IBM Watson Studio: Ideal for Rapid Data Science and ML POCs and Deployments with Watson
February 25, 2019

IBM Watson Studio: Ideal for Rapid Data Science and ML POCs and Deployments with Watson

Christopher Penn | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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Overall Satisfaction with Watson Studio (formerly IBM Data Science Experience)

Watson Studio is the first third of IBM's new Watson machine learning data pipeline. It's a powerful, reasonably intuitive, low-code environment for building machine learning models and integrating IBM's machine learning APIs (speech recognition, image recognition, etc.) into your ML pipeline. If you already consume Watson APIs, Watson Studio will help streamline current and future deployments.
  • Integration of IBM Watson APIs such as speech to text, image recognition, personality insights, etc.
  • SPSS modeler and neural network model provide no-code environments for data scientists to build pipelines quickly.
  • Enforced best-practices set up POCs for deployment in production with a minimum of re-work.
  • Estimator validation lets data scientists test and prove different models.
  • Watson Studio's UI is not always intuitive, especially when it comes to requirements and specific settings.
  • Documentation is not strong; tutorials and walkthroughs are noticeably light.
  • Tight integration with IBM APIs also means less well-made integrations to third party data sources and APIs—MySQL support notably absent.
  • As a reseller, selling Watson Studio as a machine learning platform package is relatively straightforward.
  • Buyers and partners know, appreciate, and trust the IBM brand.
  • Watson Studio models obey best practices, which means they are less subject to human error.
As an IBM Business Partner, we are financially incentivized to recommend and deploy IBM solutions where it makes sense to do so for the customer. Against other solutions, few have the governance and security that IBM offers, which is essential for any kind of work in highly regulated industries. IBM's solution may not be the sexiest, but it's the most bulletproof.
Watson Studio is optimal for experienced data scientists and machine learning professionals to develop and deploy models quickly while enforcing best practices that set up projects for deployment and management down the road. It's not appropriate for people without a data science or machine learning background for production use; the ease of the visual modelers does not mean it makes machine learning easy or intuitive.

IBM Watson Studio Feature Ratings

Connect to Multiple Data Sources
Extend Existing Data Sources
Automatic Data Format Detection
MDM Integration
Interactive Data Analysis
Interactive Data Cleaning and Enrichment
Data Transformations
Data Encryption
Built-in Processors
Multiple Model Development Languages and Tools
Automated Machine Learning
Single platform for multiple model development
Self-Service Model Delivery
Flexible Model Publishing Options
Security, Governance, and Cost Controls