WebMerge is the king of creating documents for clients using CRMs!
June 07, 2018

WebMerge is the king of creating documents for clients using CRMs!

Rodrigo Rojas | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
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Overall Satisfaction with WebMerge

We use WebMerge to create automatically documents for our clients. Usually, we use it together with CRM Pipedrive and it works like a charm in a very efficient way to improve efficiency in the sales department of our clients. We applied to be a trained consulting company and we did successfully into a new reseller.
  • Create automatically quotations in Pipedrive based on deals created.
  • Be able to add different products in the quotation based on the deal in the CRM.
  • Be able to send the quotation in the right way how we need.
  • The tool requires some knowledge of programming and it is not easy for everybody.
  • The service needs quite a few interactions with the customer service in order to fully work.
  • There are not enough videos that show how to do everything, you need to keep going to the customer service (although it is very efficient).
  • Definitely, WebMerge has improved our time on creating a great number of documents for our clients.
  • It has managed to cut the times of preparation of documents in more than 50% of the time.
  • Our clients can now deliver, in a faster way, quotes and can improve the time to validate prospects.
We have been trying to get information on DocuPanda and NiftyQuoter, however, these two tools are mostly oriented to create quotation and the setup is pretty complicated. If you are looking to create just quotation, you may try these two, but WebMerge has a better performance since it deals with different types of documents and the price is based on documents created, which is great.
WebMerge works perfectly for companies using CRM or whatever other software involving customer data, like attributes and deals data. Also, WebMerge is perfect to deal with the creation of a great variety of different documents, think whatever document and WebMerge will be able to create it for you. However, it needs some training to work with it perfectly.