Marketing Resource Management Software

Marketing Resource Management Software Overview

Marketing Resource Management (MRM) Software helps marketers manage their assets. It provides the capabilities to plan, budget, produce, and execute marketing programs and campaigns. It includes tools for managing content, digital brand assets, workflows, approval processes, and supports campaign tracking, analysis, and reporting. The software centralizes marketing assets, facilitating brand consistency across marketing and communication channels. It helps enhance team performance and shortens campaign time to market.

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Marketing Resource Management Products

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The Widen Collective® is a cloud-based content hub from Widen, an Acquia Company, designed to help marketers efficiently create, manage, distribute, and analyze all forms of marketing content.The vendor states the integrated suite of software applications will enable organizations…

Adobe Campaign
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Adobe acquired Neolane in July 2013 and later re-named the product Adobe Campaign. Adobe Campaign provides both marketing automation and marketing resource management functionality such as spend & financial management, workflow, and asset management.

Key Features

  • Dynamic content (83)
  • Email deliverability reporting (134)
  • List management (83)
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Aprimo is a provider of digital asset management and work management solutions. Its content operations platform provides organizations with a single source of truth to optimize the way they plan, develop, organize, govern, and deliver exceptional brand experiences at scale. Aprimo’…

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All your digital assets. All your product information. All in one place. Marketing Delivery aims to provide a fully integrated marketing solution. Per the vendor, Marketing Delivery keeps all your digital assets and product information in one place for fast, seamless creation and…

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MediaValet in Vancouver offers their eponymous digital asset management (DAM) platform.

HCL Unica

HCL Unica (acquired by HCL Technologies from IBM in late 2018) is a suite of enterprise marketing management tools including marketing automation with cross-channel campaign management, budgeting and forecasting, project workflow management, asset management, brand management and…


Percolate is an enterprise-level content marketing platform designed to help large brands create content and manage marketing campaigns. It features content creation and editing tools, a marketing calendar for tracking resources and campaigns, social monitoring tools and content…

Key Features

  • Content performance analytics (12)
  • Approval workflows (12)
  • Content calendar (12)

BrandMaker, a German company, offers their enterprise marketing resource management platform. It offers broad MRM capabilities and is used by over 1,000 customers worldwide.

Deltek TrafficLIVE

Deltek’s TrafficLIVE is a cloud-based agency management software solution. The vendor says that the solution provides unmatched visibility into an agency’s entire business; improves business processes and drives efficiency that sets an agency up for success and increased profitability.…

Key Features

  • Scheduling (9)
  • Resource Management (9)
  • Task Management (9)

Frontify aims to simplify brand management with a platform that connects everything (and everyone) important to the growth of a brand. Offering plans for all company sizes, the vendor states Frontify is used by 4,000 brands globally. Frontify features: Cloud-based brand guidelines…

Welcome (An Optimizely Company)

Welcome, an Optimizely company, transforms how marketers run marketing. It is a marketing orchestration platform used by brands to strategically align teams, take the friction out of execution, and demonstrate meaningful results. Welcome offers a platform purpose-built for the…

Key Features

  • Content performance analytics (5)
  • Network for content licensing/production (5)
Oracle Siebel Enterprise Marketing Suite (discontinued)

Oracle offered the Siebel Enterprise Marketing Suite as an end-to-end enterprise marketing management (EMM) solution joining cross-channel campaign management with marketing automation, market resource and asset management, and marketing analytics, for larger enterprises. The product…


MARMIND is a Marketing Resource Management platform that enables marketers worldwide to optimize resources and maximize results. Presented as a marketing cockpit to create seamless workflows for planning, budgeting, and result analysis across point solutions, departments, and locations,…


BrandSpot is a marketing resource and asset management platform, with three modules: Library, Studio, and Webshop. The Library allows users to:Organize, gather and manage brand assets such as images, PDF-files, brochures, multimedia files etc.Share, search, sort, filter, find and…


Distribion is a marketing automation software solution offered by Distribion, Inc..


IntelligenceBank is a software platform for digital asset management, brand management, and marketing operations. The solution helps marketers bridge the gap between marketing efficiency and compliance.


The goal of DGTLsuite, technology from SPS DGTL, a division of Y&L Consulting, is to provide comprehensive, integrated, and simple solutions to digital workflows for businesses of any size. The suite was built as an organic outgrowth of internal business needs and refined in house.…


Plannuh headquartered in Boston offers a cloud-based marketing budgeting, collaborative planning, and goal setting platform.

SAP Marketing Cloud

The SAP Marketing Cloud (formerly the hybris Marketing Suite) is marketing operations and customer journey management software to enhance the marketing automation and campaign management functionality of both the SAP CRM and the SAP Commerce Cloud.

SAS Marketing Operations Management

SAS Marketing Operations Management provides customers with a fully integrated marketing platform that combines Marketing Resource Management capabilities (through acquisition Assetlinek in 2011) in conjunction with performance management and multi-channel campaign capabilities to…


brahms® is a digital asset manager. A solution designed to empower employees to structure, find, localize, and share digital assets using time- and role-based workflows and increase the value of a brand by accelerating collaboration within and outside the organization. WHAT DOES…

Corebook, headquartered in Riga, Latvia, is on the mission to ensure that fixed-format PDF brand guidelines become a thing of the past. They present their technology as an online brand guidelines platform to develop & maintain brand design integrity for the world's brands and their…


Growing brands requires accurate planning. PlanCaster combines ex-factory, market research and other external data to create demand forecasts. Trade promotion and marketing planning processes are embedded. Different (budget) scenarios can be created and compared. And after execution,…


CabinetM is a MarTech Stack management platform for enterprise organizations who want to track, document, visualize and report on their marketing technology use and spend. With CabinetM, users can:Collaborate across the organization and with strategic partners on technology discovery,…


Kadanza strives to get everyone on-brand, by providing one cloud-platform for brand-related activities. They offer plans for organizations of all sizes, with an unlimited amount of free users no matter the plan chosen. Key features: A personalized content management tool for internal…

Learn More About Marketing Resource Management Software

What is Marketing Resource Management Software?

Marketing Resource Management (MRM) Software helps marketers manage their assets. It provides the capabilities to plan, budget, produce, and execute marketing programs and campaigns. It includes tools for managing content, digital brand assets, workflows, approval processes, and supports campaign tracking, analysis, and reporting. The software centralizes marketing assets, facilitating brand consistency across marketing and communication channels. It helps enhance team performance and shortens campaign time to market.

Marketing Resource Management Software Features

Most marketing resource management software will include the following capabilities:

  • Strategic Planning

  • Financial Management, Budgeting, Forecasting

  • Brand Management / Compliance

  • Digital Asset Management

  • Centralized Content Management Across Multiple Channels

  • Activity Planning

  • Marketing Calendar

  • Creative Production Management

  • Workflow Management and Approval Processes

  • Marketing Fulfillment

  • Marketing Performance Management, Analytics, ROI

  • Role-Based Custom Dashboards / Permission-Based Access

Marketing Resource Management Software Comparison

Consider the following when evaluating marketing resource management software:

  • Scope: Products offer a variety of features that may or may not be needed for your operation. Identify which functions are desirable. For example, a brand manager may be seeking software that supports robust analytics and reporting to help improve marketing strategies. Large companies with many marketing assets and large teams may look for software that makes sharing and collaboration easy.

  • Integration: What system integrations are required? CRM? CMS? Accounting? Do you already have a DAM (Digital Assets Management) system in place, or will that need to be part of your MRM software?

  • Access: Does the product offer mobile access? This feature permits marketers and their teams to collaborate and communicate on the go. It allows marketers to review campaign performance from anywhere. It also provides access to branded marketing assets from anywhere users have a strong internet connection. This can be critical for social media and other digital marketing professionals.

Pricing Information

Pricing is usually based upon the number of users, data storage requirements, and the features included. Entry-level options begin as low as $9/user/mo., rising to a minimum fee of $7,500 a month for some products. To support enterprise installations, vendors often request that you contact them so they can determine the best solution and provide a quote. Some vendors offer free trials.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does marketing resource management software do?

Marketing resource management software gives marketers the tools to plan, budget, and execute marketing campaigns. It supports asset management, workflow management, analytics, and reporting.

What are the benefits of using marketing resource management software?

Key benefits of using marketing resource software include:

  • Brand Consistency: It helps centralize marketing assets, enabling brand consistency across marketing and communication channels
  • Cost Savings: It organizes and streamlines workflows and approvals. This fosters more effective collaboration amongst marketing and cross-functional team members. It helps launch campaigns more quickly. Campaign reporting helps marketing leaders identify better-performing initiatives and decide where to allocate marketing funds.
  • More Effective Marketing: Analytics and reporting help improve marketing strategies.

How much does marketing resource management software cost?

Pricing is based upon the number and range of features offered, the number of users, and data requirements. The cost can range from $9 a month per user to a minimum charge of over $7,000 a month. Obtaining a quote is recommended for enterprise solutions.