It's easy to say "Yes" to YesMail
September 25, 2017

It's easy to say "Yes" to YesMail

Annette Giordano | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Yesmail Email Platform

YesMail was used by several departments in my last organization. It was a CRM system used to review customer contacts with emails, it was a reporting tool to show email engagement, and it was, of course, an email platform and outbound messaging system. It provided a central place for anyone with access to go in order to gauge content engagement as well as see email engagement overall. Plus, we could see which members were responding to what, and how often. It tied in with our external, broader, database directly and seamlessly.
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE. Any time myself, or my team, needed help with the system or help with figuring out how to build something new, the YesMail staff were more than happy to help, easy to work with, and easy to get a hold of.
  • The platform is intuitive, visual, and easy to navigate. Plus the inclusion of "tabs" in the interface makes navigation extremely easy. It's possible to access multiple parts of the module without going back and forth between browser windows.
  • The Market Intelligence tool is extremely useful, and provides unique insights into competitor's mailings so that it's easier to spot marketing trends, or see what others have tried and get a gauge of their successes and failures (as determined by open rates, Delete w/o open rates, etc.) so that my own team was able to either mimic techniques that had shown useful, or avoid trying certain things that were shown through those competitors not to work.
  • The Market Intelligence tool, while useful, and while it has a Deliverability Intelligence plug-in as well, is still a little rough. It's hard to sort through reports, and the location of different points of information between the "feed" and the list of marketers, is a little cumbersome to sort through.
  • The metrics available could use some updating and some clarification. There are quite a few caveats to reporting that aren't clearly stated. Ex. the clicks reported on a "click thru" report are TOTAL clicks, while the clicks reported on a Delivery and Response report are FIRST CLICK ONLY, while also the dashboard reports might show unique clicks and "clicks" (total clicks) but those numbers might also not match with the other two reports because dashboard reports are behind by 2 hours whereas the specific reports are pulling straight from the CRM within the system, and the dashboards are summaries generated every couple of hours from the CRM. All of those details took me a while to figure out, and I had to ask a lot of questions. But my account manager was always easy to get a hold of, and if he didn't know the answers to my questions he was quick about tracking down someone who did.
  • 70% of my former company's online web traffic was derived from email messages, so the reliability of the YesMail platform was paramount to our ability to achieve our business objectives.
YesMail offers almost all of the "bells and whistles" that the other major ESPs offer, but at a much more reasonable price. IBM and SalesForce, for example, offer great platforms...but they outsource the setup and implementation, and they have a lot of add-ons that drive up the price of their tool. YesMail does the implementation and maintenance themselves, and while they do have their own add-ons, their "out of the box" platform is much more inclusive than the competition's.
For all outbound messaging, YesMail is perfect. For Social Media management, or for customer service management, where customers or subscribers need a place to "talk back" to your organization, YesMail might not be the best platform.

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