A swiss army knife for database management!
January 21, 2019

A swiss army knife for database management!

Aaron Smith | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Valentina

We evaluated Valentina Studio (free) for three months while trying to decide on the best option for our team to use to manage our PostgreSQL databases. Since we were migrating from Microsoft's SQL Server to PostgreSQL, we needed to replace the tooling we used daily (mainly, SQL Management Studio). We needed something that was very easy to use, cost-effective, and ran efficiently.


  • Foreign Key Constraint data viewer! This was a tremendously helpful feature that not many other products have. Just pick a constraint and see the data in the child tables! No setup required!
  • Supports any and every database imaginable.


  • Somewhat laggy performance. Boot up speed was on the slow side and connecting to our database servers was also a little slower than other products.
  • User interface can be a little clunky. Instead of the usual tree view of servers, databases, and schemas, you are presented with lists that you click on and get new windows to pick the new list of data from. Not organized efficiently.
  • It saved time in some areas of finding child data by not having to write queries to find it.
  • The user interface caused some extra training for some users and ultimately caused them to not like using it.
Compared to Microsoft's SQL Management Studio, Valentina studio was comparable, just harder to get used to in the UI department. It ran slightly slower than other products but did save some time with neat features they baked into the product.

However, in using DBeaver Community and DBForge Studio for PostgreSQL from Devart, we found different products that the team ultimately decided to use. DBeaver has all of the features we needed most (minus the constraint data viewer) and a more intuitive UI that we were used to. DBForge Studio for PostgreSQL has a very standard Windows look and feel and lacks some features, like database/table designers, but makes up for those shortcomings in the much easier filtering and sorting options right in the data grids. You can even write a query and edit the data returned, which is something we don't see in many of these tools.

Our team ultimately settled on the developers using DBeaver and the support team that needs data viewing/editing capabilities using DBForge Studio.
If you have to manage a lot of different databases from different vendors, you could do well by standardizing on this product. It checks all the boxes for a proper database management studio. You would only have to learn one product to manage them all.

However, if you are looking to find a good product for a single database vendor, you might be better off finding a tool that was designed specifically for that vendor product.


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