Great Things About Winshuttle
Jon Pierre Jourdonnais | TrustRadius Reviewer
September 29, 2015

Great Things About Winshuttle

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Transaction Winshuttle

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  • Transaction for Data Migration
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Overall Satisfaction with Winshuttle

I used Winshuttle while working at Nissan North America, I was the function project lead during our 1.5 implementation of SAP. During that time my team and I (physically) utilized Winshuttle to migrate our legacy data into SAP.

I understood that it was also used to manage some accounting transaction to pull vouched receipts into SAP for payments from site not currently on SAP.

  • "Training" I feel Winshuttle was extremely easy to learn' my team and I went to a week long training class on the uses of the software upon finishing the course we all became internal (company) support as well as expert functional users.
  • "Ease of use" once a user learns the basics processes of the software it is functionally very easy to use and if there are problems with in the processing that cannot be supported internally Winshuttle community and support quickly helped clear up those issues, "if they occurred"
  • "Processes data FAST" once the transaction is mapped and recorded the user can move through (process) large amounts of data very quickly, saving lots of time by eliminating manual steps.
  • "Data Error Correction" through the transactional processing of large amounts of data, nothing is ever perfect, usually during data migration process if a single line fails the process stops, the correction is made to the data and the process starts all over again. Winshuttle data migration process doesn't stop it will provide a list of exceptions upon completion of the data load. It does this by only processing the "good" data and when bad data is encountered it is skipped and an error message is created and added to the data sheet. With this process the user now only has to worry about exceptions that didn't load and also knows why the line failed so making correction are easier and faster.
  • From what I remember the one thing that I though could be improved on was the more complex transaction mapping. I am sure with the newer version this has probably improved but when my team and I were using it this was one area we thought was hard to work in.
  • What would be cool is if Winshuttle could read tabled data in Word, PowerPoint or OneNote documents.
  • A Query Dashboard would be nice to have, I am sure it has been developed by now, but I would think the dashboard would have some similar functionality as crystal reports. through the dashboard one could schedule report queries and once generated the report could be emailed to specific people or group of people or dropped into a folder on a SharePoint site or something like that.
  • Faster and easier data migration
  • Increase in transaction efficiencies
  • Minimal rework in data loads
  • Legacy System Migration Workbench (LSMW) and Informatic
I think Winshuttle is much easier to use, because non-technical people can update and create transactional and master data in SAP from Excel and Access without programming. errors are easy and faster to fix. It's faster to setup and gets data loaded faster.
Very well suited for Data Migration, process transactions where there is a lot of data entry

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