Vista by Viewpoint Review
Updated December 30, 2020

Vista by Viewpoint Review

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Overall Satisfaction with Vista by Viewpoint

Vista is being used as our Construction Management Software across the entire company. Last June we also purchased Keystyle which was then purchased by Viewpoint. We use all Modules except for the Service Modules and the Resouce Modules. We use Viewpoint to address the majority of our business problems, we have put a lot of customization into Viewpoint. We have 500+ Custom reports along with many user-defined modules/tables.
  • Track Jobs - the PM Module allows tracking of a job.
  • User Defined Database - My sell on Viewpoint was how easy it was to add custom fields/tables and even create custom procedures for areas where Viewpoint did not have a module for that.
  • Equipment Tracking - Equipment Tracking is done very easily in Viewpoint.
  • Safety Training - Viewpoint tracks/compiles training however the reports are basic. We need to be able to see training by looking at a job and the employees on the job for certain training classes and seeing if the class is expired, missing or current. The entire safety training could use an overhaul.
  • PM PO Change Orders - this needs to be added into the PO Work Flow for the PM Side. There is not a way to do a change order and keep it in the PM PO Workflow.
  • Employee Info - A picture on the HR Resource Master would be great, then allow to print badges from there and also assign each employee a QR Code so the QR Code can be scanned for training or to get a list of the person's training.
  • Standardized processes between jobs and offices.
  • Allow PM's and Field Emp to do some of the initial work and streamline the amount of people/times entering info.
When we were looking it came down to Viewpoint and CMiC. Viewpoint won because of their ability to customize was more robust. Also 12 years ago we were not eager to go to the cloud and CMiC was cloud-based only.

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Viewpoint Support - The support side for Vista is lacking in the amount of time it takes for a response and then also the time it takes to get the issue resolved.

Recently, I've had a ticket open for 2 weeks with no response, I had to go to the support manager to get a response. The longest ticket I had open with no response was 13 weeks, which is not acceptable. Also, Support needs to pay attention to time zone's and not call, leave a message and then send an email about how they can't get a hold of you and will close the ticket if they do not hear from you the next day.
Viewpoint support is also very poor at keeping issues/cases updated on their side. It would be nice if I could go in and look at the issues/cases and see what Viewpoint is doing so I do not have to ask for a status update all the time.
Support also does not read the information that is sent in on a ticket, they will send me links to articles in Clearview that are not even related to the problem submitted. Also if I add screen prints or attachments when I do get a follow up from support they always ask for me to submit screenshots because they cannot see them, even though I have submitted them with the initial ticket.

Vista Feature Ratings

Using Vista by Viewpoint

60 - We have representation for each area in Viewpoint, PM's, AP, AR, Payroll, HR, Equipment/Yard Management/Billing/Management/Reporting/IT
3 - We have 3 employees who support Viewpoint:
One IT Admin who does the Viewpoint Updates
One IT Analyst who creates/manages reports, dashboards, analytics, SQL, HR Management, and Field Management. Person also manages the flow of processes within Viewpoint. Watches for all updates and works with areas on roll out.
One Trainer who does the Project Management training
  • Project Management
  • Payroll
  • Billing
  • Manage custom tool ordering
  • In/Out Boards
  • analystics
  • safety training dashboards
Viewpoint is what we use to run our business.

Evaluating Vista by Viewpoint and Competitors

Yes - We had a custom program previously and it was outdated and needed updates.
  • Price
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
  • Product Reputation
I would ask for specific examples of how our process is done and not take the word of the sales person that Viewpoint could do it.

Vista by Viewpoint Implementation

The trainer Viewpoint sent did not understand the processes, he only knew where the modules were located. He had no understanding of the actual process itself.
  • Implemented in-house
  • Third-party professional services
  • TIBCO professional services
Change management was minimal
  • Vista did not do what we were told it would

Vista by Viewpoint Support

Support was very poor for a long time, I have noticed this year that we are getting a better response. It is still not up to where it was 5 or so years ago but it has come a long way. I normally get a response from a ticket the same day now instead of 13 days later. The follow up is much faster.
Quick Resolution
Knowledgeable team
Kept well informed
Support cares about my success
Need to explain problems multiple times
Not Available
Yes - It depends on the bug. Bugs within HR Management have mostly been taken care of fast, however bugs within Vista are normally not taken care of timely. Sometimes it might be a hot fix but most often a case is put in and the bug can sit for months before being fixed or it will be fixed in an update but once updated the bug is still there. It took three rounds of updates before a bug was finally fixed in payroll.
A few weeks ago our HR Management Timecard program was having issues, there was a bug. They were able to put in a hot fix asap that resolved that issue.

Using Vista by Viewpoint

Each process is pretty easy to execute, there is documentation on how to do the process and video's you can watch
Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
  • Running Reports
  • Looking up Employees in HR Resource Master
  • Finding Equipment
  • Finding Missing Training
  • Finding Expired Training
  • Finding curriculums for employees based on Titles