WordPerfect was Perfect in the Past
Updated July 25, 2019

WordPerfect was Perfect in the Past

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Overall Satisfaction with WordPerfect Office

We are using WordPerfect to create and update a 170 page resource directory for our county. It is used mainly by two people who input the information into the program and format it. It is used mainly due to the fact that the resource directory was created with WordPrect in the late 1990's and every attempt at converting the format to MS Word has been unsuccessful.
  • WordPerfect has kept many of the same features for the past 20 years. It can even open documents made 20 years ago. Large documents are opened easily.
  • WordPerfect has a ton of formatting options. It is fairly easy to format items and lets you see the code that it is using to format, which does make changes easy.
  • WordPerfect comes built in with exporting to MS Word and PDF among many others. This is a nice addition since not many people have WordPerfect.
  • WordPerfect clearly has not updated the user interface in some years. It looks akin to Windows 98 icons and frames. The icons are not always intuitive.
  • The spreadsheet program seems like it is years behind. Almost everything is easier to do on Excel. It also looks very dated.
  • It is less automated. While this is nice for formatting, if you want the program to guess what you would like to do with formatting, that isn't going to happen.
  • The menus have tons of options; way too many really.
  • WordPerfect has made it possible to continue to update a 20 year old document and keep it viable.
  • It is foreseeable that eventually documents will be able to be converted to MSWord flawlessly and this would be a great bonus, but currently it is a downfall; one that keeps us using WordPerfect although.
WordPerfect and Microsoft Office are two very comparable programs. Word really is better than WordPerfect in every area other than the ultimate control over formating that WordPerfect gives you. If you are not converting documents that are 20 years old, Microsoft Office is the way to go, not WordPerfect.
WordPerfect is stable using old documents and long documents. You can open them with ease and quickly. The formatting in WordPerfect is totally in your control, and the access to the formatting code makes this possible (Alt-F3). It is needed when using old documents that have been created in the past and are continually updated.
Let's not forget there is no Cloud feature to WordPerfect. In all honesty, if anyone is looking to create a new document MSWord is going to be the better choice.

Using WordPerfect Office

2 - We use WordPerfect to create an update a 170 page resource directory that is 20 years old.
2 - General computer and word processing skills are needed.
  • Importing old documents.
  • Having control over formatting.
  • One time buy price.
  • Use it to create and update a 20 year old document.
  • Creating basic memos and documents.
I would rather use Microsoft Word but since the conversion isn't flawless we are stuck using WordPerfect.