets - Catalog, control, and deliver rich media assets from a central source.

Entries - Create a 360-degree view of your product content to simplify distribution.

Insights - Track and measure assets to improve marketing efficiency.

Portals - Curate collections and create personalized brand experiences.

Templates - Create localized web-to-print collateral that’s on-brand on demand.

Workflow - Manage work in process and streamline collaboration, reviews, and approvals.

Integrations - Automate marketing workflows by connecting tools.

Widen Screenshots

Screenshot of Customize your dashboard to provide users with a springboard to popular assets, collections, and portals.Screenshot of Design custom-branded portals to share curated collections of assets and microsites.Screenshot of Track asset performance including downloads, embedded asset views, and shares.Screenshot of Generate custom analytics dashboards and run system reports for all usage data.Screenshot of Search, download, share, and embed any asset type.

Widen Videos

Widen (Acquia DAM) overview
Hootsuite uses Widen (Acquia) digital asset management to launch new brand
Alliance Laundry Systems uses Widen (Acquia) digital asset management to serve global distributors better
Simpson Strong-Tie improves speed and accuracy DAM plus PIM plus Adobe CC Connector

Widen Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo
Supported CountriesGlobal
Supported LanguagesEnglish

Frequently Asked Questions

Adobe Experience Manager, Bynder, and Sitecore Experience Platform are common alternatives for Widen.

Reviewers rate User access highest, with a score of 8.5.

The most common users of Widen are from Mid-sized Companies (51-1,000 employees).

Widen Customer Size Distribution

Small Businesses (1-50 employees)5%
Mid-Size Companies (51-500 employees)25%
Enterprises (more than 500 employees)70%
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Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We implemented Widen across our global organisation, having seen the success of the US team using it. We store all of our digital assets in Widen and are now working on outbound integrations to other systems we have internally. It's our one source of truth for product images and videos and a great way to keep things organised and to let people know the content is in there.
  • Storing
  • Tagging
  • Filtering
  • UX
  • Search functionality
  • Recommendations
It's an established company with a great reputation who specialise in this area
Not bad. Time difference can be a challenge
December 21, 2022

Two thumbs up for Widen

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Widen to manage our image, audio, video, and other assets across several brands, and integrate it with other learning management systems we use to integrate these assets into our learning content. Eventually we will also use it to manage assets for our marketing team as well. Widen allows us to easily manage versions, track metadata, and update assets one time for multiple uses.
  • Asset management
  • Metadata
  • Versioning
  • Dashboard features
Widen has worked quite well for us so far with integrating into our suite of learning management tools. We are able to manage various types of assets including images, videos, and audio, all with custom metadata types to make tracking, updating, and version control much easier.
Our post-sales experience with the Widen support team has been smooth and we have had no trouble getting prompt answers to any questions.
November 22, 2022

Great Convenience!

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Widen to house all digital asset files for the nonprofit. It is used company-wide for all employees, with three employees overseeing all uploaded data. We are hoping to evolve into using Widen as our primary digital library and archive in the next year. So far, we have housed thousands of assets.
  • Organizing
  • Uploading
  • Sorting
  • I haven't encountered issues!
If an organization is having issues with Google Drive or needs a compact place to house digital assets, Widen is perfect for them!
Widen staff is great and helpful!
November 22, 2022

The Best DAM Out There!

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Our company uses the Widen DAM for both our sales teams and marketing teams. We have several business units and prior to establishing our Widen Collective, we had no standard practices for asset collection, storage, and sharing. We had assets in a variety of shared drives and it made accessing and keeping track of files a nightmare. Widen has become our single source of truth for assets and has made our marketing and sales teams more efficient across all of our business units.
  • Customer Support - they always reply quickly and their implementation specialists go above and beyond. They really provide you with the tools you need to get the most out of your collective. They listen to customer requests and suggestions and are constantly improving the user experience.
  • Customizable - We have multiple business units that have different needs and workflows. We've been able to customize our metadata fields, asset groups, and user roles to accommodate the complexities of our company.
  • Portals - the ability to share assets with a variety of audiences in a platform that we can customize to reflect our brands has been a huge improvement from our dated-looking extranets and Sharepoint sites that we used previously. They are also really easy and quick to create!
  • We'd love to see more collaborative options for the Collections function and more customizable insights.
I think Widen offers a great solution for any company looking to add a Digital Asset Management tool. They provide excellent support and really listen to their customer's requests and concerns. Their customization options are great for addressing the company's individual needs. Being powered by metadata has tremendously improved our searching experience - we no longer have duplicate files saved in multiple locations, with team members constantly wondering if they have the most up-to-date version or team members wasting time digging through folders and shared drives looking for a single asset.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Widen for our digital asset management needs. Our DAM contains content that we publish for internal and external use, along with supporting assets. It provides a single source of truth for our assets, version control, and on-the-fly conversions. It also helps to reduce duplicates, miscommunications, improve productivity, and workflow and ensure brand consistency. Since this is the first time our company is using a DAM, we have spent the past year combing through over 40,000 assets, reviewing which are current, duplicates, obsolete or can be archived. We expect to be done with the first phase of our project by end of the year.
  • It provides great implementation support.
  • Love their university of courses - the videos are very helpful.
  • Their tech support is very knowledgeable.
  • Their DAM is easy to navigate.
  • I would like to see more one-on-one support on a regular basis once the implementation phase is over.
  • I would love to see more design options for headers on their portals.
Widen's digital asset management program is very easy to navigate around. Their library of training courses is very helpful, plus their customer support is very knowledgeable. It's also great to have access to their community of users to see what other questions may come up that I wasn't aware of. They provide additional knowledge about the program that may be useful for our needs. If a company is looking to organize its assets, this is the way to go.
Support has always been very quick to respond. They are very knowledgeable.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Widen serves as the 'single source of truth' for our marketing assets across the organization. Having moved from a more antiquated DAM platform, Widen delivers intuitive system management and has been a long awaited and welcomed upgrade. This robust tool services our organization as whole in different capacities, however are power users are mainly in Creative, Marketing, Sales, and Trade business functions. Widen has simplified our own internal road blocks, allowing the users to be in control of servicing our retailers and accounts all on their own. Creating collections has made it easy to showcase our latest photoshoots and content making them readily available with little to no searching.<br><br>What really sold us on Widen was the dedicated support and online resources available such as Widen University. The onboarding process was conversational and tailored to the exact needs of our business. We have found at every turn of the process that customer service we've received is top-notch. I have implemented multiple DAMs throughout my career and can confidently say Widen is now my favorite!
  • Full service and structured onboarding process
  • Friendly and readily available staff for addressing questions or concerns
  • Unparalleled online resources to help roll out within your organization
  • Easy-to-use and intuitive interface and dashboard
  • Struggled a little with help initiating SSO
  • Would have loved to maintain access to my Asana dashboard longer
  • More real-time best use cases or templates to help drive our structure
Every platform will have some limitations. I feel that we chose Widen to give our organization room to grow. We looked at 5+ DAM platforms over a two year span when shopping for our replacement. There were concerns of quickly outgrowing a few we had demos with. The brilliance of Widen is you can keep it as simple as you want, or expand to suit your business needs. I am looking forward to building out portals to better serve our long-term vision. With that said, we will eventually want to integrate with our PIM for stronger content control. Until I get further into development I do not see any major reasons to not consider Widen as a viable DAM solution.
Our requests have been met with speedy response and willingness to assist.
October 19, 2022

The Wonders of Widen.

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use widen for image and file sharing. We tag our products so the items can be found easily by our customers, reps, and employees. We often add new categories and tags to allow for easier filtering.
  • Share links.
  • Image storage.
  • File organization.
  • Tagging
  • I'd like to see a hotspot option. If we add details in the hotspot, they will hover over the image when viewed.
  • Drop down filters in the search bar to make it easier to find specific things.
  • Add a professional photography tag.
The tool works really well and could replace most other platforms. The different options should be a bit easier to figure out, or more training should be readily available.
I've only had to reach out on a couple of occasions but I've always gotten a fast response.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Widen in conjunction with CI Hub to use our Bev/Alcohol assets in point-of-sale designs. Widen really helps prevent us from having to download individual files and use server or desktop space to store them. We used to use Adobe Bridge and it was difficult to organize and tag assets.
  • Allows for a variety of tagging and categorization.
  • Easy to update and upload large files.
  • Great to have a shared site for the whole company to use.
  • Would love a drag and drop feature for the 'Add a Version' tool.
  • More mandatory tag options for consistency.
  • The new upload feature doesn't allow you to add new tags.
Widen is great at displaying assets with no background. This is important for designing with alcohol assets, especially bottles that need to be overlaid on backgrounds.
I have never contacted support.
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We generate a large amount of images every year. We use the Widen Collective DAM to store all product images and marketing assets. This makes searching and sorting images super easy and a fast process. Previously we use a server with folders.
  • Batch editing for changing Metadata.
  • Advanced Search feature.
  • Multiple-asset Search.
  • Whenever I create a Collection, it saves it in my personal collections folder. if I need to use it as a Global Collection so other users can see it, I have to click each collection one by one and then navigate back to the list of collections. It is a huge waste of time. It would be much easier if I could save the collection as a Global collection with one click.
  • Cannot duplicate Requests in Workflow so every request has to be tediously re-entered. Duplicating would allow easier submission when doing many similar project requests.
  • I would like to toggle ON/OFF the activity feed on the home page based on User Roles.
Widen is terrific at sorting data but it all depends on how you have the metadata set up for entry. Our workaround for bad metadata and a legacy from our old days of using a folder structure on a server is we include most of our metadata in the file name. It is not well suited for distributing assets outside the organization using Portals. This requires a lot of manual duplication of creating Collections and adding them to a Portal.
Typically the response times are good but sometimes it hit or miss. If the issue is more technical, it can take days to get an answer-back. Smaller issues are usually resolved in minutes.
It has a very 1990's Windows looking interface. Many buttons and feature links are super hard to find.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
When we implemented Widen, it was a game-changer in keeping digital assets organized and easy to access. It's used daily by employees, partners, customers, etc., and alleviates the need to request said materials from Marketing to manually find and share out.
  • Keeps digital assets organized.
  • Search works similar to Google if metadata is setup properly.
  • User management is simple if setup correctly from the start.
  • Load time after uploading files.
  • Portals on homepage, similar to Featured Collections.
  • Ability to create featured collections for only certain accounts to see, not all global.
Widen is the perfect tool to keep our thousands of marketing assets organized, searchable, and shareable. It's used by all departments of our organization, as well as distributors.
Widen's support team is always there to help answer any question, big or small.
July 13, 2022


Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
As one of the admins for the DAM, I am constantly updating missing metadata (after running around behind the uploaders), maintaining user access (past & present), keeping users informed of maintenance issues, updating the dashboard, reaching out to Widen support to learn new things or fix issues, implement marketing global processes & procedures, also provide user training and support.
  • Their tech department is always timely in their responses, and often has a pretty good solution to my questions
  • Widen Connect is everything!
  • I love the monthly DAM Admin & WUGS meetings and learn a lot from the group. It is great knowing that another admin experiences some of the same things that I may be going through, and to hear how they manage, has helped me tremendously.
  • It would be great if I could delete exports and imports, once I am done with them. As a person who detests clutter, I do not need to see a list of what I no longer need. At least give me the option to keep what I want, instead of all of them.
  • It would be AWESOME to be able to tell what was included in a batch edit!!!
  • Although a collection can be sorted in alpha order, it would be great if there was another field showing who created the collection, without having to click on each one, then look at the history. It's just too time-consuming.
  • I understand feature requests are reviewed quarterly, that's too long. It would be beneficial to the admin if we could get more timely responses to these.
Widen's DAM is a GREAT tool for housing and maintaining all of our products, making it easy for all users and a really good way of showing the history.
As I have stated in the beginning, the Widen Support team is always on point in responding timely, and they often have the right solution to what is being asked. They all know their system really well, and when they are not sure, they will let you know, and get back to you in a few hours.
Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Widen is our central source of truth for creative assets and rights management. It's also the workflow hub for our photography. We use their Portals feature to build pages for PR releases. The REST API gets used to connect to our PIM, CMS, and other internal tools for product development and merchandising.
  • Bulk upload versioning based on filename
  • Custom metadata schema creation
  • Saved searches
  • Upload profile flexibility
  • Standardizing group permissions when multiple groups are applied to the same user
  • Image cropping and processing is not as good as some systems
Asset processing can be slow at times because of shared processing power. Some processes like video processing only run hourly, so high definition previews are not readily available. Asset downloads are usually fast, and bulk downloads process quickly into zip files for users. Sharing assets internally could be better because the organization's existing user base does not populate as a contact list. Portal is a good feature, but the premium version should be included in the baseline for the pricing.
Support teams are generally knowledgeable and well-meaning. The platform does not always support all of the features that the sales team promises. The onboarding representatives are very helpful and give good guidance for setting up the system to meet your organization's needs. Second-tier support is usually able to solve most issues for power users. Chat support is great for tackling common issues. Since the acquisition, some aspects of customer support have become less proactive and knowledgeable.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We currently use Widen primarily to house creative assets used to build print and digital designs that appear on our website, digital marketing, e-mail, and print. Our new collective replaces an outdated DAM. Widen has the structure, features, and usability that make it a pleasure for both DAM admins and users. We are building a reputation within the company that will help us attract other business units to store and distribute their assets through our collective. Our goal is to have one unified location where all digital assets are stored. Benefits:<br><ul><li> Reduce time spent by users searching for assets</li><li> Reduce production of duplicative assets</li><li>Support consistent representation of the brand</li><li>Enforce asset expiration dates</li></ul>
  • Implementation support
  • Flexible and robust metadata and governance structure
  • Easy and attractive portals
  • Multiple ways to access customer support
  • Useful out of the box integrations
  • Embed codes are not very scaleable
  • Certain types of integrations between DAM and other systems are challenging
Widen is excellent when you want a metadata-driven DAM (not folder-based). It offers a variety of ways to distribute assets (individual links, collections, portals) to both internal and external users. The dashboard (home page) is very customizable with dashboard messages that are governed by the same permissions settings that govern assets. This makes it easy to create custom dashboards for multiple groups of users (departments, business units, companies) such that each group only sees their own dashboard.

The system is easy to update, so development can happen in phases for everything from adding a new product to the Products field to adding a new company to the DAM.

The one area that we have had trouble with is integrating with Block SDK. We are able to use assets that are already at the correct size when uploaded to the DAM, but we haven't figured out a way to use the image cropping feature offered by Widen.
Implementation support was fantastic. We were paired with an implementation consultant who met with us weekly, guided us through the many steps, answered questions and helped with problem solving. The only time I have ever looked forward to an 8:30 am meeting!

DAM maintenance support is also excellent. If I can't figure out how to get something to work within the DAM or if something strange happens, I can either chat with support immediately or start a ticket through Widen Connect. If the first level of support can't help, I usually hear back from the second tier within hours. They are very responsive.

As I've mentioned elsewhere in my review, support in getting some of our integrations set up has been a bit lackluster (speaking of integrations not covered by the standard ones offered by Widen). I feel that Widen should step up to the plate for the things we are asking, because the integrations that we want (building e-mails, for example) are obvious functions that a modern enterprise DAM should perform. Fortunately, we do have engineering support in our company, but it's still be frustrating with Widen.
Meridith Doucette | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Before Widen, all of our digital assets were stored in many different places - Dropbox, online share drives, personal computers. With Widen, we have all of our digital assets organized in the same place and we can share easily those assets with anyone who makes a request rather than scrambling to get assets from multiple people.
  • Great onboarding and training
  • Flexible way to organize images and set up metadata
  • Integration with other systems
  • Opportunity to continue to learn after launch with Widen User Group
  • Can't change a file name once it is uploaded
We use Widen to store our digital assets. We have built an integration from Widen to our website so images can be searched for and placed on web pages. In some cases, those images do need to be resized if they are an odd shape but in most cases, an image fits nicely from Widen to the website. This makes it very easy for us. We also have multiple groups that use Widen and are able to set up multiple asset groups and metadata for those groups for a good user experience.
When we've needed support, the Widen team has been very helpful. I also like that there is a user group for continued learning. The Widen community page is great. Lots of support articles.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
All of our company documents, assets, images, and videos are in one place. That one place is Widen, and the user experience and data entry flows are seamless. The Open API and customization for categories and asset fields are paramount. Flexible and powerful, Widen is the ultimate DAM Solution
  • Open API
  • Customization for categories
  • Metadata asset fields
  • Expanded permissions outside of stock
  • Expanded password reset options
  • Expanded API field availability for integration
  • Official Kentico integration
Well Suited - large organizations with multiple marketing/asset/category managers who need access to shared image, document, video assets for products, services, etc.

Not Well Suited - small organizations that don't have multiple users needing access to a shared, dedicated DAM and have budget concerns.
The few and far between support requests were get handled quickly, answered genuinely, and resolved in an upcoming release.
March 19, 2022

Widen Collective

Score 5 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
It is the data asset management system we use for photos, videos, files, etc. I am an administrator of the system and set up new users, manage use and assist with overall usage.
  • Phone app for accessing assets
  • Easy upload options on desktop
  • Creation of Collections
  • Ability to upload through the mobile app
  • Ability to mass upload assets with varying keywords
It has been helpful to make social media posts by allowing images to be pulled out of the mobile app for use. The lack of ability to upload photos from your mobile device is a challenge and adds numerous additional steps to get elements loaded into the system. I can't stress enough the importance of information needing to be added to items as they are uploaded for keywords to make the search as good as possible. Being able to add additional elements individually when doing mass uploads (possible option added to the upload process--1st level would allow keywords for all items uploaded; 2nd level would allow you to add individual tags to items after the mass tag) would be helpful.
Personally have not used the support services yet, as was just recently added as an admin and served in a user role previously.
Christopher John | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
With over 10,000 employees worldwide we need a central repository for our creative and marketing materials that can be updated and shared globally (internally and externally) to ensure we are on brand with out messaging and materials. We are in the process of a relaunch of the DAM system and are looking to expand this beyond just images and videos to a central hub for presentation materials and supplier collateral.
  • Customer Service
  • Training
  • Collections and Portals
  • Improved User Interface
  • Additional File Conversions
  • View portals an asset is associated with just like you can view it's associated collections
There is a significant learning curve and the interface is not as 'user friendly' to those brand new to the system/new to DAMS in general and that has cause pushback and reluctance by user to adopt using this more often.
Every time I've had an issue support has been available and able to resolve my issues immediately.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Here at Colosseum, we have accounts that would request us to provide images before receiving our products. We decided to go with Widen when photography and digital mastering were in their package. When Widen ditched that portion, Colosseum had to find a replacement and that was when we quickly realized how important it is to have a well-designed, very user-friendly DAM system and an amazing service team to assist. We are able to store our images as well as provide many options on how to receive them making it easier for our customers to access their images and grow our relationships with our customers.
  • User friendly interface
  • Outstanding Service Team
  • Conversion options
  • More options on User settings
  • Ability to setup our own assets conversions
  • options to change delivery methods
Fast response time from the support team
Whenever we have a question or an issue, the support team is quick to respond. We had some questions that needed some follow-ups and they were addressed in a timely manner and at times with additional options to think about which extremely helps. One thing I usually have to do is check on download times which I forgot to mention.
Score 8 out of 10
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Tempur Sealy uses Widen to organize and distribute its creative assets. The US has been using it for some time, and I am currently implementing a structure for Roles, Permissions, Metadata, Categories and introducing Portal use for the International Division. Tempur Sealy International works with various agencies to produce Marketing and Creative assets. I am onboarding as many agencies as possible to be able to deliver final assets directly to our Widen Collective, which are then processed internally and released as appropriate. Once Phase 1 fundamentals are more established, I aim to integrate localized assets created by our numerous International Markets, which are currently created and stored in local silos. Longer-term targets are to deliver as much automation and integration with our current MarTech stack as possible, and longer-term PIM aspirations.
  • Once the structure is planned and implemented, metadata functionality allows for robust search and filtering
  • Asset organization options facilitate more than one way for users to find what they need. Once any complexity in planning and configuration is complete, with clear guidance the user experience is simplistic enough to increase chances of engagement and adoption
  • Customer Success Managers, Live Chat Support, and Widen Connect all combine to provide a real wealth of material to lean on while in the early stages of planning your Collective, and refining for continuous improvement once things are live
  • I would like to see an Admin client which provides more flexibility in editing multiple assets' metadata and personalization of the system
  • System configuration I'd like to see opened up a bit is exemplified by the inability to change certain field names like 'Title' in the user registration form. It would be much clearer and result in the correct info arriving if I could change it to 'Job Title'. It would also mean I'd only have to address users with incorrect info after changing the field name. Currently, I need to add a new field called 'Job Title' and migrate all the existing user data from the field named 'Title', before removing the field named 'Title' from my site's Access Request form.
  • I would like to see the ability to simply share a search result that's been filtered. Currently, you have to configure an Advanced Search that replicates your filtering and share that. It seems as though there ought to be a way of sharing your search result with other users far more simply in one or two brief stops.
  • A 'pinboard' feature would be very useful. Collections can be used, but a simpler way to drag assets in an ad-hoc fashion to form a pinboard of various assets to share or download would be very useful
  • Further layers of metadata dependency, beyond the 2nd level currently available, would be useful
For out-of-the-box functionality Widen is well structured, with lots of features to help you organize and distribute assets. Support is provided from several angles and is very good in my experience. I would like to see more flexibility for configuration and personalization in terms of what the Admin user can get the system to do without having to submit feature requests. It would also be useful to have more than just a second level of dependency currently available in metadata structure.
Coming in to deliver a useful Widen system some years after it was first implemented, I found the CSMs I worked with (Frankie Buckle and Kaia Weber) incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. Similarly, the online chat and email support have always been prompt and helped me make decisions even when a solution wasn't possible.
Score 9 out of 10
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We use Widen as a single source for media and materials for the sales force and for internal websites. I build APIs to integrate with our e-commerce system. When product images are updated, our internal site is updated automatically.
  • search
  • API
  • change image format
  • The API documentation could use another lookover with more accurate and detailed wording.
  • I think some more user messaging would be beneficial.
Widen has a great API to call images and assets and call those images in different formats. It's well-suited for companies that do not want to manage the assets and storage.
I worked with a developer to implement an API for a flow and received some great instruction as well as some informative tips on what it could do.
Score 8 out of 10
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We use Widen to manage our marketing assets (graphics, video, finished marketing materials) and we tie it to our B2B and B2C websites. We create portals for our B2B partners/customers to use, where they can access the aforementioned assets. We also use Workflow to manage the creation of our marketing assets. Lastly, we use the DAM as part of our some of our workflows, wherein we store records of cooperative advertising materials created by our B2B customers. That step of storing these records is part of the larger process of ours wherein we approve the reimbursement of funds for cooperative advertising that are submitted by our B2B customers.
  • Asset management.
  • Tying these assets to our websites.
  • Creating portals for access to assets.
  • To a degree, the collaboration within Workflow is good.
  • Workflow has its limits and could easily become easier to manage deliverables/set up workflows for asset creation and approval.
  • Steps in the DAM that work for other customers often times add time/clicks/steps for us in how we use it.
  • The updates that affect me and how I use Widen seem to be few and far between.
  • While I'm one customer, I don't feel that my feedback makes a difference. I'm not upset, but I enjoy providing feedback to my reps and would love to see it have a positive effect on updates. Again, I'm one voice among many, so I'm not upset by this.
Asset management and dissemination (DAM) and as a collaborative tool (Workflow) mostly for graphics, web content/pages, emails, and printed materials.
Helpful, very responsive when contacted. Tech support via chat and email are some of the best we experience with all of our vendors.
March 15, 2022

Widen Review

Score 9 out of 10
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We are a manufacturer and distributor of party supplies. We use Widen to house imagery of our products to share with customers and to personally reference.
  • Ability to search/collect multiple items in a single request
  • Ease and speed of search process
  • Overall ease of platform
  • Honestly cannot think of much I would change or add at this time.
I think it fits perfectly into our day to day usage and work related activities.
Have not had a lot recently.
Score 8 out of 10
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Widen DAM is integrated into our SaaS Sales Enablement platform via the API. We utilize this product for the administration, organization, and distribution of our clients' digital assets from a single source of truth across the entire content lifecycle alllowing clients to develop a library of digital assets which are easy to search and ready to deploy rapidly. This improves brand consistency by controlling which digital assets exist "in the wild", and for how long, freeing up client stakeholders (brand managers, marketing leads, etc.) to provide additional value within their organizations.
  • Advanced metadata driven filtering
  • Simple archive and overwrite capabilities
  • Powerful role/group based access controls
  • Reporting and analytics are difficult to navigate and manage
  • Account/client success management is less helpful
  • Overall admin UX is not intuitive and inconsistent
We've used Widen DAM in our SaaS platform for years, and I have recently recommended that we use it as the internal DAM for our rapidly growing global company.
It's been mostly positive - quick reply times, helpful responses, collaborative approach to finding solutions, etc. Unfortunately in my experience, there have been a couple of instances in where support basically threw up their hands and said, "We see that there is a bug, but we don't know how to fix it or when it will be fixed".
Laurenn Machin | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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We use Widen to catalog and curate our artwork asset library. Widen hosts artwork from our artist partners worldwide, and allows our creative team to search, organize and utilize the assets in an efficient manner. Widen provides us a platform where we can highlight particular assets, build collections, and ingest new assets in a systematic way, while also allowing access to our client and partners.
  • Organize assets
  • Build collections
  • Highlight metadata
  • Homepage utilization
Widen is a great platform for digital asset management and a useful tool for organizations that need structure and efficiencies in managing their collections.
Widen has a strong support team and is always available to answer questions from our DAM team.
Score 9 out of 10
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We use it to organize and hold all marketing assets. Too many of our assets were floating all over and people using out-of-date assets and logos. We needed a central hub for everything so we could expire old things without the issue of them being used improperly. We also had a huge issue with finding and organizing our images, logos, documents, etc, and spending far too much time searching the hard way through our servers to get what we needed for our marketing materials. Widen fixed that issue for us by setting up the DAM system. It has made everything simple and streamlined our work process. Creation times have decreased massively and have brought so much ease to our day-to-day. As well as working from home and being able to grab assets without needing to use a VPN.
  • Organize
  • Search tools
  • Storage
  • Simplify
  • Customer service
  • The Adobe connectors are a little clunky to work with
  • The search tool won’t work if things are misspelled
  • Uploading can be tedious
This is great for marketing departments for storing and organizing assets to make things simple and easy to find. As well as updating those assets over time. It’s all stored in one location making it less like to have outdated material floating around and less time searching for those when changes need to be made. This also speeds up the creative process for finding the right assets like images and logos and less tinkering around to find what is needed. Everything is so well organized and searchable.
Any time we need more training or help someone is more than happy to take time and sit with us to understand the tools. Someone is always just an email away and willing to help us use this tool in the best possible way. Things have been customized so nicely for us to go with our workflow. I have no complaints about customer support.
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