Native Advertising Platforms

Best Native Advertising Platforms include:

Yahoo Gemini! (Verizon Media Native), formerly Yahoo! Advertising and Outbrain.

Native Advertising Platforms Overview

Native ads are paid advertisements that are matched to and embedded in digital publications based on fit of form and function. In other words, these ads are designed to fit the style of the media in which they appear, so that they are consistent with the experience of the reader of the particular publication where they appear. Native Advertising Platforms provide a means for advertisers and publishers to buy and sell ad space. Ancillary native ad software may include tools for programmatic buying, ad editing and style management, and strategy management (e.g. campaign management, ad or publisher performance analytics, etc.).

Native Advertising Products

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LinkedIn Marketing Solutions
138 ratings
33 reviews
LinkedIn Marketing Solutions is a recently (2015) expanded marketing platform for reaching audiences through the popular Linkedin work-oriented social network that includes modules like the Lead Accelerator (supporting segmentation features to improve conversion), Sponsored Updates, LinkedIn Onsite …
18 ratings
12 reviews
Top Rated
StackAdapt, headquartered in Toronto offers their native advertising specialized DSP, supporting programmatic advertising with audience discovery, B2B targeting, and engagement analytics among other features.
Yahoo Gemini! (Verizon Media Native), formerly Yahoo! Advertising
27 ratings
11 reviews
Yahoo Gemini was Yahoo's offering for mobile, native and search engine marketing and advertising (formerly Yahoo! Advertising and Yahoo! Search Marketing), for placing ads where visitors are, with an emphasis on mobile. Its former capabilities are now part of Verizon Media Native. The vendor descri…
26 ratings
10 reviews
Outbrain, headquartered in New York with offices globally, is an internationally known native advertising platform for curating and publishing content across a variety of channels and media spaces, containing editorial controls, analytics for judging impact, and related features.
20 ratings
7 reviews
Taboola is a native advertising platform from the company of the same name in New York for publishing "recommended" content in a variety of popularly visited news sites and spaces. Taboola is partnered with many publishers (the Atlantic, Tribune, MailOnline, Business Insider, etc.).
1 ratings
1 reviews
The Nativo Ad Platform from Nativo in El Segundo is designed to empower publishers with advanced advertising technology for native and sponsored content.
TripleLift is an advertising technology from the New York based company of the same name which emphasizes bringing visual content to native advertising with persuasive publisher integration, as well as analytics. Founded in 2012, Triplelift has been backed by approximately $6.1 million in funding …
Zemanta, an Outbrain company
Zemanta, an Outbrain company (acquired 2017) is a demand side content marketing platform (DSP), featuring the ability to allow marketers to programmatically buy native content ads, with targeting features as well. If desired, Zemanta can be bundled with service. Also, Zemanta can be installed as a b…
MGID offers companies a native advertising platform. The platform, which targets 850 million unique readers with 165 billion recommendations monthly, aims to help publishers retain audiences and monetize traffic. The vendor claims MGID helps clients boost brand performance and awareness for by conne…
Maximus, from the company of the same name in Miami Beach, is media buying software designed to put native advertising strategies on autopilot with autonomous, cross-platform native advertising campaign management.
Voluum DSP
Voluum DSP is a native Ad Platform to buy, track, and scale global advertising, from Codewise in Krakow.
Zeropark, from Codewise in Krakow, is a ad exchange providing in-app native ads, push and pop ads, and domain redirect ads.
LiveIntent is a programmatic advertising technology focusing on email channels or email distributed media (e.g. newsletters), from the company of the same name in New York.
Native Ads
Native Ads is a content discovery and in-stream native advertising platform from the company of the same name in New York, that facilitates the native ad buying and selling process for publishers and advertisers at scale across websites, mobile web and apps.
Revcontent is native advertising technology emphasizing content discovery, from the company of the same name in Sarasota.
Adcash is a native advertising software from the Estonian company of the same name.
EvaDav is a native advertising network based on push-notifications focused on monetizing websites and providing push-notification services from the company of the same name in Cyprus.
Criteo Retail Media (formerly Criteo Sponsored Product)
Criteo Retail Media for Brands (formerly Criteo Sponsored Product) is presented by the vendor as an all-in-one self-service platform for buying retail media at scale. Alternately, Criteo Retail Media for Retailers supports growing ad revenue and enhancing relationships with brands.
Amazon Advertising
Amazon Advertising, including its Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands products, provide ad solutions to help users find, attract, and engage Amazon customers at every stage of their journey.
Brax Software in New York offers their platform Brax to help users manage Outbrain, Taboola, Revcontent and Oath campaigns in one place.