Native Advertising Platforms

Native Advertising Platforms Overview

What are Native Advertising Platforms?

Native advertising platforms support the creation and distribution of ads or paid content that match the form, style, and function of the media in which they appear. By blending into the native content of the target platform, these ads are perceived as being less intrusive. Readers are even sometimes unaware of the promotional nature of the post.

Native advertisements are usually presented in one of the following ways: in-feed ads that appear in social media, promoted search listings, and content recommendations. They are used on social media platforms, streaming services, news sites, by ad agencies, and affiliate marketers.

Native advertising can be considered part of its ad distribution operation and is often part of a company’s overall content marketing strategy. These types of ads are an increasingly popular format for advertisers.

Native advertising software is highly effective when integrated with a DSP (Demand Side Platform) that allows advertisers to buy space for online advertising. DSPs are part of a broader category known as Programmatic Advertising, which automates a large part of the advertising process.

Native Advertising Platform Features

Most native advertising platforms will offer the following features:

  • A/B Testing for Ads

  • Ad Inventory Management

  • Affiliate Management

  • AI/Machine Learning

  • Analytics/Ad Attribution Tracking

  • Audience Targeting

  • Automated Publishing

  • Behavior Analytics

  • Bidding Strategies

  • Ad Campaign Management

  • Communication Management

  • Community Management

  • Cross-channel Attribution

  • Customer Segmentation

  • Display Ad Management

  • Multi-Channel Marketing

  • Reporting/Analytics

  • Video Support

These types of platforms support Cloud, SaaS, web-based implementations.

Native Advertising Platform Comparison

When evaluating native advertising platforms, consider the following key factors:

  • Channels: How well does the product work with your target advertising channels? These may include social media, Google search results, online publications, marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, etc.

  • Use case: Some products are better suited for specific users and industries. Some platforms are specifically designed for use by affiliate marketers, agencies, video advertisers, retail, finance, government, health care, and manufacturing businesses.

  • Integrations: How well does it integrate with your content marketing and programmatic advertising platforms?

Pricing Information

Pricing is dependent upon the product features and the scope of ad campaigns you plan on running. Large corporations or agencies will likely have large budgets to spend on advertising platforms. But for smaller businesses, campaign costs can start as low as $10 a month and increase up to a minimum of over $100 a month.

Most vendors require interested buyers to request a customized quote, especially when handling enterprise-level ad campaigns. Several products with advanced features have feature-driven pricing. Free trials are rare to come by. Some vendors provide free online training as part of their offerings.

Native Advertising Products

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Marketing Solutions by Criteo

Criteo Dynamic Retargeting aims to deliver the right ad at the right moment in the shopper journey. The vendor says Criteo Dynamic Retargeting consistently wins 90% of competitive performance tests and generates an average 13X return on ad spend at significant sales volume. It is…

Key Features

  • Ad dashboards (53)
  • Display advertising (52)
  • Ad performance reports (52)
LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

LinkedIn Marketing Solutions is a recently (2015) expanded marketing platform for reaching audiences through the popular Linkedin work-oriented social network that includes modules like the Lead Accelerator (supporting segmentation features to improve conversion), Sponsored Updates,…


Outbrain, headquartered in New York with offices globally, is an internationally known native advertising platform for curating and publishing content across a variety of channels and media spaces, containing editorial controls, analytics for judging impact, and related features.

Yahoo Gemini! (Verizon Media Native), formerly Yahoo! Advertising

Yahoo Gemini was Yahoo's offering for mobile, native and search engine marketing and advertising (formerly Yahoo! Advertising and Yahoo! Search Marketing), for placing ads where visitors are, with an emphasis on mobile. Its former capabilities are now part of Verizon Media Native.…


StackAdapt, headquartered in Toronto offers their native advertising specialized DSP, supporting programmatic advertising with audience discovery, B2B targeting, and engagement analytics among other features.

Key Features

  • Ad campaign creation (14)
  • Ad dashboards (14)
  • Ad deployment (14)
Basis, by Centro

Basis from Centro is a programmatic ad buying platform supporting digital advertising buying and placement across varying channels. Since the acquisition of SiteScout the platform also contains technology from the SiteScout AdServer.

Key Features

  • Ad performance reports (10)
  • Ad display and retargeting segmentation (10)
  • Ad deployment (10)

Taboola is a native advertising platform from the company of the same name in New York for publishing "recommended" content in a variety of popularly visited news sites and spaces. Taboola is partnered with many publishers (the Atlantic, Tribune, MailOnline, Business Insider, etc.…

Verizon Media Ad Platform, formerly Oath (Brightroll, One by AOL, Yahoo Gemini)

Verizon Media (formerly Oath) is the media division of Verizon Communications and combines the former services and technologies of the companies it comprises including the former Brightroll, One by AOL, Right Media Exchange, ADTECH, as well as Yahoo! ad tech. The service supplies…

Amazon Advertising Sponsored Products

Amazon Advertising, including its Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands products, provide ad solutions to help users find, attract, and engage Amazon customers at every stage of their journey.

Google AdSense

Google AdSense provides a way for publishers to earn money from their online content. AdSense works by matching ads to your site based on your content and visitors. The ads are created and paid for by advertisers who want to promote their products. Since these advertisers pay different…


Smaato is the eponymous, supply-side publisher platform (SSP) from the San Francisco based company.


The N.Rich ABM Advertising Platform is the eponymous B2B advertising channel from the company in Helsinki. With N.Rich, you can upload your target accounts, find lookalikes or even build it from the ground up using firmographic and technographic data.


TripleLift is an advertising technology from the New York based company of the same name which emphasizes bringing visual content to native advertising with persuasive publisher integration, as well as analytics. Founded in 2012, Triplelift has been backed by approximately $6.1…


Revcontent is native advertising technology emphasizing content discovery, from the company of the same name in Sarasota.

Retail Media by Criteo

Criteo Retail Media for Brands (formerly Criteo Sponsored Product) is presented by the vendor as an all-in-one self-service platform for buying retail media at scale. Alternately, Criteo Retail Media for Retailers supports growing ad revenue and enhancing relationships with brands.…


The Nativo Ad Platform from Nativo in El Segundo is designed to empower publishers with advanced advertising technology for native and sponsored content.

Verizon Media Publisher Platform

Verizon Media's Publisher Platform is a native ad and SSP solution for publisher monetization and inventory management.

Zemanta, an Outbrain company

Zemanta, an Outbrain company (acquired 2017) is a demand side content marketing platform (DSP), featuring the ability to allow marketers to programmatically buy native content ads, with targeting features as well. If desired, Zemanta can be bundled with service. Also, Zemanta can…

Verizon Media DSP

With cross-screen data fueled by direct consumer relationships, the Verizon Media DSP is designed to enable advertisers to understand and reach their audiences across multiple dimensions on every device. Boasting scale, exclusive inventory, and unique data, the DSP aims to offer…


Miip is a mobile advertising platform based on curated content from InMobi headquartered in Singapore.


Maximus, from the company of the same name in Miami Beach, is media buying software designed to put native advertising strategies on autopilot with autonomous, cross-platform native advertising campaign management.

Voluum DSP

Voluum DSP is a native Ad Platform to buy, track, and scale global advertising, from Codewise in Krakow.


Zeropark, from Codewise in Krakow, is a ad exchange providing in-app native ads, push and pop ads, and domain redirect ads.

Native Ads

Native Ads is a content discovery and in-stream native advertising platform from the company of the same name in New York, that facilitates the native ad buying and selling process for publishers and advertisers at scale across websites, mobile web and apps.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do Native Advertising Platforms do?

Native advertising platforms allow companies to place ads and sponsored content seamlessly into a website, social media, or news feeds. Their compatibility with the style and function of the media in which they are presented make them less intrusive than traditional ads. It provides an opportunity for positive engagement with potential customers.

What are the benefits of using Native Advertising Platforms?

There are several benefits of using a native advertising platform:

  • Ad performance: Many marketers believe they perform better than traditional ads. They’ve been noted to receive more views and clicks and increase purchase intent, compared to traditional online ads.
  • Brand awareness: They help to build brand awareness and increase your reach.
  • Lead generation: They can be an effective way to generate more leads, ultimately increasing sales revenue.
  • Engagement: Engagement with native ads is either the same or sometimes higher than the original content in which they are embedded.
  • More seamless experience: Because they are seen as being less intrusive and interruptive than traditional digital ads, they help fight ad fatigue.

How much does a Native Advertising Platform cost?

Your costs will be dependent upon the features you require and the size and scope of your ad campaigns. Vendors that support wide-ranging, major ad campaigns recommend you obtain a quote for their product and services.