A MUST HAVE for Any Technical Environment That Needs A Backup Solution
December 23, 2021

A MUST HAVE for Any Technical Environment That Needs A Backup Solution

Michael Sen | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Veeam Backup & Replication

Overall Satisfaction with Veeam Backup & Replication

In my current environment, we use Veeam Backup and Replication in order to back up our production and sandbox virtual machines. We have been using Veeam as it's a very user-friendly backup solution to set up and use. As we needed a tool that centrally manages all of our backup schedules and jobs, Veeam gives us that and more. With Veeam I am able to see all of my backup jobs easily, organize and schedule them. Veeam also makes restoring from backups a breeze. Many times we have VM's that get tarnished during OS update testing, new application testing, or just average everyday wear and tear. Our normal process includes deleting a corrupted version of the VM from our host and simply restoring it with ease using Veeam. Another great selling point of Veeam was that it was a tool I could easily teach to my other Admins. They were able to pick it up with ease thanks to the user-friendly UI and descriptive explanations of what all the features do. Their support is stellar and always willing to lend a helping hand when we have technical issues. Finally, alerting after jobs complete successfully or fail is a huge help.
  • Virtualized workloads
  • Endpoints and physical servers running Windows & Linux
  • Cloud-hosted VMs within AWS or Azure
  • Automating test restores to validate recoverability
  • “Instant” recovery or portability between platforms (physical > virtual > cloud-hosted)
  • Automating test restores to validate recoverability


  • Veeam's Back up Job Creation Wizard makes it foolproof when setting up backup jobs.
  • With Veeam it is very easy to restore from a backup. Veeam does not make it confusing when trying to select which backup is going to what host or location.
  • Veeam also integrates very well with different storage options. As I have a mixed environment here with different storage mediums.


  • It is very hard to find issues within Veeam but one point of improvement could be the error logging and reporting. It would be nice if that information could be displayed within the Veeam console and not output to HTML.
  • In the future, I would like to see Veeam incorporate some type of cloud application where I can see my backups from any site.
  • It would be great if Veeam also had a mobile app to track backup jobs and make quick changes if need be.

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Currently, we have one server and 2 VMs that are being backed up by Veeam. Because have Veeam setup and ready to go, it's made the daunting task of spinning up new VM's less intimidating because we can grow without having to worry about disaster recovery. With Veeam, we've made it a part of our process to add any new VM's, immediately, to the console so that backup efforts can begin. Because Veeam has proven itself to be easy to use and integrates very nicely with our VMWare environment, we are less reluctant to grow our VMWare footprint now.
  • Having Veeam in-house we are able to save thousands of dollars annually by not having to outsource disaster recovery efforts to a 3rd party or MSP.
  • By being able to backup and restore crucial VM's in our environment, we don't have to worry about getting behind in production or having production systems down for too long. In the long run that saves us tons of money as we can keep the lights on.
  • As Veeam has a wide array of features we are able to use VEEAM as a one-stop-shop for all our backup and replication needs without having to find other software which saves our software budget.
Because the services we provide include automation which runs through our VM's, we needed to make sure that service was always available to our internal customers as well as external customers. As our firm was beginning to take on more and more clients, we couldn't be without our VMs that provide that automation. We needed a way to not only back up these machines just in case we needed to have a recovery point but we needed a method to restore these swiftly. Since our client base was growing more and more, we didn't want to risk that chance of not having our crucial resources protected.
Currently, in our Veeam implementation, we do not store our backups in the cloud or protect cloud workloads. However, because Veeam harnesses this ability, it has given us the opportunity to rethink our technical initiatives moving forward. We are able to dabble in more cloud-based solutions because we have a product that can back it up and restore it if necessary.
Because Veeam has the ability to back up NAS/File-share structures we were able to back up our legacy file system before moving it to the cloud. Instead of having to push that data over into cloud file storage and eat up our storage there, we chose to back it up with Veeam and restore it when needed if we need to refer back our old data.
In companies with technical landscapes that have little to no virtual environments, Veeam might be a little bit overkill as it would be easier to just back up single servers without it being managed by another server. However, for companies that are just starting out and GROWING their virtual environment, Veeam is a great must-have. As companies switch to more VM-based workstations and VM-based appliances it's very important to have those backed up to ensure disaster recovery. Veeam alleviates any stress surrounding backups and makes it a breeze to perform recovery. It's a tool that provides real peace of mind as there are MINIMAL steps required to restore from backup. Similarly, there are minimal steps needed to create a backup job. Once your backups are completed, you can sit back and relax knowing that everything will be accounted for.


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