Yahoo Gemini
Toni Reifsteck | TrustRadius Reviewer
May 22, 2018

Yahoo Gemini

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Overall Satisfaction with Yahoo Gemini

Yahoo Gemini is used by the marketing department for the entire organization. It is one of many tools we use in our digital marketing efforts specifically SEM and Display Marketing. We use Gemini for Service Line marketing e.g. Prostate Cancer, Lung Cancer, Cardiovascular Medicine. We also use Gemini for branding e.g. medical programs unique to our region. At this moment I am the only in-house SEM and Display marketing strategist. We occasionally use agencies for certain markets.
  • Low Spend: Our Search and Display spend has all AdWords. As many digital marketers know, AdWords is effective, yet expensive. I did some research and found out that Gemini and Yahoo Network is terribly underrated. The upside? We have been able to get moderate results using 5% of our AdWords spend. That's a drop in the bucket. The best part is that I have not seen a need to increase the spend because bids are ridiculously low.
  • Higher Conversion Rates: I believe Gemini’s users are very intent driven hence a smaller population is able to drive high conversion rates.
  • Platform: it is so streamlined and easier to use compared to AdWords. Yes, it lacks a lot of bells and whistles but with 5% spend, I don't really need it. Also, creatives are easier to put together. There are basic requirements like text length and minimum image dimensions but you can edit in the platform. AdWords on the other hand has a very rigid dimension requirement. It discourages using your own creatives. I find myself crossing my fingers and hoping the ads look okay.
  • Reporting: Not a lot of information with analytics.
  • Billing: There is no invoice or receipt. Your credit card is charged using thresholds. For instance, if your threshold is $250, your card is pre-charged $250 before your ads run. So if you have a $5000 budget, that means your card is charged 20 times! I hope this changes. It make cost center reconciliation super stressful.
  • I have only been using Gemini for about a year so I can only speak for the results obtained in that time frame. Overall impact on KPIs has been positive. On overall business objectives, I am yet to determine if this is significant enough to do a major shift in tactics.
Undoubtedly AdWords ranks higher overall. Yahoo Gemini is a distant second. Bing has been a disappointment but I have not given up on it.
Using Gemini alone means you miss out on users not on Yahoo or its partner networks and that's a lot of folks. I mean, Google AdWords is #1 for a reason. It is best to use Gemini with AdWords. The best part is you are able to export your AdWords campaigns directly into Gemini. Super nifty!
However, if you have a small budget and AdWords is cost prohibitive, then by all means use Gemini - you can run a moderate two-week campaign for $500 in Gemini, while that will get you a day and a half in AdWords.