Verint Workforce Management's Flexibility and Versatility Applies Anywhere
June 15, 2022

Verint Workforce Management's Flexibility and Versatility Applies Anywhere

Ian Boen | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Verint Workforce Management

My organization currently uses Verint Workforce Management in our back-office operation. Having previously been a Verint administrator within the company, I was already familiar with onboarding and maintaining Verint WFM for both back-office and contact center and switched to managing back-office WFM for one department in the organization that was and is still in the process of rolling out the Verint Workforce Management suite.

Based on my experience with other areas of my company and even with the current tools in my department, we've been able to greatly increase productivity and effectiveness across employees and give our managers better insights and line of sight into what their employees are working on while giving them tools to support those coaching conversations across the board. We have utilized Verint My Time capabilities in the back-office to help focus and empower our workforce to have flexibility while garnering the reporting and analytics needed to have conversations with management on where potential areas of improvement may lie. We also integrate with our work distribution system to keep track of earned time for the employees and use various KPIs in Scorecard to have greater insights into employee strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Verint Workforce Management does a nice job of providing a broad suite of tools that allow us to build out our own back-office WFM program that may differ from other back-office areas.
  • The capabilities of the broader Verint platform tie in nicely with Verint Workforce Management, so we can use DPA, My Time, Scorecard, and Forecasting and Scheduling to manage operations from front to back.
  • User experiences and access can be tailored depending on the roles of the employees so as not to overwhelm someone with too many tools.
  • It would be nice to have the ability for DPA to only run during someone's shift time so that the gaps in DPA and My Time can be synchronized better.
  • My company's work distribution system has work queues that can be shared across departments, so sometimes, one department may have the exact same work combo as another. It would be nice to load those into the system in two different areas and keep the department VCT buckets separated instead of needing to work across departments to synchronize one VCT earned time.
  • I would like to be able to build my own DPA ad hoc reports versus relying solely on the DPA canned reports that come with reporting.
  • Verint Workforce Management was brought into my company well before I became a Verint administrator at the company but having heard feedback from the very first department brought on, they were able to quickly reduce overtime through the use of Verint Workforce Management by applying appropriate schedules, KPIs, and coaching across the frontline.
  • Verint Workforce Management has been able to provide my current department with the ability to work from anywhere while still giving managers the tools needed to manage their employees with consistency and actually with greater ease than before.
  • One of the things we tend to struggle with is usually the change management and making sure that the managers and workforce understand why we are implementing a piece of Verint Workforce Management. We have had experiences with employees who feel it may be too much big brother, but when they understand it and how it can improve their work, they tend to switch their opinions.

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In the back-office, we've been able to build out KPIs based on the work that each employee completes using VCTs. We also build out skilling that helps us be able to forecast how many headcounts we'll need on any given day based on expected volumes from forecasting. This has also led management to more levels of cross-training of skills and focused on where potential areas of more hiring may be needed.
We do not currently use the mobile application but are very interested in implementing it based on what we've seen so far.
In my experience, Verint Workforce Management is capable of fitting in just about anywhere and can be tailored to the strategy of each department. I've had the opportunity to support the setup of Verint Workforce Management in the contact center as well as back-office, which is great to have the experience in knowing that what works well for the contact center doesn't necessarily apply to back-office and vice versa. At the same rate, there are still tools that apply greatly to both areas, which are nice to drive consistency in the use of Verint Workforce Management across the enterprise.