I love ZipBooks! Easy to use, beautiful invoices, and a solid time tracker.
August 15, 2017

I love ZipBooks! Easy to use, beautiful invoices, and a solid time tracker.

Diego Lucero | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with ZipBooks

I love the fact that I can set up and send an invoice in a few minutes, pulling in existing products and services (complete with description). The addition of a time tracker was unexpected and very appreciated! I use it to keep track of the hours spent on certain projects with those clients that prefer hourly payment over per-project pricing. ZipBooks also allows for past hours tracked that are unpaid to be automatically pulled into a new or an existing invoice, making it super simple to make sure everything is included in an invoice before sending it off. The invoices are simple, clean, beautiful and there is an "include PDF" option when sending out the invoice to clients (for those that prefer to print out and save their invoices). The customer support is phenomenal -- the support staff is friendly and helpful.

It's still a relatively new software, and I was one of the early adopters, so there were a few minor bugs and quirks in the past. The good thing is, most of the bugs are squashed, and the roadmap for the future of the app looks very bright!

ZipBooks primary benefit for me is that it saves me TIME. I don't need to spend 15-20 minutes fiddling around with layout, service descriptions, tax and email settings to get an invoice to the right person. On top of that, the invoices are simple, clean and beautiful, holding to the same high quality of my brand.

  • Invoicing is particularly easy-to-use, quick, clean and beautiful. GREAT for branding.
  • The time tracker was unexpected, but very useful and integrates well with the invoicing. Leads to quick invoicing every time.
  • Customer support is phenomenal -- the support staff is friendly and helpful.
  • Although they are a new company, they are definitely on the right track!
  • I recommend this software to clients, colleagues, and friends alike, mostly for it quick and beautiful invoicing.
  • They do what they can to live up to their name! It doesn't take very long to get set up, or very long to create a complete invoice and send it to the right person.
  • I was an early adopter, and with this company and software being relatively new, I got to see a few minor bugs and quirks over the last year. The good thing is, most of the bugs are squashed, and the future is bright for this startup!
  • ZipBooks is entirely affordable, and with my current $15/mo payments, I get ROI pretty quickly.
  • Invoices are simple and easy to make, while staying beautiful and functional at the same time. This saves me TIME, which means that I don't need to spend 15-20 minutes fiddling with the software to make it do what I want it to do. It just works. And that means, I can spend more time doing client work, and managing projects and sales.

PayPal for a very long time was my go to software, and I had many issues. PayPal was clunky, unattractive, and many parts of their website were broken (old links returning 404s). It was difficult to get a human on the line (in chat, in email, or on the phone) and the majority of their forum posts for help were outdated and did not reflect their new UI design and internal app changes. This made it very frustrating to find solutions, and even more frustrating to get what I wanted from my invoices.

QuickBooks at the time was too much than I could afford, and so I went with the cheaper (and functional) alternative in ZipBooks.

Small businesses are well suited for this software, as their pricing is very affordable. they have a FREE FOREVER Starter plan, for those that are bootstrapped with little cash. I'm on the $15/mo Smarter Plan, and it's perfect for my little boutique agency's needs.

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