Master Data Management (MDM) Software

Best Master Data Management (MDM) Software include:

Informatica Cloud MDM - Customer 360 for Salesforce and Winshuttle.

Master Data Management (MDM) Software Overview

What is Master Data Management (MDM) Software?

Master data management (MDM) software provides a way of managing all critical data from multiple applications in the organization. It does this by linking to a universal or master data file.

The master data file is the single point of reference for all critical data flowing through the enterprise. Master data is usually concerned with the most critical entities like people (customers and employees), things (products, parts, assets), places (office locations and divisions), and concepts (warranties, contracts, licenses).

MDM Features & Capabilities

  • Multi-domain platform

  • Integrations and data connectivity

  • Data management with match and source reviews

  • Data standardization (cleansing, merging)

  • Workflow and governance

  • Audit and compliance tools

  • Support for data-as-a-service

Problems solved by MDM

The crucial problem that MDM solves is that, in large organizations, the above entities are likely to be stored in multiple different databases. The problem then becomes that, for example, the same customer is listed with three different addresses and different phone numbers.

Without an MDM system, none of these customer records has primacy over the others.

When the MDM is being built, attention is paid to normalizing data formats, inserting missing data elements, standardizing value formats and mapping attributes. Maintenance of the MDM is an essential task and employees must be taught data formatting rules. The MDM must also be frequently updated and maintained to keep it up to date.

Pricing Information

MDM software is enterprise-grade software typically sold by the big enterprise software vendors like SAP, Oracle, and IBM. Like all enterprise software, this can be very expensive. Traditionally, this software has been sold as on-premise software but is now usually available as a cloud offering too.

Large-scale cloud MDM pricing can range from $15,000 per month to over $50,000 per month. However, there are cheaper less fully-featured alternatives, along with some open-source solutions.

Master Data Management (MDM) Products

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50 ratings
32 reviews
Winshuttle is an SAP-focused data management and robotic process automation platform. It is designed to enable the building and adaptation of Excel and SharePoint-based interactive forms and workflows for SAP without programming.
IBM InfoSphere Information Server
29 ratings
6 reviews
IBM InfoSphere is an enterprise grade master data management solution used by over 700 customers. It competes with Oracle's Siebel UCM product and Informatica.
Informatica MDM
22 ratings
3 reviews
Informatica MDM is an enterprise master data management solution that competes directly with IBM's InfoSphere and Oracle's Siebel UCM product. The product has about 200 licensed users. Informatica MDM is a multidomain solution with flexibility to support any master data domain and relationship—wheth…
Informatica Cloud MDM - Customer 360 for Salesforce
10 ratings
3 reviews
Informatica Cloud MDM includes Cloud MDM – Customer 360 for Salesforce, allowing users to trust in customer and contact data with integrated data management that maximizes the capabilities of Salesforce.
5 ratings
2 reviews
TIBCO MDM is a master data management platform.
SAP NetWeaver MDM
6 ratings
1 reviews
SAP NetWeaver MDM is based upon technology from the A2i acquisition in 2004. This is a comprehensive master data management suite and competes with IBM InfoSphere, Oracle Siebel UCM, Informatica, and Tibco.
1 ratings
1 reviews
Stibo STEP MDM, from Denmark software company Stibo Systems, is a master data management solution.
Teradata Master Data Management
14 ratings
1 reviews
Terarada's Aprimo MDM product is somewhat less broadly used than competitive products because it is primarily designed to manage data for the Teradata technology platform.
SAS DataFlux
9 ratings
1 reviews
SAS DataFlux's capabilities handle data profiling, matching, cleansing and monitoring. Capabilities are available as individual products or as a platform. DataFlux competes with Informatica, Trilliium, Ataccama, and SAP Data Quality Management.
Kalido MDM
Kalido MDM is a master data management platform from Magnitude Software in Austin, Texas (formerly Kalido, rebranded after that company's merger with Noetix).
Riversand MDMCenter
Riversand MDMCenter is a master data management platform from Houston, Texas based software company Riversand Technologies.
Omni-Gen Master Data Management Edition
The iWay Parallel Service Manager is a data integration solution from Information Builders.
webMethods OneData
webMethods OneData is a master data management solution from Software AG gained when that company acquired original developer Data Foundations.
Multivue is a master data management platform from Scottish software company VisionWare, in Glasgow.
MasterDataOnline (MDO)
Prospecta Master Data Online (MDO) is a web-based tool that manages the governance and standardization of all types of master data across the user’s business. It allows business users to create information with standardized business rules, workflows and approval processes. MDO is available both o…
IBM Initiate
Initiate Systems was acquired by IBM in 2010, their master data management platform became IBM Initiate.
The EBX Platform from French company Orchestra Networks is a master data management platform.
InfoSphere Master Data Management
InfoSphere Master Data Management (or InfoSphere MDM) is, as the name would suggest, a master data management platform from IBM.
Enterprise Explorer
Enterprise Explorer is designed to offer a simple and intuitive way for professional business process modeling on Microsoft platforms. Enterprise Explorer transforms an individual Visio® workplace into a powerful multi-user platform operating on a basis of centralized process repository, which opens…
StarDQ is a real time solution for cleansing, de-duping, and enriching enterprise data. By integrating StarDQ Solution, organizations can cleanse, match and unify data across multiple data sources and data domains. According to the vendor, the goal is to ensure that data is a strategic, trustworthy,…
Veeva Network
Veeva Systems headquartered in Pleasanton offers master data management (MDM) via Veeva Network, the company's life science focused MDM featuring data quality controls and reporting, fast import and export of data, powerful search and clear data visualization, and integration with Veeva CRM.
CitiusTech H-Scale
CitiusTech headquartered in Princeton offers H-Scale, an MDM and data lifecycle management platform for integrating and validating healthcare data from various systems, compatible with Hadoop distributions, and having the H-IQM data quality module, and H-CDP claims data validating and parsing module…
IBM Master Data Management on Cloud
IBM Master Data Management on Cloud is an MDM solution designed to provide functionality similar to the IBM Master Data Management Advanced Edition (InfoSphere) product but without the typical maintenance costs associated to on-prem deployments, by making it available from the IBM Cloud.
Reltio MDM
Reltio MDM is, as the name suggests, a master data management platform from California based software company Reltio.
Oracle Siebel UCM
10 ratings
0 reviews
Oracle Siebel Universal Customer Market Applications is an enterprise data management product and has over 1,500 licensed users. The product competes directly with IBM's InfoSphere offering