No more 20-hour work days!
September 18, 2015

No more 20-hour work days!

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Overall Satisfaction with Winshuttle

Winshuttle is implemented across the whole organization. It helps our business users be able to resolve complex data updates in our system without needing to tie up our TG resources. It also allows us to test a few different scenarios before drafting change requests for future system enhancements.
  • My department, the winshuttle transaction has been a tremendous help of loading large data into our system when our system couldn't support our customers offering expectations.
  • The winshuttle transaction is something that our team uses daily in order to support our customers. It takes winshuttle transaction a few hours to do what normally would take days and several resources in order to complete manually.
  • The winshuttle query has allowed our business teams to build custom queries for pulling data down outside of SAP in an easy user interface. This has allowed our business teams to be able to build and test data structures and then provide the specific structure to our IT department to rebuild within our BI environments.
  • There is so much that I love about this product, that this is a really tough question. I find that the tool is very easy to use and implement with team members that are not as familiar with reporting and technical skills. The only issue that I really face with the tool is regarding text notes fields and pop up's on accounts or materials. It's somewhat tricky to program text note fields at times with the tool. When processing order entry, my company has various different pop ups that can happen depending on the customer or material that is being used. These tend to be very tricky and often require us to break out the orders by material types.
  • I have nothing but positive to say regarding the ROI of an company wide implementation of winshuttle transaction and central. Our company used winshuttle prior to central going live, which allowed our users to do whatever they wanted with the tool. This allowed users to create bad habits and process scripts in production without any type of governance. Since we implemented winshuttle Central, we have build IT and Business leads from each functional area to provide training, guidance, and overall governance of the tools. It requires our users to create scripts with integrity and fully test before promoting into a production environment.
  • The ROI of using winshuttle transaction within our company is tremendous as well. All our materials and customers are created through end to end data quality checks and then immediately have a coding to kick off a winshuttle to load them into our SAP system. The helps ensure that our master data stays accurate within our system. In our customer service department, it allows for large customer orders to be placed quickly and takes out the manual entry and our order management department to modify orders in large batches as needed. It frees up our teams from data entry projects and allows us to focus on more analysis and support of our customers.
Winshuttle is great at helping with daily processes or stop gaps that the steps are the same within the data set your trying to update. It's less appropriate when the issue you're trying to solve is a one time occurrence with a few lines, or the data populated varies based off someone's interpretation.

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Winshuttle Support

The winshuttle staff are some of the best in the business. I have been working with them for several years and always have had a positive interaction. There support staff are very knowledgeable. There product managers are very supportive as well and always open to hear feedback on how you like the product and any gaps that you would like to find a solution to better improve the products.
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Yes - Yes, winshuttle worked with us to help troubleshoot our issues when we upgrades our SAP instance last year. They were through the full implementation and helped troubleshoot when things were not working as expected from the previous environment.
When we implemented our winshuttle central, we could not get run later to work so we can schedule our winshuttles to run outside of business hours. They were very helpful with getting us the support needed in order to fix our set up so that we can have scheduled winshuttles kick off at specific times each day.