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What is NetSuite ERP?

NetSuite is a suite of ERP and accounting modules which is sold in various editions aimed at different size customers. The multi-country, multi-currency version is an additional module called OneWorld. Netsuite is a SaaS system and is not offered in...
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NetSuite Integration

8 out of 10
January 10, 2023
Our organization uses NetSuite daily for our financials, as well as inputting all of our warehouse and shipping information into the …
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Great one stop shop solution

8 out of 10
April 06, 2022
I used NetSuite ERP in my organization as a tool that comes with specific modules that works across an organization to make it work. I use …
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Product Overview

3 out of 10
January 06, 2022
Our organization provides ERP administration services to Netsuite SuiteCloud Platform customers. We are their primary support contact and …
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NetSuite ERP Review

10 out of 10
December 29, 2021
We love to use the NetSuite system in our organization. It helps us in many ways to accomplish our tasks. We use it to onboard a vendor …
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What is NetSuite ERP?

NetSuite is a suite of ERP and accounting modules which is sold in various editions aimed at different size customers. The multi-country, multi-currency version is an additional module called OneWorld. Netsuite is a SaaS system and is not offered in an on-premise edition.

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What is Odoo?

Odoo, from the Belgium-headquartered multinational company of the same name, is a suite of business applications for managing the sales pipeline. It also comprises a PoS and inventory management modules, scaling to a warehouse or retail management solution.

What is SIX ERP?

SIX ERP is an enterprise solution used to manage a company with a single solution incl. It includes modules like CRM, HRM, Project Management, Warehousing, Sales Management, Invoicing, Accounting, and Payroll. Every SIX ERP module is fully integrated, so data is centrally accessible and connected.…

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What Is NetSuite ERP & How Does It Work?
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Payroll Management

Provides for pay calculation and benefit plan administration, in addition to managing direct deposit, salary revisions and payroll tracking.

1.2Avg 7.4


This addresses a company’s ability to configure the software to fit its specific use case and workflow.

7.6Avg 7.3


This component helps a company minimize the security risks by controlling access to the software and its data, and encouraging best practices among users.

5.9Avg 8.2

Reporting & Analytics

Users can report on and analyze usage, performance, ROI, and/or other metrics of success.

5.2Avg 7.3

General Ledger and Configurable Accounting

Financial management solution, including capabilities for general ledger and configurable accounting

5.8Avg 7.6

Inventory Management

The ability to track and manage the flow of goods or materials into and out of an inventory.

5Avg 7.9

Order Management

The ability to process orders, and track them from quote to cash.

4.3Avg 7.8

Subledger and Financial Process

Revenue management solution including capabilities for subledgers and financial processes

4.8Avg 7.4

Project Financial Management

Project financial management solution including capabilities for project budgeting, cost control, billing and contract management.

4.6Avg 7.6

Project Execution Management

Project execution management solution including capabilities for project scheduling, resource management, and team member task management.

4Avg 6.8

Grants Management

Grants management solution for higher education, public sector, or non-profits with capabilities for managing financial awards for program and project funding

3.5Avg 7.4


Procurement management solution with capabilities for sourcing, contracting, procure-to-pay and supplier management

3.7Avg 6.9

Risk Management

Risk management solution with capabilities for managing controls, assessing control effectiveness, certifying controls, and addressing deficiencies

3.7Avg 6.3


Logistics solution with capabilities for transportation planning, transportation execution, trade compliance, customs management, warehouse management and warehouse workforce management.

2.8Avg 6.9


Manufacturing solution for managing manufacturing processes and costs.

4.1Avg 7.5

Supply Chain

Supply Chain Planning solution with capabilities for planning, performance monitoring, change responses and execution.

3.9Avg 7.5

Product Lifecycle Management

Product Lifecycle Management solution with capabilities for innovation management, product development

3.4Avg 7.3
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Product Details

What is NetSuite ERP?

As a cloud ERP solution, NetSuite is presented as the first and last business management solution a business could ever need.
NetSuite provides a suite of cloud-based applications, which includes financials / Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), HR, professional services automation and omnichannel commerce, used by more than 33,000 customers in 200+ countries.

NetSuite ERP Features

General Ledger and Configurable Accounting Features

  • Supported: Accounts payable
  • Supported: Accounts receivable

Subledger and Financial Process Features

  • Supported: Billing Management

Order Management Features

  • Supported: Order entry

Project Financial Management Features

  • Supported: Capital Project Management

Supply Chain Features

  • Supported: Inventory Planning

NetSuite ERP Screenshots

Screenshot of Get one view into the most critical business processes.Screenshot of Mobile-friendly design

NetSuite ERP Video

What Is NetSuite ERP & How Does It Work?

NetSuite ERP Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationApple iOS, Android, Mobile Web

Frequently Asked Questions

NetSuite is a suite of ERP and accounting modules which is sold in various editions aimed at different size customers. The multi-country, multi-currency version is an additional module called OneWorld. Netsuite is a SaaS system and is not offered in an on-premise edition.

Sage 100cloud, Microsoft Dynamics GP, and Odoo are common alternatives for NetSuite ERP.

Reviewers rate API for custom integration highest, with a score of 6.4.

The most common users of NetSuite ERP are from Mid-sized Companies (51-1,000 employees).
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January 10, 2023

NetSuite Integration

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Our organization uses NetSuite daily for our financials, as well as inputting all of our warehouse and shipping information into the system to track orders. A manufacturing company of over 200 employees uses the software daily and we hardly ever have issues. Our teams build reports using the payroll system as well and everything is integrated together in one bundle. We are very pleased with the service and will continue to use the software for many more years.
  • Payroll is seamless
  • Employee data is easily searchable
  • Reporting is easy
  • Although NetSuite has many applications, it's not ideal for some industries because of the public way it's hosted.
  • We found the price to increase over a few years. More locked-in pricing could be appreciated.
  • Support was available but not 24/7. If you need 24/7 support that will be an extra charge.
NetSuite would be ideal for any software, distribution or manufacturing organization. The tools they provide can help in most situations but larger organizations with over 1,000 employees may find it difficult to have the service they would expect from a larger enterprise. We were a medium sized organization and found the financial capabilities to be very useful.
May 25, 2022

NetSuite in Review

Mary Soffner | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We switched to NetSuite in 2017 and couldn't be happier. The ability to tie POs to SOs and look up all documents is impressive. The custom reports feature is easy to use and manipulate. Every department was able to customize the software to fit their needs. The ability to log in anywhere has made it easy to work from home.
  • Custom Reporting
  • Related Records is a powerful feature
  • Audit tracking
  • The ability to customize some of the screens to research payment details
  • Implementation could have went smoother
  • Training documents
The related records is a powerful tool in NetSuite. It gives all departments the ability to track fulfillments, invoices, payments, etc. The audit feature allows for a detailed level of all those involved. We were able to eliminate manual approvals by routing them through the system with an audit trail.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
NetSuite is our single book ERP of record. We have bookkeepers from multiple countries entering info and our HQ finance team does the consolidation. We use it for financial statement and AR directly. Then, we leverage 3rd party integrations for AP, HR, CRM, and financial planning.
  • Configurable dimensions and subsidiary structure.
  • Vast 3rd party integration universe.
  • Ease of use for admins.
  • Documentation on reporting lacking.
  • Managing multiple profiles for end users can be difficult.
  • Allows users to save universal reports, can get disorganized without tight internal controls.
Netsuite offers straightforward implementation with the help of experienced users and/or consultants. Great ERP for a standard financial use case. We do not use other modules like purchasing, AP, e-commerce, or CRM. With the Oracle acquisition, there is some product overlap/confusion between the two providers. It is well suited for mid-size and growing enterprises.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I used NetSuite ERP in my organization as a tool that comes with specific modules that works across an organization to make it work. I use the sales and commission module in NetSuite.
  • Organization
  • Data Management
  • One stop shop solution
  • Cost
  • Customization capabilities
  • More thorough modules
NetSuite is well suited for an organization that needs a CRM and other business management tools such as H/R and accounting. This would not be appropriate for an organization that only needs one module unless they plan on growing and will need additional modules there are other solutions that are best fit for their need.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We used it for Accounting and HR. It housed all of our personnel files electronically and allowed accounting to manage all of their processes as well. On the client-side, all client files were electronically housed.
  • User-friendly
  • Integrated
  • Intuitive
  • Some reporting features were hard to navigate/personalize.
  • It lacked the ability to merge client and employee sides.
  • The updates were few and far between.
It was very effective in the law firm setting. It allowed for client files and employee files, as well as integration with accounting. The platform is very user-friendly and required little training.
It is very easy to navigate, even for new users. The system is intuitive and user-friendly.
January 06, 2022

Product Overview

Angel Monjarás | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 3 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Our organization provides ERP administration services to Netsuite SuiteCloud Platform customers. We are their primary support contact and facilitate communications between the users and Netsuite. This review pertains to a transportation company that ships goods to over a hundred customers and charges for the transportation service only [and] not the goods themselves.
  • Easy to use anywhere without installing software
  • Streamline repetitive operations
  • Handling the accounting automatically
  • The platform has usage limits that cause extra costs
  • Mexican localizations are not very well supported. Netsuite has too few people that are able to provide support.
  • The initial implementation services are not enough. Clients must buy additional consulting time.
NetSuite SuiteCloud Platform functionality is rich, but [the] consulting services included are insufficient, [in my opinion]. [It seems to me that] operation limits are not mentioned clearly at the time of the initial purchase [resulting in] unpleasant surprise [costs] down the road. [From my point of view], support can be better, [especially] when handling localizations.
December 29, 2021

NetSuite ERP Review

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We love to use the NetSuite system in our organization. It helps us in many ways to accomplish our tasks. We use it to onboard a vendor every time our company purchase to a new vendor. We also create a purchase requisition / purchase order here to be able to monitor all the expenses our company has, and receipt a purchase order to pay the vendor. We are also extracting reports from NetSuite to check all the Purchase orders we have on the current year.
  • Onboard a vendor
  • Create Purchase Requisition / Purchase Order
  • Receipt Purchase Order
  • Check payment status
  • Extract PO for reports
  • Buffering
  • not a friendly user
  • Confusing next approvers
NetSuite helps us a lot in managing the expenses we have in our organization. For example, if we do not have the purchase requisition / purchase order in the system, we wont be able to track our expenses. So it really helps us a lot in this scenario. Can't say anything less appropriate for NetSuite aside from being slow when entering or saving the task we have in NetSuite. All in all we love to use it for monitoring expenses.
wade tamblyn | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 1 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
NetSuite is expensive and in my opinion, not worth the money. We have had nothing but problems and even after our Go Live date the software is not functioning properly. No one at NetSuite seems to care. The development process was terrible with the developer seemingly unable to complete the most basic of steps.
  • Partner with NextService
  • Waste my time
  • Fail to deliver on promises
  • everywhere
  • the development stage
  • customer service
If you need any customization do not use NetSuite. We had to bring in outside consultants to fix all the problems with NetSuite as it was not even functional on our Go Live date.
After 6 months of development the product wasn't functional and we have to look at paying outside to fix the problems as NetSuite can't / won't.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Currently use it to manage transactions processing, basic financial reporting, balance sheet, and cash flow. Implementing budgeting and forecasting processes to add business value to the organization.
  • Financial Reporting
  • Vendor management
  • Journal entries
  • Project module
  • After implementation user support
  • Data field management
NetSuite is very helpful for growing companies to aggregate financials into a single source of activity. It helps companies that aspire to go public to implement controls and processes needed to manage the scrutiny of audits. NetSuite is not as useful for users abroad that do not provide post go-live support. It manages currencies well, but SME's in other countries are often confused about functionality.
Bob Lee | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
The system is being utilized for our financial, manufacturing and sales functions.
  • standard reports are very thorough
  • ability to customize reports
  • customizing reports can be tedious.
  • Implementation was a little complex
Smaller companies will find it difficult to implement the system. Company's with smaller teams will need to dedicated enough time to work with NetSuite in order to effectively deploy the system.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I've been using NetSuite CRM for almost 3 years now. Over the past 1, our team has really revamped the CRM to let our internal sales team do amazing work through automation. One of my favorite small customizations was a workflow that creates a follow up task in NetSuite when a customer's contract is 1 month from expiring. The other great feature we added was to be able to have a report of all the customers in the last 10, 20, and 30 days that have not had a status change if they are in an active pipeline. We switched from Hubspot to NetSuite CRM because all the rest of our data already lives in NetSuite so it makes sense to leverage the automation tools in the ERP for the CRM as well.
  • Customization
  • Automation and prospect management
  • Roles & Permissions
  • Customized forms based on the customer type
  • Not as intuitive as other basic CRM solutions but it is more powerful
  • Harder to setup, but easier to control when it is setup using the right roles & permissions
Your company should have annual revenue of at least $4 million before really needing to make the switch to NetSuite. You will need to use NetSuite as your ERP for it to make sense to use it for you CRM too.
There are a lot of NetSuite Alliance Partners who will support the product well.
NetSuite is a super powerful too but with all that power comes some complexity in setting it up.
October 14, 2021

NS Honestly

Rafael Arias | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 5 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I used NetSuite CRM to manage users, their expenses, and managers. Much of what I currently do is provide support to multiple employees by assisting with log-in problems, new users registration and processing hours for many of our intern workers. I have also completed several different templates to easy the workload of creating new users in the future.
  • Get hours
  • Maintain user information
  • Collect expense data
  • Provides employment management
  • Easier template creation
  • More detailed/specific templates to be created.
In all reality, it can be hard to recommend to use NetSuite but there really is not anything better to use. It can be difficult at times to create useful templates and other items as such. [In my opinion] it handles data well and that is about it.
On behalf of some of my other colleagues that I have worked with that need support from time to time. They have let me know that NetSuite provides a good support team for its users to contact in times of necessity. I believe that this is one of the things/features that assist this software keep going.
Because I believe that there are a lot of better features and UX elements that could be implemented. There is a lot of work that could be done in order to make the lives of many people much easier. You could create a better experience and it would make this a lot better on its own.
Score 1 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
[In my opinion,] PLEASE, whatever you do as a small business owner, DO NOT sign up for (Oracle) NetSuite [ERP].

[In our experience,] we went through an extensive review process, evaluating capabilities, went through scoping calls with Oracle and an Oracle-approved 3rd party set-up consultant, over the course of several meetings lasting hours. After getting all of our questions answered and capabilities confirmed, we made the huge investment to sign up.

[I feel that] everything we heard in the sales process was BS. Their SuiteCommerce website is about advanced as Yahoo Small Business was back in 2005. I'd be embarrassed if I was Oracle selling this as their e-commerce and web platform. Buy someone or invest some money, but come on!

After wasting 2 months waiting for the Oracle consultant to implement the info we were submitting, she said that wasn't her job. Not what we were told in the sales process. Then we kept asking for the App Store so we can evaluate the plug-ins. She kept saying there isn't an App Store. I finally vented to the salespeople and they sent me a link to the App Store after 3+ months!

[In our case,] they said we had to switch credit card processors and EDI providers, which both turned into their own messes. Both were recommended by Oracle.

The setup was delayed from Jan 1st to each first of the month until we finally killed the project in August, over 8 months from the initial launch date they gave us. [In my opinion,] we wasted so much time and money on this, and the only thing they were willing to do was a discount on our renewal and they wanted it paid upfront.

My CPA of 7 years quit during the setup process due to the setup and they said they didn't want to work in NetSuite [ERP].

I think this was the biggest mistake of my professional and entrepreneurial career ever. If I can help one person from making the same mistake, I would honestly feel better about the $100,000 in fees, let alone the value of the time and frustration of every employee and partner.

Oh, by the way, [in my experience,] most employees will tell you that numerous clients walk away in the first year, or barely get set up. I did my duty, up to you on what to do.
  • [I believe they did] nothing [well].
  • [I think they will just] take your money.
  • [I feel they will] tell you a bunch of lies.
  • [In my opinion, they failed to] stand by what they said in the sales process.
  • [I feel they are poor at] making something right when they are obviously wrong.
  • [I believe they are not] looking out for their customers, [only] themselves.
[In my experience,] PLEASE, whatever you do as a small business owner, DO NOT sign up for (Oracle) Netsuite [ERP].
Jeff Gullang | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Our Company uses NetSuite across all business functions. From billing to collections, case management, advanced inventory, light manufacturing, and a dozen other areas. It is used across all of our employees. We do not use NetSuite for payroll, which is handled outside. If the native NetSuite does not provide enough of a solution one of their SuiteApps probably does.
  • NetSuite listens to its users and we can vote on enhancements. Twice a year versions are released addressing some of these areas. A few of the items we brought forth as an enhancement were voted on and made into production. With the thousand of users it was probably submitted many times over, but business voted on it.
  • This is a strength and weakness but their help desk and support have always resolved the issue. Weakness on help, but strength in the support. Every time I think I found a defect, it was found that I was wrong. Now I assume I am wrong, and try and find the solution.
  • Easily customizable. If you want to add a new department, field, form, report this is easily done. This can be done by non-technical individuals.
  • Have the ability to effect future transactions only. This has been something that has been open for 8 years. After a period is locked, and if you want to change an items account, it has to change everything. Especially being used at larger companies, who get audited, we cannot change historical transactions.
  • Improve help. I spent hours researching something this past week, got frustrated and called the support team. We were able to resolve the issue, but I could not find it in the mess of directions.
  • Year over year increases for loyal customers...even new ones is one huge area Netsuite can improve. These past few years we have seen double digit proposals. I worked with my sales rep to get it down to a more realistic number but this was a drain on their and my time. We can sign multiple years but would like more flexibility; this year I might need this feature but who knows next year.
  • Since there are many ways to communicate (thru emails, reports, searches) there is not an easy way, that I found, to mass change as employees start or leave. I need to go into the x00 reports/searches to change an employee.
Might not be suited for larger private/public companies with it current limitations. Until Netsuite addresses the impact of changing account numbers/accounting on items this can make it hard for some companies. Changing only future transactions is necessary. What happens if you change inventory costing method? Or what if the inventory costing (think FIFO or LIFO) where not available when the items were created.

This would bring it up to a ten. But a change should not impact previous periods. Especially when the period has been audited.

The adding of features/modules opens the possibility as your company grows. Am I going international? What about advanced inventory? How about taxes? Case management? With the suite partners it is going outside of Netsuite since it is not their expertise. When we added Suitepartners it has gone smoothly..not perfect, but smoothly.
Angie (Amphithea) Svensen | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use NetSuite as the main ERP system across over 50 subsidiaries planning to expand to over 200 subsidiaries globally. The functionality we use includes R2R, P2P, O2C, FAM, and SRP. Excellent reporting tools on live data allow end-users to step away from spreadsheets. Impressive flexibility for customizations and integrations with external systems.
  • Dashboards
  • Customization
  • Integrations
  • Saved searches and reports
  • Fixed assets
  • Role access control
NetSuite is excellent for medium to large businesses. Subscription cost too high for small businesses.

Score 1 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
NetSuite ERP presented itself as the all-in-one solution ("you'll never need another platform over the next 10 years of your company's growth"). Untrue. Beyond simple ERP/accounting, NetSuite ERP is not efficient: we had to make thousands of dollars of extra investment to add Avalara (taxes/VAT), external consultants hours (recurring revenue configurations), payment gateway, and Salesforce (CRM) to do what NetSuite ERP promised it would do out of the box. I am disappointed beyond words with an implementation that dragged on for months, didn't deliver, and caused major stress and much extra work on our side.
  • Highly customizable
  • Homepage
  • UX is everything but intuitive--complicated, heavy, linear. Users get lost.
  • Some critical business processes are completely missing (e.g., sales tax/VAT)
  • The app suite (library with external apps that integrate with NetSuite ERP) is very thin, poorly documented, and integration requires much additional work.
  • Not an all-in-one solution; just an ERP. Everything else (CRM, taxes, invoicing, etc.) will be sold as an extra for above market pricing.
Good for basic ERP/accounting. Not much other functionality unless you keep paying more for additional modules.
Mitchel Laman | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We currently use Oracle NetSuite to power all aspects of our organization. Accounting, order processing, inventory management, purchasing...all the major day-to-day enterprise functions are handled by this cloud software. The software at my current company was installed in 2018 to replace an older and more traditional on-premise system that consisted of several software packages integrated and swapping information. One of the greatest features of Oracle NetSuite is not its cloud basis, but the fact that all operational aspects of the company are handle through this one software tool.
  • Integration. From Accounting to ERP to CRM, I don't imagine there is much NetSuite can't handle. For a small to medium sized business, and ever for many large organizations, I believe it is entirely possible to put all of the corporate system 'eggs' into one basket - that is on the NetSuite platform.
  • Architecture. The back-end database and inner workings of the NetSuite platform, I would describe as 'different.' Not necessarily better and definitely not worse. However, working in the data is different and maybe not as traditional as when working with a traditional relational database. Because of this, it does take a little bit of getting used to. However, once you are 'used to' it - the ease and simplicity of the back end is a beautiful thing and makes extracting and working with data, again once you cross the learning curve, something to be desired. Took me a few months to get the hang of things, but now, I couldn't imagine a more productive system.
  • Performance. While not lighting fast compared to some on-premise tools, the performance of the NetSuite platform is better that adequate and is quite useable on a day-to-day basis.
  • Consultants. We have had great success working with implementation specialists and consultants directly at Oracle. They are highly knowledgeable and easy to work with. I would highly recommend the native teams for implementation success.
  • Support is not terrible but often works in different time zones and at different levels. It can be a challenge at times to resolve a problem but in fairness, we have never had a problem that wasn't solved.
  • Account management is an experience in growing pains. ALL, and I mean every one of our Account Managers has been world class. They have been willing to fight for our company and 'go to bat' for our needs. The one oddity from Oracle NetSuite is the number of times our Account Managers change position. They seem to always be reorganizing or employees are moving around within the company. I wouldn't consider it 'unstable', just a function of a hot company going through growth pains.
  • Documentation and training. One of the beauties of the software is the automatic and bi-annual upgrades to the service. There is no chance of looking up one day and finding out you are six releases back in your software. However, even though we have benefited immensely from these development cycles, the documentation and training for new resources seems to be several months behind. We have seen more than one instance where a new and glad-to-get feature has no documentation available or very limited documentation to explain the new features.
Cloud computing, in my opinion, is the future. Just like we pay for electricity as we use it, and do not have our own power generation plants, I believe the future of enterprise computing is a pay-as-you-use service. And other companies agree (Sage Intacct, SAP Business One, Microsoft Dynamics 365). NetSuite has been doing it since 1998. They clearly have a leg-up over all of these other companies.

Perhaps a highly specialized organization with lots of custom software might not be a good fit. Customization of the platform is robust to an extend and there are many tools available for customization. However, native support for common languages like Python do not exist and the back-end totally customizable JavaScript platform does require some advanced skills. In fairness, we have not encountered a situation yet that the standard cloud customization tools were unable to solve so for us, this description is a problem we just don't have.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
NetSuite SuiteBilling is being used by finance. It simplifies our billing process and allows us to send one invoice for multiple services. Some may be a flat fee, usage-based, or user-based.
  • Subscription billing with changing usage.
  • Consolidated invoicing.
  • Additional reporting specific to the software industry.
  • Data migration is cumbersome.
  • Billing frequency could be more customizable.
Subscription-based billing where usage fluctuates is what NetSuite SuiteBilling was made for. The ability to add and remove products to a subscription is equally useful. Companies with flat-rate pricing and limited product offerings likely would not see much benefit.
NetSuite SuiteBilling is typically very fast to not only respond, but resolve any issues we face.
Dan Lobring | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
NetSuite is being used across all functions of the agency, but the internal teams that are most invested in NetSuite include members of our internal admin and accounting teams, as well as the management levels of our client services team of which are responsible for project management, including billables, time management and managing budgets across projects.
  • Excellent cloud ERP system
  • Scaleable as our business/teams expand
  • Great at tracking financials and budgeting
  • Training for multiple user levels of who are using NetSuite
  • It's an expensive platform for small to mid-size businesses
  • Demonstrating the value-add/ROI of using the tool as it relates to specific types of businesses
NetSuite is customizable which can lend itself to specific issues depending on use cases. NetSuite's service and help functions can be challenging and require an investment in time to get the team fully trained and working effectively from the onset to ensure that the use of the system is meeting the desired output as the tool is as only good as the information put in.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We utilize NetSuite [CRM] for CRM, ERP, as well as Marketing purposes. It is being used across the entire organization and is a critical component for our day to day business. Sales uses it for managing customer information and interaction instances. Marketing uses it for email campaigns. Order administration uses it for purchasing and invoicing.
  • Email, Phone and Mail Campaign
  • Customer Information
  • Customer Interaction
  • Tracking Marketing Activity
  • Integration with Email
  • Adding New Fields in the System
NetSuite [CRM] is a fantastic platform where the merging of a CRM and ERP system is desired. This allows you to track orders, bookings and shipments to have a complete birds eye view of your pipeline and sales processes. The Marketing capability is also there with full capability for mass email campaigns and tracking of those who opened, clicked or unsubscribed.
I rate the overall support for Netsuite [CRM] as a 9 because of their online help and customer support. Their online help is integrated into the platform so that if you have a question on specific page or field, all you have to do is click a single button and the help for that item is displayed. Their phone and email support are also fantastic and very fast to respond.
I give Netsuite [CRM] a value of 8 because it's very user friendly IF the user is properly trained and is dedicated to using the system as the administrator and company has intended. There are few items such as overall navigation that could be better but really that's splitting hairs as with any CRM, nothing's perfect.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
It is an end-to-end ERP for us. We control our website and eCommerce as well using the product. It is being used by the entire company and it helps us solve a problem by allowing us to work anywhere and not have multiple applications to get the outcome that we get from Netsuite.
  • Cloud based
  • Very customizable
  • Grants lots of ability to manage different roles with the workflow functionality.
  • Reporting to be made more user friendly.
  1. Cloud-based ERP
  2. Integrated eCommerce
  3. Workflow capabilities
Overall, a great product to use giving the company the ability to work from anywhere.
Katelyn Goodwin | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 5 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
NetSuite ERP is mainly a manufacturing tool to monitor inventory levels and manage builds (plan and execute work orders). It is also used for simple accounting purposes and expense reporting.
  • Customizable reports
  • Customizable forms
  • Ability to make modifications without knowing how to code
  • The ability to adjust the format of forms is limited
  • Customizing roles is difficult; there should be a way to select the menu bars, not just the features
  • Logging in as administrator is very tedious
I think it's OK for retail companies but not acceptable for any companies that do their own in-house manufacturing. It doesn't have a proper lot numbering capability, which makes it necessary to monitor lot numbers outside of NetSuite ERP to prevent duplication. Also, new items do not have an external ID number unless they are imported via CSV import. This makes it difficult to update all items at one time.
December 30, 2020

Best ERP to Implement

khayati jain | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 4 out of 10
Vetted Review
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NetSuite ERP is being used in sales, marketing, and finance departments. As a user of NetSuite, it helps me to get info from various parts in one spot. This enables me to examine buyer orders, invoices, NPS client orders, and also automatically shoot the messages of mine. Such user-friendly software for maintaining the entire lifecycle of the process.
  • Handle multiple business units.
  • Support multiple currencies.
  • Employee data is easily searchable.
  • Importing and exporting of files is simple.
  • Report generation.
  • Customization needed.
NetSuite ERP is a cloud Based ERP. Easy to manage from anywhere, can be operated from any place even without any security software. Such a secure and reliable software to store and retrieve your entire organisation's data. Best for managing the sales process as it helps us to maintain customer relationship. Easy to learn and implement. We can easily import and export the data, import customer queries and also manage the full process like generating purchase orders, invoicing, payments management, reconciliation, and all.
November 26, 2020

NetSuite CRM Review

Score 7 out of 10
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Verified User
We use NetSuite CRM for customer support when issuing a warranty replacement for one client. NetSuite CRM has been very useful to us when we are setting up warranty work for customers. NetSuite CRM enables us to properly categorize the warranty replacements so they do not reflect a sale. We are also able to set up warranty replacement parts for specific items that pulls directly from inventory not available to the public.
  • Inventory reconciliation.
  • Revenue based orders vs. warranty based orders.
  • Easy to navigate while assisting customers / agent friendly user-face.
  • Not as user friendly for customer service agents.
  • Easier API with agent friendly ticketing systems.
  • Agents be able to add functions without having to get help from developers.
On an operations level, NetSuite CRM is really good. It is easy to navigate inventory and allocate orders under the appropriate department for revenue or warranty. I feel there are more suited CRM's that are much more user friendly for ticketing systems.
I am not involved at all with the support. We have a team working on all support for NetSuite.
I am not involved with a lot of the reports and additional functions NetSuite CRM provides, I am more familiar with the day to day use when placing orders and preforming customer tasks. Day to day functions are amazing and easy to navigate.
Score 1 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
IPS is a smaller company and we really wanted a totally integrated system so that time seamlessly flows to payroll, accounting, and jobs. We view three main integrated functions that have tremendous overlap as the CRM, ERP and Payroll. NetSuite represented early on this was their Suite Success service with SuitePeople US Payroll. We were a QuickBooks shop having defined most accounting functions as a mini ERP but it was limited to accounting and never automatically touched the large JOB and CRM activities, QuickBooks does have an integrated payroll function that even banks recognize their file format for data exchange. Our goal was to capture work and time and have it flow to jobs, purchases and eventually sales orders and payroll.....with some ability to scale.
  • Utilizing the Chart of Accounts, we were quick to catalog and organize our expenses, purchases and costs. NetSuite with its foundations as an ERP has sound accounting practices and fields, categories and displays for all aspects of ERP.
  • The payroll module is not fully integrated into the product, we were never told this. In fact NetSuite oursources the payroll to a Ceridian Payroll and Tax engine. This makes payroll a bit distant and harder to use, extra steps involved to even add an employee and pay them. The Ceridian product was supported completely by another team and 4-5 months into the implementation Ceridian sprung on us multiple contracts and forms needing signature, and there was no turning back. Can you imagine being forced into this relationship with NetSuite never exposing it to us as a new customer even from day one!
  • NetSuite account management never attempted to make our first year equitable for the Ceridian issues that kept coming up. This made the ERP and CRM somewhat un-usable for us as the data was not flowing across the module as Ceridian refused to implement Payroll until the ERP was complete, no idea of parallel processing.
Our requirement was to have full integration (no patching or special interfaces) between CRM, ERP and Payroll. NetSuite falls short by having the payroll as an outsourced third party that we never knew or were told of, never mentioned in the NetSuite contract and then surprise!
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