Not worth the time investment - buggy, becoming overpriced, and poorly run
September 14, 2017

Not worth the time investment - buggy, becoming overpriced, and poorly run

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Overall Satisfaction with ZenProspect

I used ZenProspect because I wanted a solution that included prospecting and outbound sales in one place. Their value proposition is that they can combine your prospecting, your outbound sales, and a lite CRM into one. We signed up with the promise that although they were young, they were growing and improving quickly.
  • The fact that leads you prospect within the system automatically won't be prospected in the future is pretty awesome. That makes prospecting a lot easier, and ultimately solves the problem of double prospecting someone.
  • Their lead data is quite good, and the amount of bounces was very minimal. Better accuracy than manually list building, and you could often times get a long list of leads within the data just by requesting it.
  • They also have a lot of leads so if you're in a generic business space and have broad targets, it'd be hard to run out.
  • Their customer service is just terrible. You get an assigned account manager but 9/10 times they wouldn't know what you wanted and/or how the product works or how to fix it. Vast majority of the time it was a canned response that made you question if they read the message, or if they read it and did not understand a word.
  • The software was relatively buggy and lacked features that were promised upon signup. They seem to have some large corporate clients and if you aren't one none of your bug submissions, feature requests, or concerns will be addressed.
  • Their growing quickly so they seem to be very understaffed which I believe caused many of the issues above.
  • The data, while good, can quickly run out if you're looking for specific types of leads. If you're looking for something generic like Managers at companies between 10-5000 people, you can pull leads all day every day. However if you're looking for a specific industry, specific title, and specific location - don't count on having an endless supply of leads (or even really enough to use month after month).
  • The ROI on saving time prospecting is good, but the ROI of having to work around their buggy platform is terrible.
  • Unfortunately the fact that you need to significantly invest in the platform in order to make it work well makes the ROI a lot harder. Because the system you set up with determine who is/isn't prospected going forward, if you have a lot of companies/clients that you have prospected or work with, you have to do a lot of work to make sure they're set up appropriately and not being reached out to again.
  • Their price per lead used to be good, but it seems they're raising their prices as they grow so I'm not sure they're even worth going to for leads anymore.
  • Outreach and Hunter
Zenprospect is great on the prospecting side of things, and their integration between prospecting and email campaigns is great. That being said, they somehow manage to be behind in the outbound sales aspect despite the fact that they openly copied their platform (they even openly admit they copied it). So Outreach still provides the best platform but you have to get your leads yourself. was great until their LinkedIn integration recently fell through. They weren't as accurate as ZenProspect and it was way more manual to build a list, but it did allow you to be very specific in who you prospected.
I would recommend ZenProspect to a company looking to do generic outbound prospecting if they have no experience doing this with other software. They have good lead data, have a lot of leads if you aren't too specific, and the platform for emailing is straight forward enough.

However, if you have really specific markets you prospect, and have used good outbound prospecting platforms in the past, prepare yourself to deal with buggy software, a frustrating customer service team, and a lack of leads over time. They also won't hesitate to screw you on price, loyalty as a customer doesn't really seem to mean anything to them.