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March 02, 2021
Andie Mace | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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We use Mailchimp to occasionally send out newsletters from our marketing agency, Grow With Studio (owned by and operates under Volusion). We also use it as the preferred platform for our email marketing agency service that we offer to merchants. It is just used across our department, as the internal marketing team for Volusion uses a separate software. I chose Mailchimp as the software to use with our services because I believe it has the most flexibility in terms of business size. We work with a wide variety of businesses, and Mailchimp allows for zero-100 in terms of customization of email design. Additionally, they have pretty extensive capabilities when it comes to automations and forms. That being said, some of the capabilities will be limited based on what software Mailchimp is getting its info from.
  • Great UX for beginners or people without development knowledge, but ability to add in code snippets for more advanced developers.
  • Ability to have a manage preferences unsubscribe button (rather than a catch-all unsubscribe).
  • Lots of content/resources to learn from.
  • Fairly responsive support team (but only on the paid plans, I believe).
  • I don't think that their Analytics are that impressive.
  • The UX for their automations is fairly easy for basic automations, but gets rather confusing when considering different paths of actions for longer drip campaigns.
  • In some of the plans, you might be paying for features you aren't using like advertising. There is no way to just pay for the email marketing component.
I think Mailchimp makes a lot of sense for SMB's, but would probably not be the best choice for enterprise level companies who are implementing a lot of really complex automations. Additionally, enterprise level companies might have custom fields that they want to import into Mailchimp and form what I can tell, their capabilities on doing this in an automated way are not as robust as some other platforms. But for SMB's who are starting out with email marketing or who have been doing it for awhile but are still not enterprise level companies, Mailchimp is a great option.
Mailchimp allows flexibility to accomplish pretty much everything you could want with a basic or even standard email marketing campaign. It only breaks down a bit when getting into really advanced techniques.
We have not benefitted from it. We haven't really used any of those functions as our company already has processes in place for those different channels and is not ready to change them.
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February 16, 2021
Adam Reiley | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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Verified User
Review Source
Mailchimp is used as a constituent database/mailing list for our nonprofit. It stores the information of our followers and makes mass emails easy to design, create, and send! It solves the problem of needing to organize the information of all of our followers and helps us track the results of our emails too.
  • Nice looking email designs.
  • Tracking of email results.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Automation of emails is a little difficult.
  • The user support is okay, but not great.
Mailchimp is great for designing and sending out newsletters. It also functions well to split followers into different groups so you can target mass emails at these different groups depending on interest.

I also like it for when I want to track a campaign to compare the effectiveness of different email styles and open rates.
Overall, Mailchimp is a great tool for a nonprofit like the one I manage. It organizes constituent data easily, has a user-friendly interface, and powerful, user-friendly tools to design sleek-looking emails. Finally, it has reporting tools that help the user refine and target campaigns and learn from the results of prior emails.
Mailchimp is a great tool to handle marketing in one location. This has benefited our organization and streamlined our processes.
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February 08, 2021
Vekaas Hooda | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We have been using Mailchimp for the past 2 years and it is used by mainly our marketing and training team. Training teams designs the campaigns based on the inputs provides by marketing teams; and our training team uses its creativity to design automation workflow and emailing campaigns. We have been able to design really impressive and effective emailing campaigns with Mailchimp.
  • Automating workflow
  • Real-time analysis on the effectiveness of emailing campaigns
  • Sending impressive emails
  • Engagement reports to help us understand customers behavior
  • Pricing appears to be a little on the higher side for premium plan
Mailchimp is a must when you want to leave an impression and build a long lasting relationship with your customers. Mailchimp is a great help if you want to understand the behaviour of our customers. It gives you an opportunity to understand the reasons behind failures; and you can always match up your performance with other market payers to understand where exactly you are going wrong.
Interface is user friendly. Almost anybody can work on it because you are well guided for every action that you want to perform. It lets to do a lot of things. From designing mailers, to running multiple campaigns and generating reports. You can easily automate your workflow based on your customers' behavior. You can create landing pages and create surveys easily. It also lets you compare your response in
terms of number of clicks and how many recipients have unsubscribed; and match
it up with industry leaders. So, you get a fair understanding of where you are
going wrong. Accordingly, you can make change and improve.
The journey has been really wonderful. You can do almost everything that you would need to do when it comes to email marketing. You can store images on to Mailchimp and use as
and when required. Mailchimp offers a wide variety of templates and offers excellent
automation capabilities. You can design attractive e-mailers and line-up
multiple campaigns at a given point in time. You can monitor all of your
marketing campaigns from Mailchimp. On the top of it, it gives you real-time
analysis for you to see what is generating you maximum benefits. You can easy automate the delivery of
appropriate messages based on customers’ behavior. You can easily evaluate how
customers are responding to your automated messages and make changes according
to the requirement. Mailchimp lets you create post cards, landing
pages; you can build surveys and add Instagram and Facebook contacts as well
with some restrictions. It lets you create marketing schedule. It is
compatible with all devices and operating systems. It lets you create auto-responders
for a new visitor or birthdays or any event based on your customers’ behavior.
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March 01, 2021
Anne Theriault | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use Mailchimp in our organization to do several things: We collect our readers', members', and visitors' e-mail addresses as they land on our website through an opt-in form. We are then able to readily communicate with them regarding new blog posts, ideas, and product launches.
  • Mailchimp has a great template editor, which is fast and simple to use.
  • Mailchimp offers a free subscription, which is great for beginners.
  • Mailchimp can be easily integrated into any website or blog.
  • Mailchimp is not recommended for affiliate marketing, as they will potentially ban you for inserting affiliate links.
  • The paid subscription can get pricey.
  • The free subscription doesn't offer any tangible support.
Mailchimp is well suited for online businesses to collect emails in order to stay connected with their customers, readers, and/or members. Communication with your customers is key and Mailchimp is very well suited for this purpose.

Mailchimp is less appropriate for online marketers who are looking to make commissions through affiliate marketing, as this is strictly prohibited with Mailchimp's platform.
Mailchimp is a very modern email marketing platform with easy-to-use templates and editors. Growing your audience and sending professionally designed email newsletters is a direct reflection on your company. Mailchimp allows you to keep up to date with your readers and provide them the value they are looking for.
Mailchimp has allowed our organization to integrate several online marketing functions, which is a great time saver. We are able to reach not only our subscribers but also send out the email to other social media platforms.
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February 05, 2021
Marilla Ricci | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
MailChimp has helped us a lot to be able to have more accurate information on all customers and potential customers thanks to the effectiveness of the advertising campaigns created with this platform. MailChimp is used in our Marketing sector, and it has given us great effectiveness, helping us to create advertising campaigns with an incomparable design and with the collection of information in real time. With each client that completes our advertising campaigns, the information written by the client is sent to us instantly, in real time, and this helps to have an analysis of the performance of each campaign, more quickly. I am very grateful to MailChimp for helping us build an advertising environment that is easier to manage and more accurate in collecting information.
  • MailChimp has an extensive limit regarding the number of clients to which the previously created campaign can be sent, this helps to obtain information from as many clients as possible.
  • This platform has a filter that helps prevent our advertising campaigns from entering the "Spam" or "junk" folder of our recipients. This has allowed all our clients to access the campaigns without any inconvenience.
  • The editor or creator of the advertising campaigns is very easy to use, thanks to the "drag and drop" system I can create a campaign in just a few minutes. In addition, the editor offers me a wide variety of templates that I can use to give a better design to my campaigns.
  • MailChimp has a problem when sending advertising campaigns to our clients' business emails. We have found that customers with business emails take longer to receive our advertising campaigns, much longer than customers using public emails.
  • MailChimp is very slow to login, on several occasions I have entered my login details and the window freezes for no reason. This is not something that has affected me much, because with several attempts I have managed to enter without problems, but I believe that it should be improved as soon as possible.
I would definitely recommend this platform to anyone who is considering implementing it in their company or in their work area, because MailChimp has the ability to collect information immediately, compared to other marketing platforms that take longer to receive. the data that the client has placed at the time of completing the advertising campaign. In addition, MailChimp has a fantastic campaign builder, which is able to give a great touch of creativity to your design and make it even more efficient and comfortable for customers. Despite the problems that may arise when logging in or when campaigns are sent to business emails, I still consider Mailchimp a good option because it also has its automatic report creator, and automatically generates graphs on performance of campaigns in general, this helps make analyzing campaigns even easier.
First of all, our organization has made money, since MailChimp offers us an all-in-one platform with which we can easily manage our advertising system, without the need to access several separate services. Previously, my organization paid for these services separately, but after the arrival of MailChimp, it saved a lot of money. In addition, the all-in-one platform has allowed us to have a simpler administration, since we can gather all the information in a single advertising panel, and we can have a broader view of each service.
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December 31, 2020
Kilby Lungu | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Mailchimp is being used by my office to create landing pages for email marketing and data sharing. It is being used by two departments, though not to maximum usage.
  • I like the contact list creation feature. I am able to enter individual details totally separately or I can use an Excel sheet. This is a great plus.
  • The idea of being able to schedule the timing of sending emails whenever I feel appropriate enables me to work as I please. Mailchimp has a provision that allows the user to release communications at a scheduled time, and that is especially helpful for me.
  • I also like the interoperability with my marketing automation and Spotify that enables me to target my email marketing efforts.
  • Landing page designs are too restrictive and have limited options.
  • I had a tough time when I first subscribed. Some of the templates in the free plan are very limited in design aesthetics.
Mailchimp is appropriate for brand awareness--sending emails for marketing to clients.

The platform is less appropriate in webinar programs.
I have started using it and making enough for my personal jobs.
A lot more on reaching out to customers and advertising.
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February 18, 2021
Kim Schechter | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We send out three weekly reminder emails, blog post emails, and invites to our events through Mailchimp. I am in Mailchimp 3 times a week editing, creating, and scheduling emails to go to our mailing lists.
  • Easy widget inserts.
  • Easy to copy and recreate previous emails.
  • Easy to schedule emails.
  • Segments and mail lists.
If you need a/b sending, better analytics, or more complicated designs go with a different company. For your basic emails, this is great.
It is easy to use but can only do simple designs.
We integrate our mailing list signup from our website. We are also able to segment those that want blog posts and those that want delivery emails.
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October 20, 2020
Kristi R-C, CTS, CQT | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
After not doing any kind of broad-based customer communications, we decided upon Mailchimp to send an occasional email to our customers letting them know of offerings we have and helping to educate them on technology and how to use it. We have one person mainly in charge of the process with several of us creating content. The response has been positive both internal and external.
  • Templates help facilitate the layout
  • blasts can be set up ahead of time
  • Once you learn it - it's easy to use
  • Steep learning curve to get started
  • Wish there were more educational resources to help get is up to speed.
Good for customer communication as you can share both written and visual content. Links are easy to insert. Less appropriate in a situation here you want to tailor each email to the specific customer needs, but you can sub-section your email list to make that work, if you need to do so.
We were ahead of the curve since we had a mailing list already created, so the time we spent was in learning how to integrate the mailing list with the templates on MailChimp./ Once we got that sequence figured out, it's been easy to create the next mailing and get it out.
Since it's all integrated, it's been nice focus to be able to get it all done in one place. We didn't do much direct customer communication before this and the responses have been overwhelmingly positive. The ability to add new recipients has been helpful as has the easy (once you figure it out) interface.
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January 13, 2021
Damini Gandhi | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Our marketing team used Mailchimp for various purposes based on client requirements. We used it for newsletter designs, drip email campaigns, nurture campaigns, driving registration for webinars. We designed landing pages, distributed mails to around 4-5k contacts. Business problems varied from account to account, for some clients it was brand awareness campaigns and for some, it was tactical lead gen campaigns.
  • Mailer design features - drag and drop with image and video embedding options
  • Pre-built templates are very helpful and has good design aesthetics
  • Mailchimp has increased the pricing lately which makes it unaffordable for startups and mid-size companies
  • Most of the templates and features are premium now
Well suited for email marketing campaigns, nurture campaigns, drip campaigns, landing page creation, and lead gen activities.
It makes my day to day work easy, trackable, and efficient.
Mailchimp is an all-inclusive tool and I have been using email and landing page features already. I am planning to try social media integration with Mailchimp.
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February 18, 2021
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Mailchimp serves as the primary platform for our email marketing distribution. We have been using Mailchimp for 6 years. While the entire organization makes use of Mailchimp in some form or another, there are three primary departments that oversee, manage, and implement marketing campaigns. Mailchimp provides a great way to manage our ever-growing database of constituents, allowing us to cluster them within unique sub-sets for targeted campaigns. We have campaigns that mail weekly, monthly, and quarterly. Subscribers may be on one, two, or all of these lists. Using tags, Mailchimp allows us to identify and cluster recipients, putting the right information in front of the right audience. Our campaigns vary and may be based around a new product (e.g. usually a book or an online class), event based, or program based. Mailchimp provides great layout options that highlight the specifics of each.
  • Tags: segmenting audiences by tags is amazing. This allows us to maintain our growing subscriber list.
  • Subscriber Analytics: using the analytics provide by Mailchimp, we know who is opening our campaigns, how they are interacting with the material, what actions they take afterwards, and what is most and least engaging. Using historical analytical data, we can even draw solid conclusions as to why someone might have unsubscribed.
  • Drop-and-Drag Capabilities: building the right campaign has never been easier. We regularly incorporate photos and other graphics, video links, social media links, and plain text.
  • I would love to get the analytic data from each campaign emailed to me as a .csv or .xlsx in order to compare results from one month to the next without having to export each campaign results.
Managing our lists with our old .html mail provider had challenges. We were re-creating our master subscriber list each time we were ready to send another campaign. Using tags, Mailchimp has enabled us to easily manage our subscribers and the unique content that each receives. It's great to get feedback on our campaigns from the analytics that Mailchimp records, and how we compare to other organizations of our size. We have found Mailchimp helpful in medium and large lists. We don't use it as much with small lists because the time to create a campaign for such a small audience is better spent elsewhere. For smaller lists, we use Outlook mail-merge. I've been disappointed by the number of subscribers who let us know our emails are going into their spam folders, particularly Gmail users. But after engaging with them personally, we're usually able to help them redirect those messages into their inbox.
Mailchimp is super easy to use. You can view each campaign in your browser just as it shows up in desktop and mobile versions. Drop-and-drag elements enable a clean design for each unique campaign. You have got to learn to use tags to get the most out of your varied audience and subscriber lists. Before we used tags correctly, we were duplicating many aspects of our list management. Since figuring out tags, our work has gone down substantially.
Currently we only use Mailchimp for email distribution. Our social media campaign management and advertisements are managed internally. Also, because we have an old database that is still used widely across some aspects of the organization, we have retained the database as the library of accurate information, exporting the relevant data to Mailchimp on an as-need-basis. This also prevents any sensitive information from being shared across multiple platforms.
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February 19, 2021
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Our organization uses MailChimp in our marketing department. We have two main goals for it. First, to create regular touchpoints with our clients and contacts, such as via a newsletter or update. Second, we use MailChimp for one-off, timely notifications regarding regulatory changes or anything else that must be sent out immediately. In the coming year, we are going to also add a third purpose: a touchpoint via automated drip campaign to leads.
  • Great design tool, easy to use, and you can also see coding as needed
  • List management nuances
  • Great, easy-to-view reporting
  • Trouble with Google Analytics tracking--unable to choose this for tracking even though my website has Google Analytics on it
  • Would like better organization that's a little less manual for organizing past emails; it's unwieldy as is
  • It's sometimes hard to drill down into the list management--it's a little confusing on how to get to where you want to go
MailChimp is well suited to sending out regular touchpoints to clients or leads. It's also well suited for one-off notifications you need to get out quickly to your audience. While it has automation, it is not suited to tie into other CRM systems that you'd like to have all the reporting info integrated into.
Mailchimp's list management, design tools, testing, sending, and reporting are practically foolproof. I recommend the tool without reservation.
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December 08, 2020
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Mailchimp is used for targeted audience mailing lists and tracking. In particular, it's used across the marketing department. Not only does it help us to track our performance in emailing former new users but it also helps us to engage even more with our current users of the app. It just makes communication with our audience easier.
  • Keeping metrics clearly showed
  • Grouping audiences and campaigns
  • UX can be tricky and a bit disconcerting
  • Designing plain (more personal) emails is not as easy
I think Mailchimp is a great tool if you are looking for massive mailings, social media campaigns, and to improve and engage new users or visitors of your company's website. It has great usability, is really intuitive in most cases, and has a handful of tools to extend your media skills. Even if you are new at targeting a new audience, it makes it easy for you to understand what's the best choice among the ones you have!
Usability is everything in a product. I mean everything. If it's not good, your users will jump to another app until they find the one that suits their needs. With Mailchimp, you get great usability for almost everything you need to do, accompanied by a super elegant and calm platform. I think that when one software looks prettier than other ones it's definitely a plus, and this happens with Mailchimp! However, sometimes it can be tricky to find some of the functions because they are over organized.
Integrating all of our marketing activities into one platform, really let us see the big picture about what we were doing good, and what needed to be adjusted. We were able to decide whether we needed to think a bit more about our mailing campaigns, or if our website wasn't being as attractive as we thought it would be. In the end, it led us to decide which tools were the right for our business and how we should manage our time with each different channel of communication.
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September 22, 2020
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Mailchimp is being used by our organization to communicate with a broad range of constituents. As an educational institution, this platform professionalizes our corporate communicates to parents, alumni and the broader community. It is controlled by our Communications department and is used for all formal communications. It helps solve the business problem of email delivery, subscription, professionalization, communication analytics and tracking.
  • The workflows for our communications department are very efficient and easy to follow.
  • The analytics - open rates, trends, reports are very detailed and helpful.
  • For our industry, some of the language and functionality used is inappropriate (very sales-oriented, we provide private education and while this language is only used internally on the platform, it rubs some people the wrong way).
  • The benchmarking data for our industry is not applicable, but would be handy if it were.
Mailchimp is certainly well-suited for all scenarios where professional, stylized communications from an organization are required. Certainly in fields or scenarios where product sales are the goal. An organization that does not have the resources to manually manage lists (if your database does not integrate with Mailchimp) would struggle to ensure those lists are accurate and up to date.
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August 06, 2020
Andrew Murphy | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We used Mailchimp to reach our early backers. We launched using Mailchimp, we offered promotions through Mailchimp, and when we had to communicate development and manufacturing updates we used Mailchimp. It was crucial for us managing a mailing list to ensure everyone was actually interested in receiving our materials, and the email builder works really well if you’re on a limited team.
  • Email building.
  • Contact list management.
  • Segmented/targeted promotional emails.
  • Templates.
  • Customization of data fields.
  • Stronger Integrations with CRMs like HubSpot.
Mailchimp is suited for growing companies that want to keep their customers in the loop. I would recommend it to anyone trying to build early loyalty, especially in consumer markets. I haven’t used it for B2B marketing, but I’m unsure if I would use it over more 1 to 1 marketing for B2B sales.
Easy to import a list, set up a landing page, create your emails, and start sending. It’s probably one of the easiest tools I’ve started using - and if you do it correctly, you and easily, organically grown your mailing list with the tools provided! A useful tool for a up and coming company!
We’ve benefited from it, however we quickly transition to a B2B focus. Some things we needed a special tool for. That being said - Mailchimp has still reigned as our email marketing platform. It’s great for mass communication like newsletters or promotional emails. With strong integrations, I could see this being used well by B2B companies as well.
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July 06, 2020
Freddy Stephen | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
The entire organization where I work is involved in the use of Mailchimp, we face some commercial problems such as the communication of all the necessary and specific information about all the progress of the company, as well as we plan connections to events, seminars and business conferences, we plan each details of the events, invitations and the time in which it will take place. It fully automates the management of emails, allowing us to have a constantly updated database, that emails are sent at the time we need and just to current and potential customers.
  • Email automation, which contributes to improving marketing campaigns and promotions. It provides multiple templates that makes it much easier to manage the sending of pre-processed emails, according to each situation quickly and easily.
  • Database for contacts, importing various documents from wherever you are to always keep the database updated.
  • Expand our ability to communicate with clients and colleagues.
  • Optimization in the configuration and customization process of each aspect of the platform as I need and want it.
  • The process of removing a client from a specific campaign can be complicated, because it does not provide an effective search system to eliminate the user from all the campaigns where he is registered. It is necessary to review campaign by campaign to be able to remove it from each one of them. Mailchimp needs better tools.
  • The process of updating the customer list database is not automated at all, it can be annoying to manually review and update each list.
  • When it starts it can be difficult to know the functions of each tool, and it does not provide the tutorials or demos necessary to properly understand its use.
It has fluid functions, which allow me to carry out my marketing work in a much simpler way and automate various processes of sending emails. I feel that more intuitive and automated tools are needed to speed up work.
At first it is not easy learning to configure so many tools at the same time, but once we focused on developing each function one by one, we realized that we could. So it is easy to use once we have mastered the use of each tool, as well as the customization and configuration of each email that we want to send, design and adjust the templates, as well as streamline marketing management quickly without any inconvenience.
We manage our marketing work more quickly. We streamline work in a single software, making our announcements and advertising campaigns quickly either by email or by different social networks, and capturing the exact audience. With Mailchimp, we are being much more objective and specific.
Read Freddy Stephen's full review
April 27, 2020
Stella Olsson | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Mailchimp's platform has helped the organization and mainly me to expand with new clients and potential clients, allowing me to share newsletters, information, provide support and improve sales. It has helped us in facilitating instant and secure mass mailings, helping us to get our mails delivered correctly. Mailchimp has allowed us to manage our clients in an orderly way, being able to send the information to each specific client or group of clients that is subscribed to us. This platform has provided us with an excellent experience between employee and client, changing the way we share information and how our clients see us as a company.
  • The templates it offers are really good and easy to customize.
  • Their prices are very flexible, allowing the user to select the plan that best suits.
  • Mailchimp informs if an email was delivered correctly or not and if it was opened or not.
  • Its email editor is very comfortable and easy to use, allowing you to easily include images, audio, videos, etc.
  • The report generator is very easy to understand.
  • The interface is robust for new users.
  • They should include tutorials on the proper use of their tools as it is a bit frustrating trying to guess how it works.
  • Text formats are very limited.
  • Hopefully they include a form of mass addition of contacts to save time and not do it one by one.
  • The learning curve is a bit long when starting from scratch.
With Mailchimp you can import contacts very easily, allowing you to speed up your work if you already had a list of contacts. For those who are already used to Email Marketing, this tool is very useful due to the large number of tools that it brings. The templates come with a customizable HTML format that allow users to be more free when they want to design their email to their liking. The A/B tests are of very excellent quality providing opening information and/or clicks of the campaigns sent.
I am honestly very satisfied with the results that I have obtained with this product, there is a quite large benefit in terms of return on investment. This means that we can continue to trust Mailchimp and that the company continues to grow attracting new customers and that current customers continue to be with us. The experience has been very satisfactory and of an excellent quality, at the moment there are very few complaints that we have about this product, so this is a relief since it has good quality results.
The company has benefited from the level of sales and that our service goes even further than it was intended. Mailchimp makes it possible to achieve the objectives set and thus be able to continue expanding to many places and clients. We have obtained more attention from the public thanks to this platform without the need for much effort or inconvenience.
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March 20, 2020
Barbara Hinkle | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
For me, it is a uniform and attractive service, Mailchimp this is a service used specifically in the company's marketing area in order to be able to expand our service or what we offer to more users, happy because it has worked very well and has managed to unify Perfect with the corporate emails of the company, in this way we can send mass emails, without falling into any error and getting more users to observe the advertising so we generate more traffic. With your panel I have managed to observe the analysis and the increase in traffic For me, it has been an incredible software, solving problems because we urgently needed to make our services known to users in a much faster way, we use software that is not at all useful, this is where Mailchimp comes in and changes our lives, the most suitable one beacuse it allows you to create a campaign or edit them to make them more attractive from your panel, they are really useful tools them.
  • Useful and necessary tools to improve web activity and sales.
  • Detailed panel to observe the procedure of the advertising sent.
  • It is possible to send mass emails.
  • It is possible to improve advertising in case it is not very well received by customers.
  • In some cases, advertising is lost and does not reach users or is simply lost in spam.
  • The panel can be improved by adding more tools like text, color palette.
Mailchimp is a marketing service so its specific service is based on that and unified to the marketing area, it is perfectly suited to sending advertising in a mass campaign. It has stood out in this field, but its panel or service is not associated with others. areas since it would not provide success or any tool to offer quality.
I find it a pleasant system and I love how it works very well in the field of marketing. It is a software that stands out, I recommend it because it gives good results and is notable in the increase in web traffic as well as in the sales that have been made from the company, I am happy because it has worked very well and I test them daily, sending massive advertising to different users, I recommend it because it has worked, although it is possible to compare their services and acquire the one that suits their needs.
That was the main reason why we say to associate this service to the system, this service we managed to unify other image editing systems of important tools to improve the campaign and unify them with Mailchimp and thus be able to give it a final edition and then send them in bulk It is a system that I like and I must recognize its good work.
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August 10, 2020
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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It was just being used in the sales and marketing department to capture leads and send mass email marketing to groups of contacts, divided by campaigns. It helped us in customizing emails, landing pages and optimizing time for sending to a large mass of contacts. A/B testing helped us to confirm which email title best converted into clicks and informed us the rate of conversion in general, by location, etc.
  • Possibility to copy and paste the signup form into website to get new contacts divided by groups really helps the marketing administrators in their campaigns.
  • The customization to create the landing page helped us to create good call to action to get new leads.
  • Reports of the A/B test email marketing helped us understand which email was the best conversion.
  • When I was editing the layout of the signup form, I had difficulty using the colors of the branding. The tool could be easier for users to customize the signup form the way they like. There are many buttons and options and the creation is limited.
  • Many times I had to change the content on the email marketing creation page, as they do not process images in high quality and many icons, causing the email not to reach the recipient's address. So I had to simplify the email and make it lighter so that it was sent to the recipients.
The free version of MailChimp is suitable for small businesses or those starting a business to acquire leads and filter them through marketing emails. In a scenario where the company has no contact to advertise your business and needs to start, creating campaigns on your website and company email. The tool helps in various situations and is a way for the user to train and learn to invest in a higher version of the tool.
It is not suitable for companies that are already solid or have many customer contacts because it only allows you to enter 2,000 contacts.
There are many features for marketing to use, in addition to the integrations that the tool brings such as social networks and WordPress. The customer journey is essential nowadays and allows marketing to automate all e-mails, only managing them later. This tool is very worthwhile for new entrepreneurs and marketers who want efficient results without having to invest in a tool they don't know yet. Gradually, when you see the results and find the tool easier to navigate, you can choose a higher version that allows you to store more contacts. I really appreciated and recommend it.
We benefit because we stop creating landing pages on the site, which is costly to use the tool option, just copy and paste the code to the site later. Furthermore, we had no lead control. We received the contacts from the site administrator and did nothing with them. After using MailChimp, we were able to know where those contacts came from, that is, landing page A or B, and we were able to send personalized emails to these lists according to their interests, increasing the conversion rate.
In addition, the user responsible for issuing e-mail marketing knew very little about HTML, so as the tool automatically converted the content to the code, we did not depend on someone qualified with the ability to code in HTML, making the work more agile and efficient.
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June 18, 2020
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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Most of the departments in my organization use this software for sending mass email and newsletters. They use this software internally and externally as well. The Marketing department in my organization uses its services majorly. This software is very good at sending newsletters. We provide market insights to our customers via newsletters at frequent intervals.
  • This software has amazing user interface. I can easily navigate through this application.
  • The deliverability of this software is extremely good. It delivers 100 percent emails without spamming.
  • Template editor of this software is very intuitive. It has all the tools which are required to make beautiful email templates.
  • Sometimes its sign-in annoys me because of authentication via OTP even if I sign in with the correct password.
  • It has a small number of pre-designed email templates.
  • It does not allow users to delete subscribers for a week or so after sending a campaign.
This software is best in sending weekly and monthly newsletters. It gives amazing results. I use this software to create and send invitations internally and externally on various occasions. By attaching the signup forms we increase our subscribers also in various marketing campaigns. By doing this we can increase and maintain our database also.
This software has unparalleled usability in terms of wide range of editing tools, complete assurance of inbox deliverability, easy uploads of files for email templates, tagging contacts individually in the contact lists etc. These are the features make this software a market leader in Mass Mailing Software category. This software is most usable in Informative emails and transactional email as well.
In my organization marketing department uses this software extensively. They integrate this software with various other softwares for data uploads and for receiving marketing leads into CRM as well. I primarily use this software for creating my regular newsletters. This software allows me to upload my contacts from my database very easily and provides me complete marketing tools to create my content more attractive.
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April 15, 2020
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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Mailchimp is used by our marketing department as our primary email marketing platform to manage and target to different audience segments a variety of content. Types of content include new user welcome and onboarding, newsletters, announcements, special offers, among others. Each of these content types have different format templates, audience compositions and frequencies. Mailchimp does a great job at developing, managing and measuring these campaigns.
  • Very easy and effective at creating campaigns and managing lists and respective segments.
  • Rich variety of professionally-done templates and powerful tools for fast customisation.
  • Text editing is cumbersome (e.g. no spell check, some quirks in formatting restrictions). It almost seems like they're a bit behind the market on that.
  • Some segmentation limitations (depending on how granular and how many segments you want)
Mailchimp is excellent for running recurring or one-off email campaigns for marketing, information, education, community management or the like. One of its biggest assets is the ease and speed with which a user can create very professionally-looking rich content that helps strengthen one's brand and relationship with the audience. From an email management perspective, Mailchimp offers a large set of powerful capabilities in managing multiple lists, segmenting the audiences, running A/B testing and performing analytics. Mailchimp is probably less suited for those entities that require more of a full lifecycle CRM solution.
We have had several team members become productive in Mailchimp from their first session with the product. It is quite visual, the functionality is simply and clearly designed, and its capabilities are intuitively presented and explained. It is easy for a user to understand how to do something, and it allows you to slowly dive deeper into ints capabilities. It does have its constraints, but for the basic uses it works well.
We haven't used the all-in-one platform capabilities to their fullest. We have tested out some of the features, especially the Facebook advertising. But we decided to not move forward with it, as some of our team members already were using other tools to handle social media campaigns that they were satisfied with.
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April 01, 2020
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 6 out of 10
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Our practice uses Mailchimp to send out general information to different groups of patients. We also use it to keep in touch with former patients to keep them engaged with us. We are able to customize the information that will only apply to certain groups and avoid sending non-applicable information to everyone.
  • Mailchimp makes it easy to add email and name information
  • There is plenty of room for contacts in the free version of Mailchimp
  • Learning the lingo in Mailchimp could be easier and more intuitive
  • Creating an email to send to multiple groups, or audiences, could be more user friendly.
  • There is too much trial and error to set up and send a simple email.
Mailchimp is well suited for those who can figure out how to use it. If someone doesn't have time to learn what Mailchimp means by their particular lingo, then I think keeping email groups on a spreadsheet would be easier. It seems like a pretty robust system, if you understand how to use all the bells and whistles.
It was great before they "overhauled" it and changed typical names, like Contacts, to unusual names, like Audience, that are not intuitive. In order to just enter a new email address, contact, you have to go to the particular "Audience", then manage audience, then add a subscriber; the lingo is not consistent nor direct.
We do not use Mailchimp for our marketing platform. We use it to enhance our marketing efforts.
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March 17, 2020
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
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We are using Mailchimp for email communication and marketing automation services. It has been a great product so far that was relatively easy to set up and easy to use. We use it across sales, marketing, product and leadership levels. It provides us with flexibility around reporting as well as campaign setup and list variations.
  • Great for marketing automation.
  • A/B testing.
  • Marketing campaigns.
  • Could be easier to use for the sales team.
  • More in depth reporting.
  • More intuitive UI.
It is a great product for situations where a company needs to fill marketing needs and is starting to do things like automation, testing and more elaborate segmentation. Mailchimp has a pretty big portfolio of ways you could set up your campaign and with a little coding you could make any template very professional.
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March 09, 2020
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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Mailchimp is used by the marketing team to send out emails and for email automation. Mailchimp is an all-in-one tool that was needed to simplify this process.
  • Email marketing
  • Email automation
  • Reporting
  • Mailchimp is simple and easy to learn how to use.
  • Mailchimp is one of the more expensive email marketing softwares out there.
  • The free version is quite limited in terms of email automation.
  • Mailchimp has not updated its product offering much in the last few years.
If you need a free email marketing software, then Mailchimp is the way to go. It is reliable, easy to use, and has an extensive list of features. However, the paid version is very expensive and not always suitable for small businesses. There is similar software that offers the same features for a lot less.
Mailchimp is reliable and simple and easy to learn how to use.
Having everything in one software saves time spent on each feature used and allows us to benefit from the data we get from having everything in one tool.
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March 10, 2020
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
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I have several clients who use MailChimp as their email marketing system and email automation software. This is used by the marketing and sales department.
  • Mailchimp is the best free software for email marketing for 2500 people or less.
  • Great reporting.
  • It is easy to learn and use.
  • The paid versions are very expensive.
  • Mailchimp has not been innovating very much and so it's competitors are coming out with better features and products.
If you are looking for a free email marketing software then Mailchimp is the best. Mailchimp paid version is one of the best options if you can afford it. However, if this is out of your budget then there are alternatives like Flodesk.
Mailchimp is one of the easiest software to learn how to use.
Having an all-in-one platform saves on time training staff and improves the whole workflow process. Each feature that Mailchimp offers benefits from the other and so the overall effectiveness of campaigns and use of Mailchimp is improved.
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February 03, 2020
Alfred Brock | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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Mailchimp is being used by Northwest Wayne FAN (Families Against Narcotics). The larger organization does not use it at this time - only our chapter. The business problem it addresses is that it allows us to communicate updates, coming events, specialty stories and specific and timely information to our board members, advisory board members, associates and clients. Without Mailchimp we would be relying solely on a once-a-month meeting and intermittent contact through Facebook.
  • Contact list creation - this is a real strength because I can either enter individuals in separately or from a database or Excel spreadsheet.
  • The ability to time the release of communications is especially helpful. I am involved in a volunteer capacity and Mailchimp allows me to do the work I need to do when I want to do it - and then send it out at a predetermined time!
  • The templates are embedded in a hierarchy that doesn't make them hard to find - just not intuitive.
  • The formatting of the contacts is little clunky. If the information is input through Excel or a database template - no problem - but the individual entry submittal process could be streamlined a little - for example if any part of an address is input then the entire address must be input. We don't always have that.

Mailchimp is well suited to a situation where you have a stable or known set of recipients to whom you will be sending email updates on a regular basis.

Mailchimp is well suited to situations where a lot of information needs to be sent to a lot of different people and organizations at specified times in the future.

Mailchimp is not appropriate for one-to-one communication - the higher the scale of interactions from 1 to many the better the software performs.

I give Mailchimp a high usability rating because the system has allowed me, on more than one occasion, to gather materials, organize it attractively and intelligently and send it out in a very short amount of time. The work that we do can be time-sensitive and being able to turn around specific information from one point and get it to all interested parties within the hour can literally save lives.
Mailchimp allows us to communicate across other social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and others with a minimum of complexity and overhead. We are therefore able to reach our core audience and immediately, within a matter of minutes, expand that reach locally, statewide and nationally. It would be very difficult and time consuming to perform all that work repeatedly and would introduce potential errors and lag times. Mailchimp takes care of all that.
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Mailchimp is an all-in-one Marketing Platform for small businesses. The vendor says its goal is to help small businesses market smarter so they can grow faster. Mailchimp aims to be the backbone for customer relationships, with AI-powered, user-friendly tools. Mailchimp is designed to put the audience at the center so users can send marketing emails and automated messages, create targeted ad campaigns, build landing pages, send postcards, facilitate reporting and analytics, and sell online. The vendor reports that millions of businesses and individuals - from community organizations to Fortune 100 companies - use Mailchimp to connect with their audience with the right message, at the right time, in the right place. Founded in 2001 and based in Atlanta, GA, Mailchimp has 1000+ employees and is privately held.

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