Inbound based groups will love, Outbound not so much.
June 16, 2022

Inbound based groups will love, Outbound not so much.

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Overall Satisfaction with Verint Workforce Management

The main use for my department is for forecasting/scheduling. Overall, Verint Workforce Management is easy to use and yields accurate results. However, there are a few features that were taken away after the latest upgrade. They are minor but assisted us. Such as the filtering in the Calendar view has been changed, and a few filters have been taken away. No one cares for having to click on a shift event, waiting for Verint Workforce Management to load, and then make the change or drag. It was a nice feature being able to just click and drag a meal break, for example. We all miss being able to "right-click" as well for quick updates/changes. The only major functionality that we have not been able to receive assistance from Verint about is the data from campaigns disappearing. Prior to the upgrade, we would be able to pull in historical data for OB queues, and it would forecast lists for us. Now, those don't show up at all, and no one has been able to explain why or show us how to get this back if it's a user error.
  • Coaching Module Optimization
  • eLearning Feature
  • Creating a Class/Session
  • Ability to properly optimize events, classes, coachings, etc for Outbound specific groups.
  • Having Verint forecast lists for queues after adding historical weeks in.
  • Removing someone from a class that has moved to another organization and is no longer visible within mine.
  • No limit on the number of pauses. This is causing a major issue at my company around adherence and a lot of unnecessary time for my team to go in and add exceptions in order to have their adherence look correct.
  • When submitting a coaching request in the module, give the submitter the ability to select all of their employees but also select only one employee per session. This is the biggest complaint among the staff about using the Coaching Module. They don't like that they have to submit multiple requests for One-on-Ones for each employee and would prefer to submit one request and have it communicated to Verint Workforce Management that there should only be one person in each session.
  • Sorting by shift event time is no longer an option in the Calendar screen.
  • I preferred the Calendar screen when I was able to view all employees at once, and now it is limited to 50 per page.
  • Working OT due to manually moving shift events/optimizing
  • The update to creating classes has made things easier/faster

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Based on my previous responses about the lack of optimization and inabilities to schedule Outbound specific groups, it has not improved or assisted. More time has been spent forecasting, collecting data, and creating separate worksheets and formulas outside of Verint Workforce Management in order to forecast. Having to manually move shift/calendar events as well has caused a major setback.
I have not utilized this.
Based on my use and experience with Verint Workforce Management, I feel that it is best suited for groups that have at least 100 employees within each group that are mainly Inbound groups. I have noticed that Verint Workforce Management does not optimize as well and stacks meal breaks, eLearning, etc., when it's a group smaller than 100 but also is an Outbound based group. Verint Workforce Management does not seem to connect/communicate with Outbound data properly to determine what hours are the best to have the least amount of staffing. Since it doesn't read the data well, it also doesn't recognize not to schedule 80% of the department at the same time for lunch. This causes a lot of manual work on our end that should be automated. At times, with the Outbound groups, it seems that manually optimizing the schedules is a more efficient way than relying on Verint Workforce Management to do so.